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  1. Your inner FFS1970 is strong in this post🤣
  2. Heck no. I'm Nigerian. I know they definitely aren't.
  3. I really think someone or a group should start a business similar to pff for grading coaching and play calls. Maybe Vel, PMF, KOG, Ergo can team up for that. FfS1970 can create a PFF version for GMs. Not joking. I'm dead serious. Maybe we can pool capital together to get started.
  4. Had no idea about him. If the reporter that changed his name to Lombardi can get a GM job with Cleveland Browns, I hope Riddick can get a shot somewhere. Mike Mayock also got the GM job with the raiders. Until there is enough diversity amongst the team owners, the Rooney Rule can only help so much.
  5. I will promote Ulbrich to head coach. Demote Dirk and promote the wide receivers coach to replace him. We've already seen what Knapp, Raheem, and Dirk can do. I'm tired of retreads. It wouldn't hurt to see first timers calling the shots.
  6. I think we already have the pieces on offense ready to go. The offensive line and receivers. We need to hire someone from the chiefs or 49ers. Then allow them to hire their defensive coordinator to build that side of the ball from scratch. It will be the fastest turnaround that still allows us to somewhat salvage the back end of Julio and Matt era.
  7. Our Dline didn't look good after he left is what I was implying. If Grady can't go, I can see them being able to run down our throats. I really wish we could have traded for Calais Campbell instead of Hurst. Kotter barely uses him.
  8. Is Grady playing? He was hurt for the rest of the 4th last Sunday?
  9. If you look around the league, 30 points isn't enough and not many teams are maintaining leads in week 3. It came down to whichever team and their main player executing in those moments. Stats aren't reflective of those moments. The plays were there in week 3. No first downs the last 4 drives before they took the lead. The plays were there. Ryan didn't deliver. As a leader and "elite" player, he is often not capitalizing on moments. Not all is his fault, but when opportunities are there, I have no faith in him. I do wish we got him a good coordinator that's not a retread. Shanahan was th
  10. I agree. Strangely enough, I felt we almost turned the corner yesterday. We almost put a complete game together for the first time all season. We were one clock eating drive or one deep pass connection to Z from getting that first win. We are almost there. Now I don't know what to expect for our next game with our injury riddled defense that barely had enough talent to begin with. Luckily saints are losing as well. The season isn't lost but we have to learn to finish from coaching on down. We're almost there. If we get there, I just hope we aren't 1-7 again before we hit the
  11. While you are right about that, they sure made more than enough plays yesterday to allow our offense to put the game away all second half. 3 interceptions and keeping them held at 10 more majority of the game before injuries and fatigue kicked in due to the offense going 3 and out for the rest of 3rd and 4th quarter is amazing. They did their job more than well enough for our offensively constructed team to score and put the game away. You can look at stats but i look at moments. The offense had more than enough moments to eat the clock if they don't at least score. Defense never got a
  12. I understand what you are getting at. The bears defense loaded up to make sure to stop the run. We would have gone 3 and out running the ball as well. They were going to take their chances with Ryan beating them. The primitive were there on the last 4 drives before they took the lead to even complete a first down. He could not connect on those deep throws. I don't like Dirk as well. His play calling leaves a lot to be desired. I thought he called enough good passing plays that Ryan had to give his receiver a chance to catch our draw a interference. He didn't. He had many opportunities to
  13. In this game the defense, considering they are on the cheap side of the budget, played almost as well as I've ever seen them play till the consecutive 3 and outs for the rest of the fourth quarter broke them. He didn't need to be perfect for this game. He just had to complete a deep throw for a first down on any of those drives in the 4th. Of course keep making him seem like a victim. I would have agreed with you the first 2 but this one should have been pulled out by him if he even made a first down or 2.
  14. Which play to z actually because there were 2 of them. The one where he beat his defender on the right side of the field only for Matt to over throw him or the deep middle possible touchdown? There was a drive where Dirk ran it twice and wanted to keep the chains moving by throwing on 3rd. Are you suggesting they should have run it on 3rd and long for the sake of eating the clock? They were loading up on us to stop the run dating Matt to beat us. The plays were there to be made. Keep staring in your foggy mirror. It's good to not want to see what's there.
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