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  1. Do you think that was due to him being intimidated by his lack of strength to take on the play?
  2. I was thinking thre same thing too. I think devondre is more than fast enough. Could the word you're looking for be instinctual? I think that's the only thing preventing Campbell from taking that step into that next echelon.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I just assumed the 2 backers in 4-3 under and 3-4 were really just inner linebackers even though they are labeled Mike and will. Still got lots to learn lol. I have another question. Since Wilcox went down, could grace act as the third safety in certain packages? He looks like a safety out there.
  4. What position does he play then? Didn't he play Mike and will (the inner linebacker positions) last year? Since he isn't near the size and weight of a devondre, that means he is only suitable for the other ILB position next to debo. Am I missing something? Also what packages do you envision both playing?
  5. Can you elaborate on this? Do you feel he is playing out of position or he is getting bulldozed? Just asking as an arm chair scout.
  6. That means Zimmer is about to be traded. See Eric Saubert over Paulsen
  7. Even if you have unique athletes on your team like Deion Jones? Im not saying he can match up on a number 1 receiver but maybe a 3 or 4 perhaps?
  8. According to your previous explanation, it's mainly because a lineman/ linebacker will get matched up against a wide receiver right? Will that be the same weakness for a bear front? (I assume that's a 4-4 alignment)
  9. Guess I assumed because we have some of the top athletes at their position on our team that we could be one if the only teams able to run it uniquely like when Pete Carroll did with the 4-3 under. Also why would a zone blitz be more different in a 5-2 than 3-4? I want to add that my very basic and limited understanding of zone blitz is dropping a lineman into coverage while the 4th rusher blitz from a different position.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. So I take it that 5-2 is excellent against the I-formation and goal line packages? How will we fare against Sean peyton and his many packages with Alvin Kamara or an Andy Reid's offense? I don't see the 5-2 matching up well against those. How about using the 5-2 against the wildcat and read option that physical teams like Baltimore gashed us with last year?
  11. Aren't the 3-4 and 5-2 the alignments? How coach Quinn uses his past experiences and 4-3 under principle is really what im trying to get a feel for as to how the defense changes in 5-2 and the matchup problems it creates.
  12. Can we seriously make one? I would like to learn what makes the 5-2 special. I know fatboi mentioned how it's weak against spread offenses but considering the athletes we have, is it still a huge weakness? Is it aggressive even if secondary is playing zone? Does it require different type of corners than the standard Richard Sherman size he used to have back in the day? Was there any other team that used the 5-2 last year? Is it mainly used for stopping the run or could it be revolutionized as excellent blitz package compared to a 3-4? Forgive me. It just sounds exciting. I don't know what most of these things mean and probably still won't understand all of it in its entirety but I like knowledge. Vel, vandy, fatboi, peyton forehead, kog, unintentional grounding, pound for pound, Tim mazzetti, ya boi, yo lover etc... Let's do this!
  13. Alford looks like a totally different player when coach Quinn was calling the plays. He will be missed.
  14. Lol I think ive been the only person on the board that still remembers Wes is still on the roster. Is he in the dog house? It's as if he's vanished. There has been no reports about him.
  15. Sooooo... is it safe to say Wes won't make the team?
  16. Not when Quinn coaches the defense.
  17. Sorry but I don't think Allen had much to do with that. That's on marquand Manuel regressing. The whole defense regressed under him. Look at Allen before and after Quinn took over the defense in 2016. They went from disorganized to growing under coach Quinn. Kazee was playing a new position last year for the first time under a subpar coordinator. It's hard to get a gauge how much better kazee would be if he got the the chance to start this year under Quinn's first season as coordinator. But I do agree that Allen is better overall for now but kazee ceiling is much higher. He will gain a lot of experience this year fortunately.
  18. I wonder if that underrated rookie safety from SDSU will get more reps in that role now. He is practically Keanu's size.
  19. And he is doing this without pads? Hope out continues to translate tomorrow.
  20. Had anyone heard anything about Wes? I think he is going to be a casualty unless they are grooming him as back up center.
  21. Nice. I didn't hear or see anything in the updates about it. Im really curious about how fast he will come on. Were you at camp?
  22. Do you know what date the pads come on? I hope some of our members have a chance to attend some of these weekday sessions. It will be cool to get extra updates from them. Our beat writers aren't providing us with much.
  23. I hope we get to hear some news about hageman and that other corner we drafted whose name escapes me.
  24. I may be wrong but wasnt it to Sanu?
  25. I think we will be top 8 in stopping the run. I also think even though the pass rushing might be average or slightly below, with coach taking over the play calling, the improved secondary will help mask it during 3rd downs to help get us off the field.