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  1. Mine did the same after the update. I had to call the falcon customer support line to fix this problem. For some reason, the update caused my Falcons account to change to inactive. They had to make my account active on their end after resetting the password on their end. I haven't had any more problems since. Hope that helps. Their number is 855-222-3267
  2. Does this mean Vic moves back to LEO if Campbell switches to SAM?
  3. Wow..that's a huge compliment. I don't know how involved our FS is in the scheme compared to most since, according to my limited knowledge of X's and O's, they're supposed to be the last line of defense. I saw too many times last season in which I wished Ricardo could have mad a strong enough tackle to prevent the ball extra yards from being gained before the ball carrier falls. We need someone to complement Neal in that sense. Ball hawking with some wood laying ability. I think we are going to need that to crack the top 5. Just about all the top 5 to 10 defenses have free safeties with such abilities. Rico is solid but he doesn't jar the ball loose or stop ball carriers from picking up that extra yard upon contact. This is just my fan observation.
  4. Does he also lay the wood?
  5. Yes I'm with you. It will be nice to have two freakishly athletic ends going up against offenses with mobile qbs like Rodgers, Russell and Cam. They wouldn't have any idea which of the two will be falling back in coverage to spy. We were very fortunate that Beasley didn't have any significant injuries last year. He was, sometimes, the reason Cam and Rodgers couldn't go wild on us after breaking loose from the pocket.
  6. I just hope which ever safety we get out of all the board's favorites can also bring the hammer like Neal. Kam Chancellor isn't the only safety that brought the boom on many tackles, so did Earl Thomas. I still get chills over the clean thundering hit he put on Gronk that sidelined him for the rest of the season. Rico is a solid tackler but just doesn't bring the boom that will complement Neal and the rest of the defense. I just wan't an instinctive, athletic ball hawk that can also lay some wood. I know there is only one Earl Thomas and don't watch college football as frequently as I should. With that said, which free safety has all those traits?
  7. Yes. Bruce Irvin was also a part time LEO as well wasn't he?
  8. Tyus is probably who I want most at 30. The only other person I'd consider over him is Reddick (The linebacker from Temple) if he falls to us. I have ready everyone calling him a SLB in our scheme but I've always entertained the thought if he could be a LEO in our system. He is more than athletic enough and is a gamer. Would he be a better version of Bruce Irvin with us?
  9. Aren't LEO's in this scheme freakishly athletic tweeners with the best pass rush ability? If you don't see any of those 3 as candidates for it, who in the draft do you think is ideal to groom for it?
  10. Speaking of tricks, tell me you saw that sweet fake spin move Freeney put on Remmers for the sack? Just watching it in instant replay makes me appreciate what he brings to our team. I know Beasley is gobbling up everything from him. It's showing weekly.
  11. I also think it's better coaching by Dan Quinn. The team doesn't play uptight anymore. Shades of Mike Smith had worn off Matt. Matt now plays loose. Not just because of oline. I don't know what kind of atmosphere and culture coach Quinn has set with this team but Matt looks like he isn't going to be denied this year even if he makes a mistake. It looks that way for the whole team. If this had been a Mike Smith lead team, you would see Matt and the rest of the team start to worry about trying not to lose versus coaching like they can hang with anybody. THIS IS OFFICIALLY DAN WINS TEAM. Last year was rehabbing the falcons out of Mike Smith era
  12. I know soon was injured. What happened to Jones?
  13. The late hiccups were from the calls changing. Coach Quinn and Smith have to start trusting their young defense more. They have played well the whole game, the started playing prevent to allow Cam and the offense to get in to a rhythm. They played that way to during derek Anderson's first drive which helped get him in to a rhythm and gained confidence. By the time they resumed normal defense, Carolina was clicking. I hope Coach Quinn evaluates the film on Monday along with the ones from the Saints game and have a talk with Coach Smith. 'Don't change ish until it stops working!'
  14. I know the prevent defense was smart to go to in that situation but when your defense has been playing lights out the whole game why the Heck would you outsmart yourself and change the calls? Asides from that, phenomenal game by the defense and offense. Matt was unconscious and Julio...what can I say? Dayum!
  15. Don't get me wrong. Like I said, I'm happy scoring touchdowns instead of field goals any day of the week. I have no questions about Matt's ability between the twenties. The point being discussed here is Matt's ability to score in the red zone (20 yard line to goal line) by including our receivers especially our freak athlete in Julio. Normally, if Matt is moving the ball well, I'm usually hoping we score before reaching the twenty yard line. Once again, this isn't an attempt to bash Ryan. I think this is an area of his game that has always been the biggest question mark.....scoring inside the twenty post Gonzalez. I was just asking from the knowledgeable posters of x's and o's why Matt has been weak in this area. Are defenses playing our wide receivers (especially Julio) differently than other teams number ones in the red zone? I honestly think if Matt improves in this area, I truly think Matt will be on another level.