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  1. To be honest, I don't get the feeling Quinn put himself on the hot seat. Heck with Arthur blanks patience, I don't think he views it that way either. The team shows they will play for Quinn till the end win or lose. Something you couldn't say about coach Smith. Asides from 2015 (his transitional year), this is Quinn first losing season. He is evolving as a coach and has such a clear vision for his personnel and style of play that he now understands he is the only one that can make that side of the ball play the way he likes. That's all I took from it. He is done helping his friends. He is taking over now.
  2. Wow. That's such a huge endorsement of him compared to what I've heard from my few Seahawks fans. What makes you believe that?
  3. I agree as long as he gets the defense playing top 5 or 10. Which I know he will. I'm not even worried about the defense next year now that he knows he has to take it over.
  4. My bad. Didn't pay attention the dates. Still looking forward to a trench heavy draft.
  5. What's your opinion of fusco? I think health has been an issue than talent along the oline.
  6. Not even as Andy Levitre's future replacement? Im not good at judging oline but it's wes serviceable to hold down a guard spot for the future?
  7. What's your opinion of devondre? When you say another linebacker, are you talking about ILB or OLB? Who do you have in mind in the draft? Honestly, I hope we get the number 2 pick and trade back twice to acquire additional 2nd and third round picksthen go all offensive and defensive line in the first two rounds. Then use the third to get another play making safety and a nasty pass rushing olb. Pick up a bigger running back in the 4th or 5th if we don't plan to use Brian hill anymore.