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  1. Wow good eyes man!! I knew he was good but I will be honest and go out on a limb....................He has a chance to upstage Spoon as the best linebacker this year. What do you guys think?
  2. I concur. I don't even think he has actually slowed down. I think he is running with a scatback mindset. He isn't running with a purpose and determination anymore for some reason. Its as if he is waiting for that big hole to open. With Jacquizz getting almost as many touches, he did more. I don't think our run game has become non existant, its just turner. Maybe he is starting the season slow. If snelling would have played and produced as well, then I would be placing more scrutiny on Turner. Lets give turner time guys. I think he just had a bad game. Once Quizz begins getting more to
  3. Lmao..ouch.. D. Led isn't playing around with killing the guys dreams before he even go to bed at night. I hope Medlin doesn't read the AJC often
  4. Julion? lol thats just hilarious. sounds like something off the periodic table. Nice posts vel!! Keep em coming
  5. Lmao...I heard Peria is one **** of a chef and he can make some mean crow stew to go with your Jollof Rice..
  6. Why do I have a strange feeling he and Sickbury will be the surpise of the season? Anyone hear anything about our 7th round DT Tavaris?
  7. I will see you there man. I will be in Row 11 which is near the sideline...Section 38
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