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  1. Gonna try some pan seared sashimi grade Ahi tuna and fresh scallops tonite with corn on the cob and a Spinach salad, hot french bread. Gonna rub the seafood in Coriander, lemon zest, ginger, pepper and sea salt.. Got a nice mushroom infused olive oil for frying. Hope to cook them just right with a thin pink center. Got a white wine from Spain to go with it.

  2. sounds **** good. Id go with a different steak just because it is way too easy to overcook mignon on a skewer. Just my 2 cents though

    You can use any steak bro, with the tenderloins just make sure they kind of em with those little rock lobsters too... just finished them up, were awesome and pretty EZ to fix, i do these sometimes on game day and everyone is always thrilled, I tell them bring some good wine and I will cook, usually brings in a couple good vintages LOL ....

  3. I'm doing some seafood and steak skewers....take small filet mignons and peeled deveined Xtra Jumbo shrimp. Season your steaks and shrimp like you like it. Pack a shrimp tight to the side of the filet and skewer it crossways. I do about 3 minutes one side, 1 and a half minutes other side on smoking hot grill and usually perfect medium rare - medium . I usually serve these with seasoned grilled asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and hot crusty bread. I make a Tarragon butter sauce to drizzle over the steak and taters. You can use small lobster tails instead of the shrimp as well. Never had a complaint with this meal LOL ...

  4. Can I just brag a little bit. I know Tyson Jackson wasn't a popular guy when he was first brought up, but I think he is a sleeper signing for us. Not many people watched the Chiefs and his stats don't pop out, but the guy was a very good run defender and eats double teams. Paired with Soliai, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't allow a single 100 yard rusher this year.

    LOL ! Vel you da man .......nostradamus2.jpg

  5. Yea I didn't agree with the Goodman pick until the season started. He is very good in run defense and is a solid interior pass rusher. Adding another player like him would give us depth there vs playing a squatty DT like we had to do. I knew Maponga and Mass were ideal fits as edge rushers, but I didn't think Bartu was an ideal SLB but he fits the description and characteristics.

    Also, I think this ends any trade up talk for Clowney if it costs too much. He can only play limited snaps because he can't cover. Kahlil Mack is the ideal Leo at 6 and could even play the SAM. That's also why we would be interested in Barr as well. I think Donald is the perfect 3rd & long 3T in this defense as well. A guy like Cox will be screaming for him if he is there. It's also the perfect draft for DTs because they all won't go in the first. One of the top 5 will be there at our second pick (Nix, Tuitt, Hageman, Jernigan, Donald). I also think this NT class is pretty deep (D. Jones, Carrethers, Ellis) excluding McCullers, who doesn't require double teams despite his size. It's a match made in heaven draft for us.

    Man that is truly a great point, no doubt second round is where we should get our DT, I see Mack Robinson or Matthews at #6 and one of those DTs round 2. I would also like tp pick up another DT perhaps a guy like Zac Kerr around the 6th round.
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  6. I think for the rest of the half it tightened their play up. They didn't loosen back up til the 2nd half. Actually the penalty was on Willie Mo. They didn't call it on Zont.

    I thought it was both of them LOL.....penalty was fkng lame to say the least ....I think it did kill our buzz a little, but I dont think it had a major effect on the outcome or anything .....