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  1. Does this mean letting Tyson Jackson go was also a bad move?
  2. Its not just the OCs to blame. Someone is throwing those balls. Jameis Winston has no problem finding Mike Evans including in the end zone. Kyle Shanahan was the only one that pushed Ryan out of his comfort zone to work on those throws he doesn't make frequently (fade, back shoulder, hitting Julio on go routes, etc.). All that has disappeared this year. It's strange he never had much problem targeting Roddy with different throws that allowed Roddy to make a play on the ball including 50/50 balls in the end zone but seems to always forget to use Julio the same way. I'm confused.
  3. Don't forget throwing too....
  4. I've never understood why Ryan doesn't have the same relationship with Julio he had with Roddy. Remember during the days when all we had on offense were Roddy and Turner. It didn't matter if the guy was running stride for stride with Roddy on a go route or post pattern. Ryan gave Roddy good playable balls to make the contested catches. The safety was usually shaded over to that side but it never stopped him from going to Roddy. This also applied to the red zone as well. So be we habe had Julio, he and Ryan don't have that same chemistry. For Julio being faster, quicker, and more athletic than Roddy, he doesn't get those same throes on go routes and one on one red zone targets. All we keep saying is "They are double teaming Julio, so Ryan had to go elsewhere". I don't understand this logic. Where are the back shoulder throws he used to throw to Roddy and other difficult ones he used to make now that ours Julio show?
  5. Wasn't everyone saying the same thing about Ryan during Kyle Shanahan's first year here? Both are to blame but I don't know how much of the playbook Sark can really open up if Ryan isn't connecting more consistently donwnfield in smaller windows. Every receiver doesn't have to be extra wide open before Ryan decides to go deep. With the exception of Green Bay, Matt hasn't looked like the version from last year. I also don't buy the rhetoric that Julio is double and triple teamed every play when other teams' number one receivers are getting targets and still putting up numbers every game. Matt hasn't connected on a Go route at all this year even when Gabriel or Julio have their man beat by a step or two. Instead it sails out of bounds or over throws them.
  6. Yea I don't get it either. Alford is constantly targeted by refs for at least one pass interference a game it seems. Yet other teams corners are allowed to touch, pull and get physical with our wideouts well past 5 yards. I hope Dan brings this up with Rich McKay. We get called for the tackiest things man.
  7. Because Ryan hasn't, for some reason, been consistent with connecting on those intermediate and deep throws unless the receiver is completely open. Last year he was connecting with receivers regularly 20 yards downfield as long as they have a step on two on them. Ryan can't throw a deep go route or anything deep with a receiver beating his man by a step near the sidelines. Everything isn't on Matt but one cannot help but notice, he has been off this year. He is back to Mr Dink and Dunk status.
  8. Do you think Dan needs to take over the playcalling again like he did last year?
  9. Mine did the same after the update. I had to call the falcon customer support line to fix this problem. For some reason, the update caused my Falcons account to change to inactive. They had to make my account active on their end after resetting the password on their end. I haven't had any more problems since. Hope that helps. Their number is 855-222-3267
  10. Does this mean Vic moves back to LEO if Campbell switches to SAM?
  11. Wow..that's a huge compliment. I don't know how involved our FS is in the scheme compared to most since, according to my limited knowledge of X's and O's, they're supposed to be the last line of defense. I saw too many times last season in which I wished Ricardo could have mad a strong enough tackle to prevent the ball extra yards from being gained before the ball carrier falls. We need someone to complement Neal in that sense. Ball hawking with some wood laying ability. I think we are going to need that to crack the top 5. Just about all the top 5 to 10 defenses have free safeties with such abilities. Rico is solid but he doesn't jar the ball loose or stop ball carriers from picking up that extra yard upon contact. This is just my fan observation.
  12. Does he also lay the wood?
  13. Yes I'm with you. It will be nice to have two freakishly athletic ends going up against offenses with mobile qbs like Rodgers, Russell and Cam. They wouldn't have any idea which of the two will be falling back in coverage to spy. We were very fortunate that Beasley didn't have any significant injuries last year. He was, sometimes, the reason Cam and Rodgers couldn't go wild on us after breaking loose from the pocket.
  14. I just hope which ever safety we get out of all the board's favorites can also bring the hammer like Neal. Kam Chancellor isn't the only safety that brought the boom on many tackles, so did Earl Thomas. I still get chills over the clean thundering hit he put on Gronk that sidelined him for the rest of the season. Rico is a solid tackler but just doesn't bring the boom that will complement Neal and the rest of the defense. I just wan't an instinctive, athletic ball hawk that can also lay some wood. I know there is only one Earl Thomas and don't watch college football as frequently as I should. With that said, which free safety has all those traits?
  15. Yes. Bruce Irvin was also a part time LEO as well wasn't he?