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  1. It's more than just DQ's philosophy. It's TD's lack of urgency in stacking competitive depth instead of staying par for the course hoping every draft picks naturally make that magic leap every year. I seriously hope the same thing that happened to Mike Smith doesn't happen to DQ because of TD's cap loving, non aggressive free agent supplementing ahzz. He tends to have one or two strong drafts during the early tenure of a new coach on ly to get overconfident in his drafting ability by passing on competitive talent during free agency. I like DQ. I hope he stays. If the team starts to trend down in the next few seasons, I hope they let TD go instead of DQ. At least we know DQ can coach and call his own defensive plays when someone isn't getting it done. Mike SMith never grabbed the playcalling from Mike Nolan.
  2. 3. Pass Rush. This is Dimitroff fault because of his infatuation with bargain shopping as if he is smarter than everyone in the league. He worries too much about managing the cap space.
  3. And our very special teams.
  4. Dimitroff had been asleep at the wheel since the off season. He has always been slow to react because he is too worried about having cap space next year to keep our core. This was actually the season to make the splash and he missed twice. Now we're paying for it. Every nfl season is different. You can never have enough quality depth when you are already fielding a strong enough roster.
  5. Who do you have in mind?
  6. There is just no way the front office and Quinn don't see that our line had been underperforming. Ive been so frustrated with things Dimitroff bargain shopping for dline talent these past two seasons because of this "keeping your own" idea he has been married to
  7. Uhh I don't know if you are aware but our d line's pass rush is equivalent to third string starting level as well.
  8. I know Takk helps but even with him in, we still don't have a competent pass rush. If playoff level qbs continue to have infinite amount of time to throw, it wouldn't matter who is playing in the secondary. Saints defense was bad as well but the have cam Jordan to cause enough disruption to give them drive ending opportunities. Could you say that about ours even with Ricardo and kazee out there? Until Thomas Dimitroff wakes the **** up and get someone serious to complement our pass rush, we will continue to see this kind of performance from our defense all season. Takk and Vic don't even close to being average for a pass rush. We need a star.
  10. I wholeheartedly agree peyton. This is going to be the second coaching regime under Thomas Dimitroff in which he builds a solid roster good enough to contend only to skimp on pass rush. Calais Campbell was available at one point, so was Mike Bennett and Khalil mack. Yet we are never players for them because he is too worried about cap space. He is too arrogant for my liking. This was the year to make a splash on the dline and he whiffed again because "we have to keep our core" mantra is constantly on repeat in his head. Im tired of wishing for pass rush year after year with this team. Imagine if we'r had a solid pass rush to go with the defense the last two years, things would have been different.
  11. It would've helped if we had a pass rush. Dimitroff dropped the ball with not going after Mack or Mike Bennett.
  12. Lol I take it you don't think Brian Hill can act as a goal line back? He looked physical enough for me in the Bengals preseason games.
  13. What about Brian hill? I am tired of one defender being able to bring Freeman down in tight spaces. He rarely falls forward for that extra yard or two.
  14. Still shocked we didn't trade for Bennett. This front office just doesn't prioritize rushing the passer enough to me. They need to reevaluate this keeping our own mantra they keep shooting every off season. Last time we had a decent pass rush was when a declining freeney was here. Can you imagine the wonders Bennett could do for Takk, Vic, Jarret, and Senat's pass rush understanding? We are always bargain shopping around the league when we need to be making a list for sacrificial lambs in the event game changers become available. We are at that point in our roster development. I really hope Takk and Vic wake the heck up.
  15. I hope the new and improved Brian hill can take the backup spot to Coleman. I think he can be a good short yardage and goal line back.