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  1. I think we will be top 8 in stopping the run. I also think even though the pass rushing might be average or slightly below, with coach taking over the play calling, the improved secondary will help mask it during 3rd downs to help get us off the field.
  2. Gazoo when are you going to be a beat writer for the Falcons man? You were practically born for it lol. Great post man. I wish you and TDWII can go to camp together and litter the board with updates and your takes. IM DEAD SERIOUS! Anyways good post man. Im not as optimistic as you about the offense but im definitely looking forward to seeing Quinn finally take over to command a more competent defense regardless of injuries.
  3. Thanks for the correction. I thought I remembered reading something about Mike nolan informing Ricardo to change to free safety while on practice squad towards. Couldn't find the article. I thought I remembered Rico talking about it before Quinn came. Guess it was just my imagination
  4. Rico was initially converted to free safety under the Mike Smith regime.
  5. I will also add that to it. I don't know if Julio is the problem or it's Matt's low risk style of play that prevents him from throwing decent jump balls and/or back shoulder throws to his receivers like brees and Brady often does. I really don't know. Matt and Julio's chemistry isn't as strong as the ones he had with Tony Gonzalez and Roddy. It just so happens that Julio is that much of a beast that the numbers mask it.
  6. I promise you if Matt could have connected with him deep all those times he had his man beat like Ben to Antonio or eli (when he was still good) to Odell, I guarantee you he would have reached 2000 yards at least once by now. It wouldn't even be a debate who the best is. That's the only part of the Matt and Julio chemistry that has been underwhelming. The deep ball.
  7. Great post. I agree Ricardo is the safe option for now but Kazee or somebody else faster will leap us to top 3 status eventually. People forget that Rico struggled his first year in Quinn's defense also. He didn't become the Rico we know overnight. Last year was kazee first year playing the position full time. Yet despite his mistakes, he brought play making potential to the defense. Kazee has already stated he prefers corner but I don't see what will stop him from making the jump if he gets a second year crack at the position. I also feel even though Ricardo is solid, it definitely is upgradeable.
  8. I remembered Harvey Dahl wasn't as big also but he opened plenty of holes for Micheal Turner during Ryan's rookie year. Were we running inside zone that year as well or was it man blocking scheme that mularkey installed?
  9. Epic thread Yo_Lover. I have a question about Lindstrom and the inside zone scheme in general. Doesn't inside zone scheme require some amount of power to push the pocket to open holes inside for the run game? If so, doesn't his lack of power become a problem when we try to pick up those short yards?
  10. Thanks man. I saw he weighed much less than Jamon and Carpenter. Because of our lack of size in the middle in years past, all teams had to do was bull rush or lightweight athletic guards in to Matt Ryan's lap. That was why I started to wonder if, at that size, he will be Alex mack's eventual replacement plan. But if there is overwhelming confidence by you guys that his size won't be a problem, it gets me even more excited than I already am. I know he will be very solid in the run game. Was just worried about him holding up against bull rushes in pass protection.
  11. I had no idea. Can you provide a link? Most scouting reports have him listed at 309.
  12. Do you like the corners we drafted? Are you content with our backup safeties? Do you think Lindstrom's size will cause him to have similar problems to Wes against huge defensive tackles with good bulk rush in pass protection?
  13. Does that mean you like both corners? What's your take on both of them? I saw that you are a big fan of Sheffield. I know nothing about him and won't pretend as if I know what I'm looking at when I see his highlights. What do you think his main strength will be in this scheme since the scouting reports state he has low ball instincts? Is that true or is it lack of experience at the position? Sorry for all the questions
  14. With above average speed. What a find. Maybe they are planning to actually run the ball. Im interested to see what run game plans Dirk and mularkey can put together. I wonder if they will use a set up similar to Seattle in which one calls the pass plays and the other calls the run plays.
  15. Totally forgot about that. I wonder how many offensive linemen we will carry this season. I can't imagine them cutting both fusco and wes to immediately toss Lindstrom in to the mix. I know he is tagged as a day 1 starter prospect but we don't want to find ourselves in a position similar to the defense last season hoping for rookies to step up in case of injuries as the first line of depth. Now if he clearly outperforms fusco in camp I hope they still keep both. I just want both rookie linemen to have a chance to develop first before we have to rely on them.
  16. I guess Wes is getting cut. Lol
  17. Anyone know where is he? I love reading his posts and takes on players based on his formula. I wonder if he likes these picks and how the stack up with his data.
  18. Excellent post man. Would you happen to have the scores for James Carpenter and Jamon? Thanks!
  19. Do you see Devin as Campbell eventual replacement? I think Foye is making that leap this year.
  20. Lol its funny you say that. I view the signings of Davison and Rashede as contingency plans if the plan at tackle doesn't go their way. If the office thinks both are better than the backup plans by a considerable margin, I don't see why they should be hesitant to draft them. I also see both guys being athletic enough to play multiple positions including defensive end against run heavy teams that also incorporate wild cat like the ravens last year. Do you think we get our ish pushed in that easily if we had Lawrence and Wilkins with Grady and Senat on the field at the same time? Im tired of settling for average when better is possible.
  21. So you are thinking take Wilkins at 14 then trade back in to the 1st for Lawrence?
  22. Now that he has changed positions, I wonder how that would affect his ras score.
  23. There has been nothing wrong with mine. It's currently working just fine.
  24. Whoa. Didn't know that. That's not brotherhood material there. But if he gets selected, I'm sure DQ must have his reasons.
  25. Isee what you're saying. He does get washed out on combo blocks. By character, do you mean you don't see enough 'dog' in him? Do you think he playing out of position contributed to negative marks when evaluating him? I can't imagine DQ playing him at nose in the NFL.