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  1. Thanks for the response man. I'm learning so much from all you smart people. I have few other questions. If leverage and disruption are the skillsets coach Quinn covets and you don't think losing Poe isn't that much of a big deal, why did we struggle doing the run against buffalo last year? From an untrained eye perspective, it looks like we had drives where buffalo was able to impose their willon our front 7. Even philly had decent level of success pounding us especially when we needed to stop them. With us signing McClain, what type of offensive lineman gives our scheme problems? Philly and buffalo gave us fits but I was surprised by how well we handled Dallas.
  2. That would be great! It would be cool if you could post one every 3 days. That would give us plenty of football fodder to hold us till training camp news takes over. I wish I was as knowledgeable as some of y'all with diagnosing xs and os so I can help with posting quality news when u attend training campbut I don't truly know what I'm looking at half of the time Lol. Do you think Senat has the build and measurables to be a grady clone? Another question that has always bothered me is if we don't have a big body like Poe and Solial in the middle with grady, doesn't it affect the chances Olinemen are able to block or smallish linebackers?
  3. At least you had the pleasure of being knocked over. Was he in the US when this happened or were you in Brazil?
  4. I never got to see Pele much but I got to watch Maradona when I was little. That dude was a magician with ball. I loved the dancehe does after every goal. He was a treat to watch. I remember all the markets in my town in Nigeria would stop service just to watch him play.
  5. Pele or Maradona
  6. I don't know much about dollars either but if Tevin cements himself as an extra play making Wide receiver, I could see Hardy and/or Marvin Hall/ Reggie Davis losing a spot. The cap will be rising again next year. Our Wr Corp will be set for long time if Tevin evolves. The value will be too great not to keep him. He will be in rare company as a running back that's ALSO a true wr (not a gadget type either).
  7. If he ends up converting or evolving more as a wide receiver, I honestly wouldn't mind giving him Freeman's type of contract. Just like vel said, he will be our new gabriel/aldrick.
  8. I don't think they want to Vandy. PeytonManningsForehead had a very informative thread explaining how defenses have adjusted to us now that they had a whole years film to study. With that said, he also explained, with visual evidence, they plays were the to be made showing Sark's ability to design good plays but player execution (dropped passes, Matt missing open reads and making inaccurate passes...etc)as the main reason the offense sputtered. Now he never said Sark was great by any means but (hope I'm not putting words in his mouth) I thinkhe was implying he was solid enough that if the execution was there, we would be singing a different tune. Maybe Jim Schwartz just has our number. Shanahan couldn't beat him either. I just wish we would stop this everything is Sark fault narrative. I'm glad folks like PMF and several others are willing shares their knowledge and enlighten those of us seeking facts and fresh perspective.
  9. Good question. I wonder if Reed is taking over clayborn snaps now that devondre is full time at SLB and Takk is taking over as starter?
  10. My dad corrected me. Instead of fuh, change it to Foh. First name is Foh-yeh-shah-day. Last name phonetically is correct.
  11. First name: Fuh-yeh-shah-day last name: O-loo-O-koon That's the best I closest I couldget it to. The accent in which it is pronounced is what I can't phonetically put in to the spelling. But that should be close enough. I will ask my dad tomorrow to confirm.
  12. I just find it funny that we have ONE historic offensive output year in nfl history during Matt's career only to hear some people expect it to become the norm or close to it. I honestly don't mind if we have similar offensive output from last year. We didn't have many problems moving the ball. The problem that has always haunted us under Matt Ryan pre and post Shanahan has been red zone efficiency. Matt does an amazing job getting us within scoring distance at an amazing clip but we just don't cash in as often as we should. It has been my main knock on Matt. I just hope Sark finds a way to get us back to very respectable levels of production within the redzone. I sure miss Micheal Turner. He was a guaranteed 6 points within the redzone back in the day.
  13. Yea I'm aware of that but players change positions a lot when entering the nfl. I don't find him impressive at defensive end in the pros but he might be a serviceable 3 tech instead since his quickness and violence might translate better there. I'm curious what position he will be getting his most snaps at in OTAs and training camp.
  14. What about as a 3 tech DT?
  15. I agree with this. I have always thought Reeves greatest weakness has been his role at playing gm. But when he did have enough semblance of talent on the roster, he usually fielded good teams. Unfortunately, his inability to draft talent and retain them cost him his job. I just wished he had been given a solid gm at the time.