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  1. 11 hours ago, Francis York Morgan said:

    Also, it's looking less likely, but if the Jags are really braindead enough to cut Calais Campbell since they're cap strapped and need to pay Ngakoue and have other holes, we need to throw the kitchen sink at him.

    I wholeheartedly agree. I am hoping for this. It will be a nightmare to pair him with Jarrett. God I hope this happens. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Knight of God said:

    I’ll say DBs early. I’m not as hyped about the DL in this draft as others are. I see some good ones though. CB is thin and not s severe need IMO unless we are offloading Trufant. Edge is weak, DT has about 4 or 5, LB is thin. Fact is, we are going to miss out on some good safeties and the board will applaud. We will likely grab DT, LB, and CB and you will see the same as has been.

    Are there any dline you like in FA. I am a huge fan of Calais Campbell. I think him next to Grady will be more terrifying for our defense in the sense that it will make Takk and whomever we draft opposite of him look competent.

  3. 51 minutes ago, Ovie_Lover said:

    S, WR, DT, got some CBs, and RB.

    Couple nasty OL guys with potential but nothing sure thing.

    Couple LBs that could be game wreckers if used right.


    Which safeties and DL do you have in mind? Do you think we should get our playmakers in FA instead? If so, who would you target? I have a feeling we will at least bring in a high priced defensive FA for the first time. 

  4. 19 hours ago, vel said:

    I just don't see him being valuable enough for the teams in the top 10 to want him that early. 

    He's not a top five pick type of guy, so we're talking the #6-10 group of:


    For the type of cover 2 defense Morris will be deploying, do we still need a true strong safety? 

  5. Excellent write up OP! To be honest, I hope we go boom or bust to get Calais Campbell. I wanted him when he was leaving Arizona and still want him now. I think him being paired up with Grady will make Takk adrian Cominsky and whomever we draft look above average. If it means letting Hooper go, im not shedding tears.

    It's amazing that the staff has been able to get solid results from the defense with the little amount of cap allocated to that side of the ball. When they get their act together they play like a top 5 or top 10 defense.  Yet with all the money the offense consumes, with the exception of Kyle's time here, they always underperform. That's why I don't mind losing Hooper. I think we are much closer to being elite on the defensive side of the ball in terms of performance and team impact than on offense despite it having elite talent. Let's tip the cap balance towards the defense for once under Quinn and get him some game changers for once. 

    Im tired of trying to get every toy and every thing perfect for Ryan. Let's get this team a defense that can be carried by game changers. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

    He can play all over. With his range and ball skills, I'd prefer him at FS, but against some of the better TEs we face next year I'd have him man up. Great blitzer too. Truly versatile and a terrific leader by all accounts. He and Chaisson are the lifeblood of that defense.

    Do you think he has the patience to play single high? I also think raheem Morris taking over the defense, he might prefer having 2 interchangeable safeties instead of strictly a box and free safety like in Dan's regular scheme.

    I think Rico showed well at strong safety last season. His play recognition is excellent and made more impact there. I don't know what to make of kazee but I think he is a better safety than corner. Who do you think Delpit replaces? 

  7. 16 hours ago, Knight of God said:

    He’s powerful and has freak height weight measurables, he has decent awareness and has run down quite a few RBs. Bama has lined him up at LB more than once.

    Hes inconsistent. 

    He’s not polished and won’t splash year one, but would be a good addition. Can also play end in both the 3-4 and 4-3.

    Thanks. For comparison sakes, would he be a younger version of what we have in Bailey?

  8. 3 hours ago, Ovie_Lover said:

    **** that's hot. 

    Maybe now just maybe this will shut up all the "run the ball to win" ****. 

    Run the ball to close out the game sure but this isnt madden. You cant just run down people's throats.

    Sure would have been nice for Shanahan to run the ball to seal the victory in the 4th quarter of the superbowl though. What variables played in to him calling pass plays with an injury riddled offensive line that held up enough to help Matt get us to field goal range few times? 

    Side note: I will welcome Shanahan with open arms without hesitation. Best coordinator Matt has ever had. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Skott Lee said:

    This ^^^  How can you be the greatest when you can’t get open to get TD catches. At the least, he should be getting jump ball 50/50 balls in the end zone, if not getting complete separation most of the time....  He may be the best between the 20s, but he’s not that great in the red zone.  

    Look at the list of incompetent coordinators we've had. Also how many times a season do we see Matt and Julio fail to connect deep? I feel so bad for Julio and Matt wasting their prime years under koetter and sark. 

  10. We are going to need three defense to be elite next season or at least top five. This franchise can't get out of its own way. I just don't understand how we have majority of the cap spent on offense but can barely put up 20 points a game while other coordinators are doing more with less. 

    Even though the defense started the first half in abysmal fashion, no one can argue they have outperformed the offense by such a wide margin, it's not even close. We are getting more bang for the buck defensively considering how to heavy we are with the cap favoring offense. 


    I would like to either see the next draft yield all defensive players. I think the offense has had enough resources poured in to it. Im not liking my returns. We need elite players at every position just to be average offensively.  

  11. 15 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    I never got the criticism of Reeves as this old school, smashmouth coach. His offense was certainly innovative. And he wasn’t stuck with a system. He tried to hire Gruden as OC but the Raiders snapped him up as HC. 

    The only thing that Reeves sucked at was being a gm. I wish blank would have gotten him a good gm because whenever he had enough semblance of talent in the roster, his team's usually overachieved. Rich McKay wasn't the answer. 

  12. 3 hours ago, robertap said:

    My personal thoughts on the matter are, the more millionaires you have on your team, the better your team is going to be.  Our front office does not view things that way.  We put all of our money in a couple of really big baskets, and I think that when you do that, you end up exactly like we have. We are wondering how in the world we suck this bad when we've paid our superstars so much money.  Well, it's a team game, not a superstar game.  Do you want to have Superstars, or Superbowls?

    We only have one superstar. That's Julio. Am I missing someone else? 

  13. 5 hours ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

    Running game feels like it could be there. Seems like they are arbitrarily deciding to avoid it. May cost Freeman his role with the team 

    To me, Freeman is overrated. He is one of those players that overachieved and got mistakened as a tier 1 running back after an amazing year. I just don't think this blocking scheme is for him. Unfortunately he got paid like a top back and our coaches are too loyal to certain players from 2016 to realize change is needed.

    This continues to be a problem with Dimitroff at the helm. He always preaches keeping your core but fail to realize when the core is no longer talented enough in an ever evolving nfl. The same thing happened under Mike Smith. 

    Don't get me wrong. I actually like Thomas Dimitroff. Unfortunately this might be his last season. He is too married to his draft picks instead of being able to identify when to make necessary moves to acquire playmaking/ game changing free agents when they're available.  We stay stagnant instead.  That's the next wall Dimitroff has to break through in his next gig. 

    Overall he had done a fabulous job honestly. But if we keep Quinn for another season, we would definitely need a fresh set of eyes at gm.

  14. 6 hours ago, Knight of God said:

    QB - I like Ryan, I hate that fans are unrealistic about him. At this point, I would hope a true back-up/understudy is drafted or signed in 2020. I like mobile rather than running or statue QBs. 

    RB - What are we doing??? I thought we love Freeman!?!? Protect him, play one of those young inactive guys. Right? Lol. Really, draft a home run prospect. Stop dipping your toes and just jump in the RB pool.

    FB - I’m good

    WR - Trade Sanu??? Wow! Dude is actually the clutch 3rd down guy. My opinion only. No need to draft though. We have Ridley.

    TE - Hooper is fine. Good. Schemes for. Get a Joker TE though.

    OL - Meh, all around

    DL - We have really really good players here. Maybe a blue chip guy to play nose. Stop playing.

    EDGE - Utter crap. Takk May have pressures, but he’s less than mediocre. I don’t care. The only true edge guy is Clayborn and he’s a rotational guy. Utter crap. People will defend certain players, if we have him or him, this guy would be better. No, these guys would still suck. Except Clayborn.

    LBs - Debo. That is all we have. Everyone else are average with flashes.

    Secondary - A lot of role players and a guy on his second season ending injury. Time to get realistic and stop playing.

    Love the post kog. Do you receive pm's?

  15. 1 hour ago, Knight of God said:

    Guys, don’t sleep on Carter. I was actually very high on signing or drafting in the 7th a couple years back. His coverage is inconsistently average, but he hits a ton and has that fire we’re missing. Let’s see what we can get out of him before we get too low. He’s not going to be worse than Ishmael who is a huge MB favorite.

    Thanks man. I don't know anything about him. It's he at least better than ish in coverage? I am scared of another career game for the titans tight end (delanie Walker? ). He is actually good.  Im tired of guys becoming household names and signing shoe deals after playing Atlanta. 

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