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  1. I think this is his last season whether he makes or he breaks it. There are certain areas we have to be conscious of money, value, what can we replace him with etc. If a Drew Davis could unseat him we could save money. If HD has a make it type year, which is the best scenario, we can trade him for a pick, or just not have to resign him to more money and use that for FA defensive player, and still easily replace him with a good 2-4th round type pick. There have been a ton of great 3rd wr's, slot guys drafted in the middle rounds. No reason we can not do that. Best scenario for me is for HD to h
  2. The Falcons did exactly what I said they would do, I was off on my predictions and knew I would be if they chose this route. They went a lot of high risk high reward picks, guys from small schools, or guy's that did not play a lot, guys that Grade very well but nobody knows a lot about throughout the draft. If you believe in your guys and your scouts, coaches, they will either be geniuses or idiots after this draft. This topic made me think of that. The Alford pick, Stanford TE, the whole draft minus Trufant(who did not play in the best division of college football as well) is guy's we proba
  3. Here is thing I wonder, I have not watched Trufant, but maybe he has better ball skills(interceptions) than most think, BUT, he is not feast or famine type guy always jumping routes etc, maybe the guy plays it like I wish a lot more of them did and #1 makes sure the wr does not get it, #2 pick it if you happen to pick it.
  4. I like the picks and to add to that, Trufant/Alford coming in under the tutelage of ASamuel and his mentality will go a long ways with their abilities. If these two youngsters have the same mind set as ASamuel, every ball thrown their way is a pick six, I think it is huge. It is a lot better than them coming in and not having that type guy to watch practice, to listen to the confindence, the friendly trash talk, the things that are said and the way a true CB is suppose to act when on the field to succeed, I would feel a lot worse not having an ASamuel on the team and the two youngster thinking
  5. Only one in there will not last where you have him for sure is Sean Porter. His stock is rising, he can play inside or outside, 3/4, or 4/3 scheme, very fast athletic, good size, shined at the combine and the senior bowl game, a lot of teams interviewing. He is one of my favorite, have been following him and Sio Moore, two I think we can get in 2nd, 3rd, maybe early 4 on Porter that are sleepers, under recognized careers but looking back great careers, shining, and great size, speed, athleticism, strength, going to be great Pro's, have both of them in my last mock After going through the mocks
  6. After going through the mocks, the scout reports, projections of the players, what other teams needs are, etc, I finally come up with a scenario I love myself. Although it could easily get shot down by some of you guys, here it is Trade out of 1st pick with Ariz Card who need a QB and will probably be fighting to move up and draft their QB. Get their 2nd and their 3rd. I think the value is there and it is very reasonable and a very good possibility and we might get more than that. 2nd - 7th, 30th 3rd - 7th, 30th 4th - 30th, comp 5th - 30th 6th - 30th 7th - 30th, comp, comp 11 picks If lucky en
  7. I know it was long, but you did not read into it, IF, we can not get over that hump this season and we lose a lot of key players and have a ton of wholes to fill again, I would rather take some younger star players in their PRIME and get two and three players for one to build through the draft the way you should build your team anyways. Maybe it does not have to be MRyan, we would get the most out of him, but take two or three great players before a draft projected to be very top heavy in the first three rounds and turn it into 6, 7, 8 players on each level of play, offensively and defensively
  8. Just wondering, if we come close again, end up losing a lot of veterans and having wholes across the board, say Samuel, Gonzalez, Umenyori, a couple others, what are we going to do if we have another draft with to many wholes to fill. Do you wait and see what we do in free agency, or just unload for a lot of future picks and build back up through the draft the next 3 or 4 years. I have always believed the best way to build a team is through the draft. As much as it hurts, when you get to a point you are just not going to get over that hump, use what you have to get multiple picks. 2 for one t
  9. Agree, and the type wr we need is 3rd wr possesion type wr or ones versatile enough to play special teams, we can get good ones in the 4th through 7th, Ace Sanders is who I want around 6th round, fits perfectly.
  10. I think the players to consider this year with all the wholes on D and needing a TE and OL on top of that is all the high risk players, snatch them up at high value and take a chance. CLemonier, DMoore, Montgomery, Lattimore, Mathieu as well a couple more inury guys not as bad like Carradine,
  11. Was thinking the same thing when reading and even both of them possibly falls to the early to mid second.
  12. I would rather draft D at #30, keep Konz at RG, and draft Barret Jones at C/G in the 2nd or 3rd round, to many defensive wholes
  13. Without a doubt. I would set up this draft to get primarily younger on D leaving an opening for the blockbuster trade next year. We are set for years at each level of the D besides one difference maker on the Dline imo. Moore and DeCoud at safety, Spoon at LB, Samuel CB, hope McClain keeps progressing - I really like him, Peters and Babi at DT, that is a good core group. Get us another good CB, LB, DL in this draft or through FA sprinkled with veterans like Osi, and next season we can afford to make a blockbuster trade to get Clowney. I would not mind trading a few picks and a couple players t
  14. Well, you know what I meant LOL, I would give anything to have Warmack, aint gone happen I know, but, there are years OG's fall around the end of 1st rounds, especially when the Draft has 3 or four QB's , loaded with CB's, OT's, DT's, DE's, it is funny when they make those runs, teams that have those needs panic and pass up pro bowl OC, TE's, etc. I got you though, think we on same page, I just hope I can come back one day and say I told you so on MHunt. I think he is going to be good. I like those foreigner types like that, seem to have the work ethic, hungry to make a name and represent wher
  15. I will take your word he is falling, I did not know that and just have not seen it, but I have backed off a little on keeping up with mocks, waiting til pro days and FA is about over. 1st to mid april I will be back on that pretty hard. If that is the case I hope like crazy he does fall to us and yes I would take him over Hunt.
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