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  1. I strongly dislike you. I thought you were amusing at first, for about 2 days, then I quickly learned you have absolutly nothing to contribute to football conversation because you have very little football knowledge. As far as the 9-7, I agree. Our defense kept us in so many games last season, if we had just had Redman for the whole year and Hue Jackson was actually running the offenseI think we could have won about 5 more games. The oline was still pretty horrid though. The defense fell off at the end of the season, but it was because the offense couldn't stay on the field all year and they were exausted. You done lost your **** mind.
  2. I pay everyday that you'll learn how to turn caps lock off. I will keep praying. you pay who ????
  3. Why don't you stay on there then?
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