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  1. 58 minutes ago, atljbo said:



    They got 3 dudes triangle Julio


    the double of julio free up rid


    With the julio thing... I truely think julio gets covered differently man during all hhis snaps.... Im not saying AB and Nuke dont get doubled team but it just seem different for Julio.

    Something that helps is moving around your guy... putting him in the slot or tight alignments to get him away from the double teams..... I remember i think during the 2015 season (shanny) after Julio put them thangs on the Cowboys.... Jerry Jones said he was jealous by how our offense moved julio around and got him favorable matchups.

    But thats why a guy like Hoop can eat good, make the probowl and get a huge contract.... I think Rid will have a big year and Gurley if healthy is about  to eattttttt


    I think Dirk has to get better at critical times during the game and what really really hurt us is penalties at the wrong **** time man...... That just kills everything thing.... We get rolling and get inside the 20 then a dumb*** penalty now has us 1st and 20.


    But yea im just hoping a RB like Gurley and having a legit run game should make Dirk playcalling job more favorable for him and this team

    I totally agree with how Kyle used Julio. I was shocked to see Julio getting schemed open. I will miss Kyle. I wish we would have brought in someone else asides from Dirk. I don't know why we didn't poach any of Kyle's assistants after we fired Sark.

    I know Gurley will eat. I'm more worried once we get either injury along the oline or Todd. We don't fare well. We always blame injuries when we don't do well. Injuries are going to happen. Yes there might be a drop in production but the teams with very good coaches somehow help their units overachieve. Whether that's through masking through scheme or plays... or simply coaching the next man up like Raheem did when he took over. 

  2. 1 hour ago, g-dawg said:

    I wish the Falcons ran more pick plays with receivers crossing each other near LOS.

    The year Peyton threw 50+ TDs in Denver the Broncos ran those plays to perfection and Refs never called penalties on them.

    A good pick play is almost impossible to stop inside 5 yard line.

    Yet why is it hard for our coordinators to do these things? Everything for our offense airways seem like we're plodding and hoping to get a first down. Other teams with less have players running wide open multiple times a game while our players have to execute perfectly with almost any margin of error just to get 5 yards. 

    I laugh when I'm getting ready to watch a game with my friends and the announcer mentions how the opponent is missing 2 corners and are fielding a bunchof street free agents. 4th quarter with 4 minutes left, we're in a close game barely reaching 20 points🤣. We somehow squeak out the win. The same opponent gets blown out or loses convincingly the following week😂


  3. 2 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    it has to be mostly Matt's problem because not getting the ball to Julio in redzone is a recurring theme across many playcallers.    Maybe Julio is partially to blame as well - dunno.

    I just think Matt is scared to throw picks in the redzone and refuses to throw into a double-team in a compact area.

    Yes. I think he had a phenomenal rookie campaign. I think the playoff loss made him gun shy ever since. I relent during that year, all we had were Roddy and turner. He took chances on those go routes with Roddy even if his defender was stride for stride with him or in the end zone. Turner was the number 1 so he was guaranteed to get his touches. Then Matt to Roddy was number 2. I wish we can get back to that formula. 

  4. 56 minutes ago, atljbo said:

    I know this will not go along with the majority but i dont think  Dirk is a bad OC...Its just after having shanny you can see the difference between the Elite play callers that makes the game easier for the QB, OLine, RB, TE, and WR and the good to OK OCs that can score points but as a fan you can see the flaws big time.


    Thats why im hoping a good to go Gurley will help Dirk with his problem..... The run game andddd scoring within the 20.... Gurley is a big back that can and will help in the 3rd and short game and dude is going to give you 10+ TDs.

     Dude had 14 TDs last year

    With the exception of 2016 and 2015, we always have problem getting our playmaker the ball. Heck I think Tony Gonzalez was probably the main one that overachiever in Dirk's scheme. We always hear excuses that teams are double our triple gaming Julio yet,  Antonio brown, DeAndre, Marques Colston, Micheal Thomas and the list goes on....are getting schemed open or favorable one on one matchups so they could thrive.

    I don't know if it's a Matt problem or play caller problem. We've had some stacked teams only to get easily shut out or drastically underperform with everyone except for kyle. Playoff Teams with much less are executing much better than us on offense. It's just annoying. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Snafu said:

    It's a Shanny staple. The system he runs and the threat of his run game and play action passing game helps protect the O-line.

    I don't understand it to the level of Vandy Vel PMF KOG and the rest of our geniuses on the board. I remember how in one of PMF threads he talks about how well Kyle's mind works by integrating so many parts in to every play design to use as chess pieces for home run plays later during the game. That depth and creativity isn't there with Dirk. It flashes at times but it requires everything to be so perfect at every position to get average results while kyle helps his unit out with so many disguises. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, BUBBASBEANS said:

    Agreed!  Everyone was in awe of KS but the system (which is dependent upon “the threat of and eventual success outside”  from associated commitment and execution) really feeds itself once it’s rolling and that is the beauty which makes the OC a genius is what it opens up.  As you said, staying committed and then understanding how to take advantage of the many opportunities in a way that keeps opponents on their heels is the real key.  I know we’re all praying he can/will.  If DQ is a HC, he will lay down clear expectations and make swift changes if this edict isn’t followed from get go.  I think OL will be an asset in this system (Lindstrom, McGarity, Mathews and Boss Hoss at C).  

    That would mean taking audibles away from Matt. According to this board, they want Matt to call the plays instead. Kyle doesn't allow his qbs to audible because the percentage of run plays will decline. It was evident last year when Matt checked out of them with those run pass option plays. This is something Dirk will have to enforce this season.  I really hope he is studying san Frans plays during this lockdown. He needs to literally steal every run play they ran last year. 

    Anyways, we can only hope. I just don't know why our guys always have blown assignments in the run game but thrived in executing blocks at a high rate when Kyle was here. What does that say about Chris Morgan's ability?

  7. 31 minutes ago, atljbo said:

    If we are going to go in depth into it.... I think that's more shanny system....  His system and his play calling is OLINE friendly... That's why I can't stand the guy but he is a genius... He calls run plays and pass plays out the same sets... So a pass play can look like a run play set and a run play out a normal pass play looking set...  He runs reverse and screens...

    He keeps Defenses off balance so teams can rarely just T off on the QB.


    So a lot of it has to do with playcalling.

    We seem to be having that problem very often with hiring average or below average coaches on the offensive side of the ball despite allocating majority of our cap space to it during Quinn's tenure. I'm still angry we didn't retain any of Kyle's guys after he left. Quinn mucked up there. I don't know why TD or blank didn't step in to smack him upside his head before hiring Sark.

    I have no faith in Dirk. I didn't during his first stint here and I still don't now. I just need him to do enough against playoff caliber defenses and hope our usually under resourced (before Dante Fowler happened) to overachieve this year in to top 5 minimum top 10 again but this time from start to finish. 

  8. 9 hours ago, atljbo said:

    i agree.... But to be fair when we had the established healthy talent.... Our OLine looked good..... Last year the Linstrom  got hurt..... McGary had heart surgey as a rookie and had a rookie type year..... Carpenter was just straight up bad.

    Im still frustrated that Matt Gono never got his chance when chris morgan has rapidly said Matt Gono will be a player.. He just need a opportunity.


    But right now he has the pieces.... He needs to put this **** together

    This is why i question his ability as an oline coach. Under him, we need 1st round picks and elite talent at every position just to be good. Yet been garland and others have filled in seamlessly for their injured line in San Fran and didn't miss a beat.

    That's the sign of a good/great coach to me. Injuries are going to happen in the NFL but we keep granting this man excuses as to why this unit keeps underperformed. A good or great coach get their guys to usually over achieve. Heck look at the job Raheem did mid season with no trufant, what we thought was a regressed Oliver and Rico/kazee at safety. Kyle Shanahan injury or not continue to churn out overachieving offensive units even with an injured oline, back up qb, no receivers etc. One goes down and there isn't much drop off. Same with belicheck and Harbaugh in Baltimore.

    I would have fired him by now Chris Morgan by now. Our cast-offs are outperforming our guys with Kyle. They aren't missing blocks or anything but our line filled with first round picks keep having blown assignments. Something is wrong!

  9. 3 hours ago, takeitdown said:

    I think Ryan has shown he can lead with a throwing team.  I think the disconnect is we've tried to surround him with receivers, but have never (until very recently) seriously invested in OL.

    Yes he's shown that in 2016 but it wouldn't be getting the most out of the offense. It wouldn't be maximizing Ryan's stake in the offense. It would require too many resources (unless we get another Shanahan caliber coordinator) just to see Matt come close to playing like an mvp caliber player consistently.

    If you told me we could have a probowl OL and we had to get 2nd and 3rd round receivers....or a shoddy interior OL and good receivers, I'd always choose the former for a guy like Ryan (really anyone).  If he has a second to pause and throw, he'll find the open guy.  If he doesn't have time, he can't buy it.  

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this point. Unfortunately Blank's meddling has killed any chances of that which has made things difficult for TD. When the owner makes it public Julio should be given new money, what is TD suppose to do? I don't mind any athlete getting a much as they can honestly. It's just that the shrewd gms would have either traded Julio or Ryan because they are sinking the cap space(not a cap expert) . The cap relief could have been used on defense and shoring up the line. 

    Our lack of focus on pass blocking stability on the OL, particularly OL has never made sense to me.  It enables your QB to flourish, makes the run game better, and makes it so you don't need to spend so much on WR.

    Can't say he hasn't been trying. We have almost all first round picks on the line. First in NFL history. Very expensive line.

    I mean, I know pretty much every team surrounds good QBs with talent (KC is doing it, AZ is doing it, etc) but I like the New Orleans and Patriot model of keeping your QB upright is the best thing you can do for him.

    KC has Patrick on a rookie contract. That enables them to have a gluttony of supporting cast on offense while still being able to spend on defense. Also, asides from their weapons, defenses fear Patrick as well. Can't say the same about Ryan. Defenses fear Julio on offense, Mike turner, Roddy and Gonzo (back in the day because they were great or elite) and dared Matt to beat them deep. Hopefully Todd Gurley will help change that.

    Tom Brady's contract wasn't tying up much cap space. In exchange, he doesn't have barely the arsenal of weapons both Mannings, Matt Ryan, Patrick, Big Ben and many qbs have had.  Even with barely any weapons, defenses still feared Tom Brady (Josh McDaniels is up there with Shanahan). It gave patriots plenty of flexibility to spend on defense and oline.

    Drew Brees contract does tie up cap space but he usually has 2 weapons (one rb and wr). The remaining Cap space for offense is put towards the oline while patching up rest of the offense with cheap free agents or draft picks. They are also good at drafting oline. They are probably the team that is closest to resembling our cap space allocation model but they aren't afraid to spend on defense. Defenses also fear Drew Brees by the way.

    Think about it.  How many times do you see those teams mentioned down by God knows how many points. Defenses are still playing tight and fearful because they feel those qbs are never out of the game. They could catch fire and go on a tear to rally their teams back or have the defense figured out to carve them back in to a competitive game. I can't say that about Ryan. If we are down by two touchdowns, I am almost expecting a loss. If we are down by 3 touchdowns or more, I don't have faith in Ryan to make it competitive. Brees, Brady, Pat can be down by 30 points. I'm still nervous they could come storming back. Ryan use to have that rep during his early years and with the exception of 2016, he isn't much of that guy anymore. Instead we keep getting him more and more toys. 

    We could still pass in that model, and Ryan could still be a high stats guy, but from a much more centered/less chaotic place.

    High stats guy doesn't equate to best falcon team to threaten every year. The more focus we are on building around Ryan is the more time and resources wasted because he needs everything almost perfect around him just to be very good. 

    Our FO has actually invested a lot of capital recently into the D, but when 2 first round DE's bust...it makes it look like you're not.  If those guys had both panned out, it'd look like a good way to build a team.  You're never going to do well when your top picks are flaming out.

    When you mentioned capital then followed it up with draft picks, you've made my point. With the exception of this year (Fowler) and Grady money last year, we've been bargain bin clearance rack shopping on that side of the ball and expecting Quinn to provide us with an award winning defense. The fact that we've even gotten this much out of the defense in which they've outplayed the offense more times than not (except 2016) is embarrassing. TD and Quinn have been money on drafting dbs and linebackers with scary efficiency. Yet we gave up 2 picks for Hayden Hurst, drafted 2 oline in the first round last year (trade picks to move up for McGary, signed Jamon brown,  sambrillo, and carpenter to decent sized contracts last year, drafted Calvin ridley the year before, then add I think with Julio's new contract and Matt's contract tying up space. Freeman was also getting paid for overachieving. Traded a pick for Alex Mack. I'm not sure if I consider the amount allocated on defense "serious capital".


  10. 14 hours ago, Godzilla1985 said:

    Hmm.  You know I never really thought of it in those terms.  If you think about it all of the major FA and draft moves and I mean the big ones (TG, Hoo, Jackson, ) were offensive moves.  He’s never hit for the fences for a generational defensive guy.  I mean it’s almost a “Meh. Defense is ok.  We’ll just out score them”  philosophy we’ve had with TD.


    9 hours ago, Knight of God said:

    We took a #2 WR in the first, spent a second on TE, 2 firsts on OL in the same draft. 

    You guys don't think it is more of an Arthur Blank problem? Even before TD arrived, Rich McKay was forced to over pay for Peerless price because he wants his qbs to have an embarrassment of riches on offense in order to sell tickets. 

    I hated the philosophy shift after Ryan's second year with Mike Mularkey. Yes it ended with an embarrassing playoff loss to the giants but I've always felt if an offense were to be built around Ryan, it has to be the model from his rookie year. Top level runningback (Mike turner)  as the number 1 focal point and let Matt Ryan and his number one receiver/passing game feast. We don't need hall of fame talent at every skill position on offense.

    Arthur blank and front office keeps viewing Matt as if he is Peyton manning. While his intelligence might be as elite, his arm strength and playmaking (some responsibility falls on the OC as well) isn't. I see him as a rich man's version of Jake Delhomme posing as Peyton.

    I love Jake Delhomme by the way. Excellent game manager which is what Matt Ryan should be. It allowed the panthers front office to build him a line and excellent running game with a defense.  Only difference is Jake delhomme didn't eat up nearly as much cap space. 

    My thing is if majority of a teams best talent and cap space is used on offense, then the qb is expected to carry the team to the superbowl and win it. We have first round picks at almost every position on offense but the board keeps complaining if........ he only had a defense. While he hasn't had oline performance Peyton and Brady have had, he has always had plenty of weapons for majority of his time here. He should be putting up numbers higher than Brees (who has had less). With the exception of 2016, his numbers, considering the amount of weapons he had had, i can't imagine what kind of year brees, peyton, Aaron (who has had a bad oline too), big Ben and brady would have had. 

    If we don't get the ring this year, I would like fresh perspective from a new gm. I actually like TD but I think we might have a Jerry Jones-like problem in Atlanta with Blank's meddling. I don't mind moving on from Ryan so we can actually build a defense with solid line, runningback and weapons. Conclude the rebuild with a Jake Delhomme caliber qb.

  11. 10 hours ago, JohnnyFranchise said:

    I've also been thinking this. Last year's red zone offense was horrendous.

    Watching his red zone runs in this clip video makes me very excited about it. That stiff arm on flowers, yikes!


    Yes. I agree the red zone offense wasn't good last year until our coaches finally giving those touches to Ollison.

  12. 21 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


    They aren't the same type of players. Beasley has always been more of a speed rusher. Harris isn't a speed rusher.


    The only thing they have in common is that they both are primarily edge rushers.


    Beasley can be used in different ways other than just rushing the passer. He could be used as a QB spy and a few other ways. Beasley's problem was the on and off effort and not wanting to develop pass rushing moves.


    Charles Harris is more of just a straight edge rusher. Charles Harris has also never had as much success that Beasley has had up to this point. With proper coaching and how the Falcons will use him, I think Harris could become more consistent than Beasley.


    People on this board like to make comparisons to failed former Falcons players despite them not being in any way similar to each other outside of what their position is on paper.

    Thanks. How do you see him being used here? Can he play SAM? Or is he strictly a nickel rusher? 

    Why wasn't he more productive in Miami's scheme and what makes him possibly good for ours? 

  13. 3 minutes ago, Vandy said:

    A lot depends on the player. See Grady Jarrett.

    I thought that he would have at least had 3 very solid mainstays on the line by now. Asides from Grady, who else?  Back in Seattle the had Avril, Bennett, red bryant, i forgot the other guy but they were a solid 4 that contributed. We haven't had any semblance of that at any duration of his time as coach here. I think he is a good coach still working things out and finding his way. I just thought it dline would have been a major strength under him at the minimum. Don't know why that hasn't materialized. 

  14. 2 minutes ago, Vandy said:

    Folks forget Bennett started with Seattle 1st before moving on to Tampa. Key to Bennett’s game is his hands, and he credits Quinn for teaching him how to effectively use them as weapons during his rookie time there.

    Why do you think Quinn hasn't had a much success with the dline compared to Seattle? 

  15. 3 minutes ago, Vandy said:

    Yes. It’s called competition.

    So if he is bad at seeing the edge as a defensive end, doesn't him moving to OLB also require him to also set the edge? Won't that also mean he will have to occasionally play coverage? Do you think he has the athletic profile to make that kind of transition? I don't know much about the guy. 

  16. 3 hours ago, quotemokc said:

    For a start he is 35 in November.

    I suspect we will find out next off season if he wants to play on.

    Best case Mack playes well in 2020 and signs a cap friendly 1 year extension and Hennesyy becomes the starter at LG and eventually moves to C when the time is right.

    I'm just afraid of the transition similar to when we let Todd McClure go before confirming Peter Konz was the person for the job. I hate that TD puts us in this position too often when it comes to the trenches. 

    I would like to extend Mack for 2 more years so he can honestly battle for the spot his second year. That way we know what we have in case we need to go the FA route again.  Now all our hopes are pinned on the unknown without room for error.

  17. 1 hour ago, octoslash said:

    I'll take a QB with a brain and an average arm over physical superiority every day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

    Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf had cannons.

    We've been stuck with Matt Ryan for the past dozen years.   

    What rotten luck.  

    So there is no such thing as physical superiority with a average brain? Ben Roethlisberger, Pat Mahommes, DeShaun Watson? I like how you guys use extremes to prop Ryan. I don't think anyone is saying he sucks. Just that this area of his game is a weakness.

    I wish he had a coordinator that excel in intermediate and short passing game. Shanahan was the only coordinator he ever had that was perfect for Ryan. 

    I can't imagine what Julio numbers would look like with Big Ben and Pat. QBs that can get the most out of his talents. 

  18. On 4/5/2020 at 1:45 PM, jazzyburrell said:

    I actually think Rico’s best fit for us Is Nickel!

    I agree and also like him as the 3rd and long strong safety. I thought him taking over for keanu was really impactful. I think his limited range worked better for him covering half of the field or less and allowed him to make more plays on the ball than at single high. 

    We definitely need a true free safety moving forward. I really don't know what kazee is honestly. Maybe he puts it all together next year because he has gone from Manuel to Raheem Morris and that secondary coach that resigned. I'm not sure he has had time to get settled in to a real role. Hopefully Morris can help him put it together to be worth a roster spot. 

    I hope we select a free safety in the 1st and maybe another a 3rd day prospect that can push kazee for that back up spot. 

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