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  1. I know I will be afraid if Quinn doesn't allow trufant to follow Hilton where ever he lines up. I am scared of Hilton vs Oliver matchup.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I think if vel, gazoo, peytonmanningforehead, and tdwii ever get into writing articles, they can easily make money. I know I will certainly buy.
  3. That was an amazing throw by Matt. I was initially against him making that throw into double coverage going deep but was frozen in awe how well placed the ball was for Calvin to be able to get his hands on it. That catch would have been a 9 out of 10 on difficulty scale if Calvin would have reeled it in. While I like Matt going deep, even I thought that was too risky. I liked that he tried to stay aggressive. Hope he comes to terms with when he should go deep during film review this week. Please make those throws if our receivers are in single coverage Matt!
  4. I totally agree. He also emphasized driving the ball not throwing it up there like a lob which annoys me about that part of his game. Dirk needs to help grow Ryan's confidence in taking those shots with his receivers in the end zones for those jump balls and back shoulder throws.
  5. I think the defense will definitely do their part. It's the offense in worried about. I will not be surprised if we lose this. It won't be because of the defense. If the offense can even play average, we will win.
  6. I don't follow the Jaguars but why would you not consider it?
  7. I don't see this as a permanent good bye. If we're experiencing injuries weeks later, I'm pretty sure the team has him on speed dial. Heck no one expected him to ever make it inside the falcon facility after getting released few years ago. Injuries happen. I wanted to see how his play would have elevated with Quinn finally putting his prints on the defensive linemen. Beasley and takk look much improved after an offseason with Quinn.
  8. I loved watching Martz offense with kurt, isaac Bruce, Tory holt az-hakim and Marshall Faulk. It was a beauty but I also remembered kurt getting clobbered often because the routes took a minute to execute. Now that I think about it, I would say Matt has a slightly stronger arm than kurt but kurt loved airing it out so his guys can make thre play for him and demoralize defenses.
  9. Thanks for the video to use as reference. I hope Dirk gets Matt confident enough to try those back shoulder throws in the end zone like I saw in the highlights from Fitzpatrick and Winston. Also I don't mind good interceptions jdaveg. Interceptions are never good overall but if it's to a Julio sanu or Ridley going deep like yesterday, please take the shot. Even though Matt didn't connect with hardy and Julio in some of those attempts, I like that he took them. Just don't under throw it to the extent your receivers can't bail you out. I hope to see more of them from Matt as the season continues.
  10. You can check my posts in your weekly pre game scout thread. I called it too that the defense would show up. Just didn't trust the offense. I have the same confidence in Quinn defense as I did with Shanahan even when they have a bad game. These two are excellent at their respective sides of the ball and they have a long enough track record to back it up. I even saw glimpses of it in week 1 despite the loss.
  11. Really? Then why are his vertical concepts more creative than Dirk's? I tend to see tyreke hill and their other weapons get open with space often despite defenses knowing to key in on them. I haven't seen those kind of free running space for our guys since Shanahan left. I wish Dirk would pull from his playbook. At least Sean mcvay wasn't afraid to admit it last year.
  12. Did Dirk coordinate under Andy Reid at some point? Doesn't Andy Reid run a west coast offense and Dirk's is Coryell?
  13. Were we in a cover 4? I don't know how thr receiver got that open on a 4th and 14. I had that here we go again face, only the Falcons can this happen to. Lol
  14. I hope and pray for that to happen but I'm not holding my breath. I think we need to start activating one of the bigger backs especially Ollison. He would have made a difference falling forward for those extra tough yards that ito and Freeman just don't have the power to pick up.
  15. Can you list them? I wanna learn too. Don't keep all the good stuff to yourself man. Share that ish.
  16. Can the x's and o's guys tell us if it's an oline problem? There were several times, when Freeman was running up the middle, that I thought that Ollison could have picked up an additional 3-4 yards if he had been the game. Thre goal line run that ito got stood up on also had me thinking Ollisin would have probably either gotten a touchdown or made it to the 1. I also think the play action would have been more effective in the goal line if Ollison was present as well. The linebackers would have crashed the line so hard because he packs power. I don't think Freeman has lost it. I just question whether he fits mularkey blocking scheme as effectively as the one cut scheme we had before.
  17. You don't think last weeks film will cause philly to pull the okie doke on us by doing the exact opposite? Keeping us in base defense to test our run defense?
  18. It's just another opinion.
  19. Defense for me. With the exception of 2 or 3 years during Matt's tenure, the norm is for them to underachieve. Until I see Quinn field a bad defense under his control for a full season, he has given me enough to trust him on that side of the ball. As far as offense goes, I miss when we had a bonafide top tier running back in Turner that was the main focus of defenses before the front office changed their focus to trying to make Ryan the next Peyton Manning.
  20. It's funny how Robert Alford looked like a pro bowler when Quinn took over the defense in 2016 but looked like trash along with thre rest of the defense last year with Manuel calling it. Jalen Collins had his only good stretch of NFL play when Quinn took over the defense as well. Trufant looked bad for 1st half of the season last year. With the exception of Grady Jarrett, I wouldn't put too much stock in player assessments from last season. I will miss Alford. Would have like to have seen him have a bounce back year with Quinn finally taking over fulltime again.
  21. Somehow man.... watch Dirk and Matt not test these guys. They will somehow end up looking competent against us. Looking forward to the defense.
  22. Well if it's been working, keep doing it. Greg Williams blueprint.
  23. Correct Shanahan did have some duds. No denying that. Still I never lost confidence in the offense unlike with previous coordinators that have sputtered through Matts tenure. We had a different flow. I don't know how Shanahan conducted practices but we were seeing Matt make throws we knew he was more than capable of making regularly. Heck Taylor Gabriel, of all people, was going off. Even though he hasn't had his starting qb for much in San Fran, not only fo they move the ball but they also score and go deep with less talent and a back up qb. Shanahan called plays not trying to protect Matt. He called plays that made Matt play worry free. I felt every pass Matt was gonna make was going for a touchdown. Didn't matter if gabriel sanu or Julio was covered. That's what I meant.
  24. Amen. He waits till our backs are against the wall or game is almost out of reach before his '**** it ' button kicks in like that Calvin Ridley touchdown last week. That's the whole point of having great players. Sometimes when the play doesn't greet anybody open as planned and they dare man up on Julio Sanu or Ridley, take a freaking chance Matt! Don't throw one of those ducks that floats in the air forever because it gives the defender a higher chance of getting back in to the play.