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  1. Really? Then that means Quinn must really want to Devondre to transition to SLB. Heck if it wasn't for Duke subpar play at Will, Devondre wouldn't have had to move back there causing Vic to move back to SLB. I haven't seen this guy play but if you and several other prominent posters are on board with this, then he must be worth it. Gotta go check out some videos and scouting profiles. Hope this rumor has some legs to it.
  2. I respect what you're saying Marla. I truly understand your points. I can see both sides. Lines have to be drawn as to at what period of the pregnancy the cut off line is and under what reasonable conditions aborting a child should be approved. With that said Marla, the problem I have with those against abortion is what to do with the unwanted children especially when you are part of a party that frowns upon welfare? The number of children born, abandoned, or not able to be cared for will always out weigh those that are able to adopt. Also the foster care system can only do so much without enough government assistance.
  3. Would you compare him to Tyreke Evans? Raw but fast and explosive?
  4. LOL I don't know what to make of your posts but you got me holding my stomach laughing.
  5. I will join y'all if we can add senior execs of Equifax, Wells Fargo, and the big banks to the list. I will probably be the first one drunk by the time we get to the end of the list.
  6. Speaking of golden parachutes, something needs to be done about CEOs being able to lay off employees during down times of the business so that they can still collect their bonuses. Especially if the reason the company isn't performing well is because of their decisions. The regular employees don't get to experience wage increase when the company is doing well but the CEOs and the board always do.
  7. As long as it's prison. It bothers me that these guys ruin lives on a massive scale but don't get to see the walls of a prison. I view it on the same scale of mass shooting. A lot of families lost their homes, lives and their jobs ball in 2008 at the expense of these banks. A lot of families committed suicides but they get bailed out without prison time by Bush and Obama. But if someone is selling or doing drugs, that person is treated like the worst scum on earth and taken to prison. If a teller steals some money from a bank register, they will be punished harshly. Yet if senior management of these banks are doing shady business while stealing from all their customers, nothing happens. I'm tired of these special interest and corporate welfare hacks we have been having as presidents from both sides.
  8. Its just amazing to me that Madoff and this guy can get prison sentencing but the CEO of Equifax and Wells Fargo along with the CEOs of big banks responsible for the economic collapse of 2008 get off without prison time. Smdh
  9. Can you imagine we we could have had Willy Mo now as the free safety paired up with Keanu at SS under Dan Quinn?
  10. Aides from Ty competing for a guard position, does anyone thing Paztor has a shot at pushing one of our tackles?
  11. Is it you prefer Campbell at WLB or he wasn't the right fit at SLB?
  12. Kubiak perhaps?
  13. Great job OP. I really hope we keep Ty Sambrillo and Austin Paztor in the mix for competition this off-season. I like the idea of Ty moving to guard if Wes loses the training camp battle. Schreader needs to be challenged by Austin as well. Can't wait for the off-season and the possibilities.
  14. Would you have preferred chip Kelly instead of Sark? According to off-season reports, Quinn was eyeing these 2 guys. I don't remember Chip ever running a west coast system. Maybe that was why he made the choice to go with Sark instead. Do you think Chip could have done a better job?
  15. I wish I could give you a life time of likes. I'm laughing so hard, i can't feel my face anymore