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    Atlanta Falcons- Atlanta Hawks- enough said. haha oh and i like writing.
  1. Hockey is stupid jsut like minny is. they troll and troll, thats all you alll do. the ducks sucked they never deserved to win any of those moivies. stupid minny
  2. go jerk off to a snow boarding video or something, because that is the only thing that you snowballin freaks like to do. so go suck on a egg and blow some snow. i'll see you cone blowin' mo fo's on sunday! peace! FALCONS SON!
  3. yes in deeeeeeeeed! we are coming to play minny! so close to the playoffs, so close to closing the door on past failures.... we the Falcons are one motavated squad! GO BRIDS!
  4. Bart Simpson.... lame GO FALCONS! :P you viking fans are fun
  5. Ryan hasn't been benched yet! Jackson is going to be running for his life alot this game! Falcons son!
  6. Coy is the man. we got some ball players on our sqaud!!! but that block did make me wanna throw my beer at the tv
  7. Yeah lack of a fan base. we are few but proud! im glad thye got in too. they both deserve the trip. i'm sure they are going to bring back memories to tell the guys about the trip to make everyone else work next season. its a huge accoplishment for them to make it to the probowl. Abe knows that(he HAS been three times already). Abe knows he deserves it, but also knows that its not a guareentee. he is a hard worker and i know this isnt going to bother him, just fuel him.
  8. Come what may vikinig fans but they know abe is a beast and so does everyone else . oh he knows its on tv and allen knows what school they both went too(Slamma-qb- tech). Abe is going to work that o-line and show the whole NFL what a DE can be! and as for sam... haha if he is healthy.... I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE BAKER ON ALLEN! one word... VANDERBOSH... look him and baker up . LETS GO FALCONS! WE CAN DO THIS!!!
  9. Ok i could go back and read this to find out but why not just ask? haha Was Pollard in N.E. While TD was there? Maybe TD got to know him or saw him play or something? just throwing it out there.
  10. i see there is a reason your not in the 24 hour rule club. and i see forlumator, or however you spell it, you came out your wood shed to reer your head. cant say i missed ya. But to the rest of the falcons fans, focus.... one game at a time baby!
  11. Boley will start it out. I think they will split time. Coy is a ball hawk. he over commits sometimes but has good recovery speed. Coy will get his shots at AP and Taylor thats for sure.
  12. If a thread is off topic then let it slide to the back, lets show these "viking fans" that we are focused baby! Nothing but trash talking about them and very well written articles about them. we can do this AFMB. No talk of next week untill this week is over! GO FALCONS 10-5 HERE WE COME!
  13. notice to everyone: you will be called a tool by me and hopefully alot of others if you mention going 11 and 5 before the game. 24 hour rule is in affect. lets concentrate on purple fools! go falcons! T L
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