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  1. Now im wishing we could have been the ones that had traded for Calais Campbell instead. We would have been set with him and Fowler on our team now. Now this puts even more pressure on TD to be near perfect in the draft.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree. I am hoping for this. It will be a nightmare to pair him with Jarrett. God I hope this happens.
  3. Are there any dline you like in FA. I am a huge fan of Calais Campbell. I think him next to Grady will be more terrifying for our defense in the sense that it will make Takk and whomever we draft opposite of him look competent.
  4. Which safeties and DL do you have in mind? Do you think we should get our playmakers in FA instead? If so, who would you target? I have a feeling we will at least bring in a high priced defensive FA for the first time.
  5. Lol I like your style. You say so much with so little. Let me rephrase. Which position group, defensively, has the most playmakers in this year's draft?
  6. Who do you consider playmakers in the draft that could bolster the defense?
  7. For the type of cover 2 defense Morris will be deploying, do we still need a true strong safety?
  8. Over Calais Campbell?
  9. Excellent write up OP! To be honest, I hope we go boom or bust to get Calais Campbell. I wanted him when he was leaving Arizona and still want him now. I think him being paired up with Grady will make Takk adrian Cominsky and whomever we draft look above average. If it means letting Hooper go, im not shedding tears. It's amazing that the staff has been able to get solid results from the defense with the little amount of cap allocated to that side of the ball. When they get their act together they play like a top 5 or top 10 defense. Yet with all the money the offense consumes, with the exception of Kyle's time here, they always underperform. That's why I don't mind losing Hooper. I think we are much closer to being elite on the defensive side of the ball in terms of performance and team impact than on offense despite it having elite talent. Let's tip the cap balance towards the defense for once under Quinn and get him some game changers for once. Im tired of trying to get every toy and every thing perfect for Ryan. Let's get this team a defense that can be carried by game changers.
  10. Do you think he has the patience to play single high? I also think raheem Morris taking over the defense, he might prefer having 2 interchangeable safeties instead of strictly a box and free safety like in Dan's regular scheme. I think Rico showed well at strong safety last season. His play recognition is excellent and made more impact there. I don't know what to make of kazee but I think he is a better safety than corner. Who do you think Delpit replaces?
  11. You've been mentioning his name a lot. I don't follow college football much but is the play maker we've been needing at the safety position? In the championship game, the few times I noticed him was closer to the line of scrimmage. Which safety position do you think he is more suited for in our defense?
  12. Thanks. For comparison sakes, would he be a younger version of what we have in Bailey?
  13. What's his strength? What position along the line do you think best uses it? Is he even a fit for what we do defensively?
  14. Sure would have been nice for Shanahan to run the ball to seal the victory in the 4th quarter of the superbowl though. What variables played in to him calling pass plays with an injury riddled offensive line that held up enough to help Matt get us to field goal range few times? Side note: I will welcome Shanahan with open arms without hesitation. Best coordinator Matt has ever had.
  15. Can we get a red zone coordinator for Dirk as well?