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  1. not 14 but i played 8. Vic beasley plays football as a linebacker this team needs a defensive end. We just beought in 2 linebackers and drafted 4 last year. The DE we brought in is on a 1 year deal. If you think that the leo doesnt stop the run, you are just sadly mistaken mr 14 year football player. This team needs an all around player with the #8 pick. Beasley is a nice piece to have. But he doesnt project to help on the run game period. You have to stop the run to be in position to rush the passer. Quinn wants long athletic players at the leo, and gregory fits that as much as fowler does

    Complete BS, you have no fkng clue, what you are even talking about.....if you do not think Beasley is capable of helping to build a wall from sideline to sideline and cover the run in a bubble as a LEO you need to rethink, you talk like he will taking on OGs instead of wide responsibilty vs. the run when he bumps down, WTF man, way you think might as well put Tjax there ....

  2. i guess you think beasley is a 1st down run stopper... i think you need to research football more than silly sigs

    I played football for 14 years bro, how long did you play ? ....or are you just a MB wonder that buys into so called conventional wisdom, matrixes and metrics that are parroted ad nauseum ? gifs are stellar by the way, I work hard at

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  3. This is why he was rated number 1 months earlier then all the fluff comes about how deep the draft is, Gregory and Fowler have most upside, Beasley has potential but there is too much of a question about keeping on that wieght plus his short arms, and he was reading the qb cadence - doesnt matter the scouts know this, Gregory is not dropping to the Saints. Vics advantage is going to shrink massively in the pros, it helps if he can hold his wieght Gregory is the based all around though. period. and has been since last year, because the tape doesnt lie.

    Complete BS.........

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  4. This was my experience as well. Currently in Sec 136. My seats were 20K each where I would be paying 12K a year for 13 years for 8 weeks of entertainment. During the session,I was insulted and challenged as to why I wouldn't commit. On top of my personal agent indicating he was unavailable to take my meeting and delegated me to one of his peers and while putting my deposit down to be in line for tickets in other seats, my personal agent was hanging out in the back.

    I left heartbroken and feeling unimportant and something was wrong with me cause I couldn't thrown down that kind of money.

    Should have spit in his eye......

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  5. I would for sure consider using you when/if I have the need.....would depend on North Georgia being in your range, price etc. could maybe meet you halfway and pick up the food, easier on us both....I know where this thread is at if I need you....your prices should be reasonable since you don't have big overhead......I like the look of your smoked meats and home made sausage very much....