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  1. I wish I could give you a life time of likes. I'm laughing so hard, i can't feel my face anymore
  2. Lol....I just don't understand some of these conservatives. I share their views on certain things but it's as if they pick and choose when they want to follow the bible and when the choose to stand by the constitution.
  3. So what do you think about corporate welfare? Or do you think welfare only applies to ppl in lower socioeconomic class than you?
  4. I think we also need to pick up another Devondre Campbell sized linebacker next year along with playmaking free safety. This defense is so close. Its just a consistent pass rush away from being a top five defense.
  5. I love the way the defense had been trending up even more the past few weeks. I prefer Devondre to remain at weak side because he complements pool and deion well. I wonder what's going to happen when duke returns from short term IR.
  6. I was just using that opportunity to ask about his overall performance on the other side of the ball since the defense balled out.
  7. I'm Happy for Poe's first sack of the season. Even though I often saw Jarret with most of the inside pressure, can you tell me if he truly had a great game to those of us with untrained eyes and what kind of day he actually had? Thanks man
  8. I agree but part of that has also been due to the unfavorable field position when the offense turns the ball over. Would Dallas had even gotten 7 points yesterday without that gift from the Sanu drop ( which I thought was pass interference)?
  9. I know. That's why I stated I was just speculating.
  10. Here is the thing. When everyone heard Dirk and Mularkey were going to consult with Ryan to tailor the offense to what he is 'comfortable' with, the offense usually started stalling towards the end of the year since playoff defenses were better prepared to take those 'comfortable' things that Ryan likes to do away. Kyle was the first coordinator that didn't do such thing. He was going to call his offense regardless of what critics thought and make Ryan work on the weak areas of his game that past coaches neglected so he can expand the play calling for him. It made Ryan have the season of his life. Ryan hadn't looked that good since his rookie year. He was fearless and consistently making throws we hadn't seen from him from a long time. All of us know what Ryan is capable of. We all want the best for him. Personally, I don't think we should be having coordinators shrink the playbook for Ryan all cuz is what he likes ( I'm just speculating ). We need coordinators to work on the plays that Ryan has the most difficulties with the most so other parts of his game will grow to the point he can rely on those skills when they are needed the most. I'm tired of the coddling. Push him to make those throws.
  11. I understand that. I have always thought Matt was always best suited for the WCO because that's what he ran back in college. You also have to look at the reason why those coordinators never lasted ling enough in Atlanta. The same thing that's happening now with our offense sputtering in second halves to eventually being too impotent to score led to Mularkey and Dirk not being re-signed. Matt had a part to do with it. Those coordinators catered the offense to what Matt was comfortable with instead of getting him to work on his less frequent throws like back shoulder, go route, fade, and jump balls. Sometimes playoff level defenses don't make many mistakes. Ryan has to throw Julio open with a back shoulder or a 50/50 ball for Julio to make a play on a go route when they single him up at any point in the field. He did this with Roddy a lot and at times with Tony Gonzalez even when he was triple covered. What's the excuse with Julio? That was why I was happy Shanahan brought all those things out of Matt. Matt was making throwing deep with confidence last year even when the windows were small.
  12. I think we will have to give Sark and Ryan a second year together. Ryan is having the same problems this year as his first year with Shanahan. Sark has not been as dynamic as Shanahan but the plays have definitely been there for Ryan to make. His accuracy is off, leaving lots of plays on the field and his head seems to be swimming trying to adjust to all the wrinkles and concepts Sark has integrated into last year's playbook. Matt can turn it around this season if the light comes on. It seems as if something might have clicked for him during that 4th quarter scoring drive. We still have a shot to turn this season around but I think Matt will rise again next season if Ryan continues at this pace. I also hope Sark continues forcing Matt to grow his game like Kyle did. Under Kyle, Matt threw more back shoulder throws, go route passes, and jump balls for Julio in one season than any other time I could remember with other coordinators since his rookie year under Mularkey with Roddy White. Matt is a monster of a player in this WCO if he is pushed to work on those throws he isn't frequently used to making. He has it in him. The last thing I want is to have Sark join us to only run plays Ryan is "comfortable" with. Ryan needs to continue to be pushed.
  13. Look at him making back shoulder throws and other throws in small windows. Wish we had a QB that could do that.
  14. Does this mean letting Tyson Jackson go was also a bad move?
  15. Its not just the OCs to blame. Someone is throwing those balls. Jameis Winston has no problem finding Mike Evans including in the end zone. Kyle Shanahan was the only one that pushed Ryan out of his comfort zone to work on those throws he doesn't make frequently (fade, back shoulder, hitting Julio on go routes, etc.). All that has disappeared this year. It's strange he never had much problem targeting Roddy with different throws that allowed Roddy to make a play on the ball including 50/50 balls in the end zone but seems to always forget to use Julio the same way. I'm confused.