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  1. Thanks. Haven't heard of him. Didn't even know we had him on the roster.
  2. Lol I didn't know we had a ryan neal on the roster. Thanks
  3. It will even be sweeter if we are able to restructure levitre to free up a lot of cap space to sign a very good guard to pair with him. Draft best offensive lineman that can play both tackle and guard at 14 then let wes, fusco and Ty duke it out for the last spot.
  4. Thank you for pointing this out vel. That's why I stated I won't be worried about that side of the ball at all next season. He has shown me enough in Seattle when he took Gus defense from very good to very great. He took the playcalling duties and title away from the previous guy in 2016 and transformed a middling defense starting 5 rookies (I think) to playing top 10 by seasons end and through out playoffs. Some are criticizing him for the defense giving up points in the second half during that year but I just thought it was because of lack of pass rush, rookies learning to handle success and growth in the scheme. If coach Quinn can get pass rush out of the dline with the matured players he has acquired and groomed, we will definitely be in the top 5 next year. Welcome back Quinn. He is finally done helping his friends. He is now in the 'if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself' mode.
  5. I would like to see how they look under Quinn as defensive coordinator. Remember how our rookies and defender looked before and after Quinn took it over midseason in 2016? Now that Marquand is gone, let's see how they look next season.
  6. If McCoy gets signed, does that mean grady play the nose?
  7. To be honest, I don't think the secondary is that bad. I just think marquand Manuel wasn't that good. Under him, it seemed as if everyone regressed from last year except for grady Jarrett. I think you will see drastic change in the style of play from our secondary now that Quinn is back to putting his stamp on it. The other factor is getting the pass rush riddle solved. We need better dline play overall.
  8. Haven't been following him much. Is he still very good? Do you think he will be excellent for our defense? I was hoping we either get sheldon Richardson or Muhammed wilkersons ( former jets lineman).
  9. I like how DQ is never satisfied. He has an insatiable thirst to make the necessary changes and tweaks to bring the vision of the type of team he has to mind to life despite the stats and accolades.
  10. I would like to believe that but for some reason asides from Shanahan in 2016, we've not been able to find good coordinators that don't fizzle out during Ryan's tenure. 2017 defense was more than good enough, yet sark/Ryan couldn't put it in the end zone against philly to win the game.
  11. To be honest, I don't get the feeling Quinn put himself on the hot seat. Heck with Arthur blanks patience, I don't think he views it that way either. The team shows they will play for Quinn till the end win or lose. Something you couldn't say about coach Smith. Asides from 2015 (his transitional year), this is Quinn first losing season. He is evolving as a coach and has such a clear vision for his personnel and style of play that he now understands he is the only one that can make that side of the ball play the way he likes. That's all I took from it. He is done helping his friends. He is taking over now.
  12. Wow. That's such a huge endorsement of him compared to what I've heard from my few Seahawks fans. What makes you believe that?
  13. I agree as long as he gets the defense playing top 5 or 10. Which I know he will. I'm not even worried about the defense next year now that he knows he has to take it over.
  14. My bad. Didn't pay attention the dates. Still looking forward to a trench heavy draft.