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  1. 38 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

    He has as much if not more experience than the others mentioned, he was an amazing scout and exec, he gets it when it comes to talent and skills, he has a dog mentality, he was a leader when he played and still is, he offends the sensitive because hes candid.

    Had no idea about him. If the reporter that changed his name to Lombardi can get a GM job with Cleveland Browns, I hope Riddick can get a shot somewhere. Mike Mayock also got the GM job with the raiders. Until there is enough diversity amongst the team owners, the Rooney Rule can only help so much. 

  2. I think we already have the pieces on offense ready to go. The offensive line and receivers. We need to hire someone from the chiefs or 49ers. Then allow them to hire their defensive coordinator to build that side of the ball from scratch. It will be the fastest turnaround that still allows us to somewhat salvage the back end of Julio and Matt era. 

  3. 1 hour ago, falconsd56 said:

    That I am not worried about.

    The run defense has been really good.

    Outside of the busted coverage by the falcons on the trubisky run, the bears did not do on the ground.

    We did a pretty good job vs Elliott

    And we strait up punked the hawks Oline when it came to runnning.

    If the Packers try to run it down our throats then they are setting themselves up for big disappointment..... especially if we go into the game mostly healthy upfront.

    Is Grady playing? He was hurt for the rest of the 4th last Sunday? 

  4. 12 hours ago, Sui_Generis said:

    The Falcons have deeper roster issues other than Matt Ryan. The offense is putting up points. They do stall too often, but points on the board near 30+ every game should be enough.


    If you look around the league, 30 points isn't enough and not many teams are maintaining leads in week 3. It came down to whichever team and their main player executing in those moments. Stats aren't reflective of those moments. The plays were there in week 3. No first downs the last 4 drives before they took the lead. The plays were there.  Ryan didn't deliver.

    As a leader and "elite" player, he is often not capitalizing on moments. Not all is his fault, but when opportunities are there, I have no faith in him. I do wish we got him a good coordinator that's not a retread. Shanahan was the only one that he had had his whole tenure here. That's very unfortunate. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

    The team, as a whole, failed yesterday. 

    I agree. Strangely enough, I felt we almost turned the corner yesterday. We almost put a complete game together for the first time all season. We were one clock eating drive or one deep pass connection to Z from getting that first win. We are almost there. 


    Now I don't know what to expect for our next game with our injury riddled defense that barely had enough talent to begin with. Luckily saints are losing as well. The season isn't lost but we have to learn to finish from coaching on down. 

    We're almost there. If we get there, I just hope we aren't 1-7 again before we hit the switch. This crap has got to stop. 

  6. 1 hour ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

    Nobody deserves to be called a play maker on this joke of a defense 

    While you are right about that, they sure made more than enough plays yesterday to allow our offense to put the game away all second half. 3 interceptions and keeping them held at 10 more majority of the game before injuries and fatigue kicked in due to the offense going 3 and out for the rest of 3rd and 4th quarter is amazing. 

    They did their job more than well enough for our offensively constructed team to score and put the game away. You can look at stats but i look at moments. The offense had more than enough moments to eat the clock if they don't at least score.  Defense never got a breather. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    And I believe DQ and Dirk going pass happy and abandoning the run WAY too early hung the defense out to dry the most. Yes, it put more on Matt and the pass plays came up short for various reasons. Yes, some was on Matt.

    This is the Bears D and they aren't push overs. We were down Julio and Gage and trying to attack them spread with UDFA WRs that aren't on the same page with QB after running for 150 yards.

    To me, that's coaching.

    I understand what you are getting at. The bears defense loaded up to make sure to stop the run. We would have gone 3 and out running the ball as well. They were going to take their chances with Ryan beating them. The primitive were there on the last 4 drives before they took the lead to even complete a first down. He could not connect on those deep throws. 

    I don't like Dirk as well. His play calling leaves a lot to be desired. I thought he called enough good passing plays that Ryan had to give his receiver a chance to catch our draw a interference. He didn't. He had many opportunities to score one more touchdown. I couldn't believe how many times he failed to even get a first down during the last 4 drives. Wow

  8. 57 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    Going 3 and 4 wide isn't they stopped the run and made us pass.

    And yes, Z slowed up on one of the shots.

    Hey, it's ok though I get it. Ryan needs to be perfect to ever have a shot.

    Fundamentally flawed team and all we get is confirmation bias diggers.

    In this game the defense, considering they are on the cheap side of the budget, played almost as well as I've ever seen them play till the consecutive 3 and outs for the rest of the fourth quarter broke them. He didn't need to be perfect for this game. He just had to complete a deep throw for a first down on any of those drives in the 4th. Of course keep making him seem like a victim. I would have agreed with you the first 2 but this one should have been pulled out by him if he even made a first down or 2.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    I looked at the play to Z. He slowed up. Continue...

    I love also how you attack "bias" over fundamental strategic flaws being the core issue. Falcons abandoned the run for no reason and there was plenty of blame to go around on offense.

    And, the worst actual Ryan mistake of the game came after all of that. But throw the "bias" label yet dont want it staring at you in the mirror?

    Which play to z actually because there were 2 of them. The one where he beat his defender on the right side of the field only for Matt to over throw him or the deep middle possible touchdown? 

    There was a drive where Dirk ran it twice and wanted to keep the chains moving by throwing on 3rd. Are you suggesting they should have run it on 3rd and long for the sake of eating the clock? They were loading up on us to stop the run dating Matt to beat us. The plays were there to be made.

    Keep staring in your foggy mirror. It's good to not want to see what's there. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, nomak said:

    Answer my question... How big of a lead does Ryan have to get so the defense doesn't blow the game? 

    How was the team constructed? How which side of the ball consumes the most cap space and has the most star talent?

    They kept the bears held to 10 for almost all game. They even caused 2 interceptions which the choke job of our qb and offense only mustered 3 points. Then they went back to back to back to back 3 and out. They didn't eat any clock for our banged up defense to rest. 

    Is Ryan paying you? 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    So...blame people's mistakes on offense on Ryan? Ok.

    Ryan also hurt 7 defenders and made them abandon the run from a strategic standpoint.

    I mean, I love how he also left us up 9 points when we last had the ball a week ago.

    The OP is right, it's not just an INT late its EVERY mistake on this team:

    MATT RYANmanning.jpg.f9279c687547fcff2cc8d4c940041a1f.jpg

    I never mentioned last week's game. The defense was trash. I'm talking about this game. Stop moving goal posts. This was our chance to get the first win to break us out of this. Our elite qb has moments present themselves to deal this game and he couldn't connect on deep routes.

    That has been my gripe with Ryan. When we play tough defenses you have to capitalize on moments. Z had his guy beat deep in the middle only for him to make another bad throw. This one was on Matt. Keep pointing everywhere else but tell others they are biased. 

  12. 1 minute ago, nomak said:

    So the 3 tds by the bears in the 4th had nothing to do with the lose? Yes Ryan throw a int at a horrible time but if the defense didnt allow 3 tds in a row the offense could had had the luxury of just running it out. How big of a lead does Ryan and the offense have to give the defense so they don't lose the game? 

    How many back to back to back to back to back 3 and outs does our banged up, on the budget defense that has been holding the opponent to 10 points with 2 turnovers do they have to play through?

    The offense had multiple moments to score one time but our franchise allegedly elite qb that put up fancy stats usually can't put the game away. This one wasn't on the defense. They did their job until the injuries and fatigue from so many snaps did them in. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    Didn't happen so still Matt's fault. Z didn't pull up on his route either. Coaching didn't abandon the run. Defense didn't allow 3 TD passes in less than 5 minutes game clock. Lol

    Cuz they put the game in Ryan's hands. You know... our "elite" qb. He has multiple drives to make the throws to put the game away. Yet here you are blaming everything else but our franchise qb exhausting the defense on an offensively led cap space consuming team. 

  14. 2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    No. Z pulled up and under ran his route. And, on the Ridley play he was hit and Calvin held. Everyone actually so quick to blame Matt for every or any incompletion just proves their bias.

    Z didn't pull up. He overthrew z. I will give you the one on ridley being held. So what happens to the other deep throw to z?

    Look the defense did their job today. They can only play so many snaps banged up and watching the defense go 3 and out for the whole mid third through 4th quarter. For someone that's suppose to be elite, he has had every opportunity to get first down or out the game away. 

    Sorry ergo but it's your bias that's showing. He throws poor deep balls. 

  15. 3 minutes ago, dapanch420 said:

     what do you want matt ryan to do? nobody is getting open and our play caller refuses to change things up.

    Bullshnit! He missed Olamide on one 3 and out. He missed a open crossing Calvin ridley on another 3 and out, and missed olamide wide open deep and the other 3 and out. May always put up nice stats but this team was designed to be offensively led. If you claim may is suppose to be elite and the franchise, he is suppose to make those throws to put teams away.

    I don't blame the defense at all. They did their job. How do you make 2 interceptions only for the offense to score 3 points. The offense had the whole second half to put them away but in typical fashion, our "elite" qb can't connect deep on go routes in typical choke fashion. 

    I'm honestly ready to start over. Time to trade him and Julio while they still have value. Take the dead money and cap hit. Let's put serious money into the defense for once. 

  16. 2 minutes ago, GeniusWizard111 said:

    you know what, ryan should get some blame around here

    He is solely to blame the last 3 drives. When is time to hit clutch deep routes, he stinks. This comeback is completely the offense fault. 4 three and outs without giving our defense a chance to catch their breath? This is why i keep saying to stat watchers that may isn't elite. He is very good. He has had many drives to put the game out of reach. Now our defense, running on a budget that's mostly eaten by Julio and Matt, is very tired. 

  17. 47 minutes ago, sdogg said:

    I wish an opposing QB would say ‚ÄĚthe Falcons used player X in way we've never seen‚ÄĚ ¬†

    They did. Remember Aqib Talib giving us props on the way we used Tevin Coleman when Shanahan was here in 2016?

    Sigh....i don't know why we are always stuck with below average playcallers for Matt. Shanahan was the only top 5 coordinator he has ever had. 

    This fault is still on Quinn for not promoting any of Shanahan disciples after 2016. He not only let 1 go but 2! We've not been remotely competent in that side of the ball since. He only has himself to blame. 

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