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  1. Man, how many times does that make for him? lol. I assume he is LouDog right? He's had several names, I lose track. I know he's not liked but overall he's a good guy, he just gets bent out of shape easily and that's like blood in the water to some around here and it goes sideways fast. I'm sure he's already back on here, lol

    I always liked LouDog, these new mods are some power hungry ban happy little girlies IM\HO ....very very obvious they are ate up with their own power/importance etc...... freaking pathetic actually....

  2. H e l l I guarantee quite a few fans here have been fans so since the Rounfield era or before I know i have. Watched them lose to the then Bullets in 78 and 79 playoffs when they Bullets had Wes Unseld, Big E, Elvin Hayesand Bobby Dandridge. The thing is when you go through all those games, 82 a year and year after year and then the playoffs come around and all of sudden Mo Cheeks, Sidney Moncrief or Larry Legend, not to mention the fooking Pistons end your season it a little bit like a kick in the nuts. Yea I left I left the board last night, but i was flipping back and forth to game as they came back and caught Horford's lay in live. I don't want it too but sometimes this chit bothers me that you have to let it out, its therapeutic and you are just metaphorically adjust your nut sack for the possible kick to them LOL.

    I understand completely LOL ! laugh.png

  3. I'm trying to figure out what was so bad about this particular thread. I mean yeah we were whiny but scrolling through this is pretty par for the course. It's got nothing on Nets game 4 (which was hidden in a general playoff thread) or Wizards game 3 threads.

    I think you were just frustrated you couldn't respond to the bullchit

    yep, yep, may have been the game 3 thread...........sad.png


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