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  1. The man is a falcon again and we should root for him and our team at kickoff time. I see why people are upset, but he's our player. Lol, it's not like he pulled a stunt like Robinson before the super bowl. You wanna talk about not liking a player? After that day, I lost my beloved Boston T named "Brutus" and had to go to the azz doctor the next day. You talk about a guy you didn't want to look at wrong...Me. Thanks E.R.

    Dammm bro, that is rough ...would be kind of funny if not for the dog, real sorry about ole Brutus....sad.png

  2. Man he must really hate Jimmy Graham.

    It's also unlikely the Seahawks would be willing to trade Bennett without receiving big-time compensation in return. By trading him, they would incur a $12 million cap acceleration in dead money, which is $4 million more than the charge they'd have by keeping him.

    Also unclear is how much Bennett's unhappiness is tied to the arrival of tight end Jimmy Graham. A year ago, Bennett called the newly minted Seahawk "overrated" among other derisive adjectives.

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