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  1. Now that he has changed positions, I wonder how that would affect his ras score.
  2. There has been nothing wrong with mine. It's currently working just fine.
  3. Whoa. Didn't know that. That's not brotherhood material there. But if he gets selected, I'm sure DQ must have his reasons.
  4. Isee what you're saying. He does get washed out on combo blocks. By character, do you mean you don't see enough 'dog' in him? Do you think he playing out of position contributed to negative marks when evaluating him? I can't imagine DQ playing him at nose in the NFL.
  5. May I ask what all you don't like about Oliver?
  6. I take it that you see DQ trying him out for some inside rushes like he did with shelby and adrian Clayborn?
  7. I don't have eyes for x's and o's but that guys hand usage and body control is amazing. He also seems to have very good feel for where he is at on the field. He doesn't look lost in trenches. Was he a one gapper in bama?
  8. Is it me or does he remind me if adrian Clayborn? I wonder if he is being groomed to be his eventual replacement.
  9. Since we haven't brought him in for a workout, why do I have a feeling Falcons wil pick differently if he is available? Then again who knows? They surprised us last year with Ridley.
  10. I didn't watch too much bama football but does he compare favorably to Grady in that he can play but tackle positions or is he strictly a 3 tech? What are the major holes in his game you've observed that he needs to work on and is he more of a scheme fit than Ed Oliver?
  11. Now that DQ is finally taking over the defense, I hope he can finally start featuring players skillsets like he says all the time in press clips. I know the defense will at least be better this year or at least more competent than last.
  12. I liked him last year 2. He was one of the guys that flashed. I also liked jermain grace over Duke. Last year was just weird. It felt like a Mike Smith year in which they were content with status quo and relied overly on their drafting arrogance/ development program instead of continuing to create true competition to push complacent fringe starters for depth.
  13. Who would you prefer at 3 if it does happen?
  14. DQ must be high on him. I just realized he received a 2 year deal. Is it safe to say he will make the roster?
  15. Not only the fade, but also back shoulder throws with decent consistency and jump balls to allow the receiver to make a play on the ball.
  16. Do you think Campbell will benefit by transitioning to defensive end mi personally think he is a solid linebacker but is sometimes always a tad bit slow to diagnose plays and instincts in coverage isn't as improved as i thought it would be by now. But then again, this is coming from an arm chair analyst. I like his rush ability and seems to have the disposition to set the edge better than Beasley. What do you think?
  17. Thanks. Haven't heard of him. Didn't even know we had him on the roster.
  18. Lol I didn't know we had a ryan neal on the roster. Thanks
  19. It will even be sweeter if we are able to restructure levitre to free up a lot of cap space to sign a very good guard to pair with him. Draft best offensive lineman that can play both tackle and guard at 14 then let wes, fusco and Ty duke it out for the last spot.
  20. Thank you for pointing this out vel. That's why I stated I won't be worried about that side of the ball at all next season. He has shown me enough in Seattle when he took Gus defense from very good to very great. He took the playcalling duties and title away from the previous guy in 2016 and transformed a middling defense starting 5 rookies (I think) to playing top 10 by seasons end and through out playoffs. Some are criticizing him for the defense giving up points in the second half during that year but I just thought it was because of lack of pass rush, rookies learning to handle success and growth in the scheme. If coach Quinn can get pass rush out of the dline with the matured players he has acquired and groomed, we will definitely be in the top 5 next year. Welcome back Quinn. He is finally done helping his friends. He is now in the 'if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself' mode.
  21. I would like to see how they look under Quinn as defensive coordinator. Remember how our rookies and defender looked before and after Quinn took it over midseason in 2016? Now that Marquand is gone, let's see how they look next season.
  22. If McCoy gets signed, does that mean grady play the nose?
  23. To be honest, I don't think the secondary is that bad. I just think marquand Manuel wasn't that good. Under him, it seemed as if everyone regressed from last year except for grady Jarrett. I think you will see drastic change in the style of play from our secondary now that Quinn is back to putting his stamp on it. The other factor is getting the pass rush riddle solved. We need better dline play overall.
  24. Haven't been following him much. Is he still very good? Do you think he will be excellent for our defense? I was hoping we either get sheldon Richardson or Muhammed wilkersons ( former jets lineman).