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  2. Coulda been in a great spot to battle for 1st place...
  3. I thought it was obvi in the preseason that it should have been him instead of Ito, but what do I know?
  4. I know we have TONS of other needs now, but it’s way too tough to get a shot at a potential franchise QB to pass up if he’s still on the board for our 2nd round pick. Some are predicting he’ll go in the 3rd or 4th round, but I think teams have wisened up after watching Watson and Jackson fall in the draft then come out and ball. Gotta do it.
  5. I’m not sure why he stepped down or if he’s interested in GM’ing, but dude knows how to build a team. Anyone know what his deal or stated desire is?
  6. I see our only realistic win coming against the jags. That would be a catastrophic win for our draft scenario.
  7. Only if both picks were anticipated to end up as top 10 picks (read as from a real crappy team. oh wait...)
  8. Many of us questioned the move when TD brought you in. You quickly proved your value and will forever be remembered as a Falcons great. Thank you for everything you did for the red and black.
  9. This is how you play against lesser opponents. The Falcons love playing at the level of their competition. This year it’s gotten so bad that we can’t even do that, we’re just consistently outmatched.
  10. Too many ex-head coaches. Quinn is probably lost in the sauce looking for answers instead of owning this teams performance. Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians...
  11. LAUGHOUTLOUD. Blank plays favorites. He holds onto coaches and players too long. He doesn’t have to throw anyone under the bus, but he can let the truth that the current lack of success is unacceptable be known. Some of your snarky comments are hilarious and indicative of what this teams true problems are. Always tell the truth, always.
  12. Then he needs to speak truth to power. The corporate talk is what’s leading to empty seats (aside from the on field shlt show).
  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001067752/article/falcons-owner-arthur-blank-i-still-support-dan-quinn This is ridiculous. How can he even say those words? C’mon, man!!!