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  1. We took a TE at #4. NUMBER FOUR OVERALL!!! We did that because he has the potential to be the best that ever did it at TE. He's supposed to be the Julio of TE's! Are there guarantees? Of course not. Are there expectations? You bet your a$$ there are. If he's not better than Kelce halfway through his career then in no way was it worth the pick. Expectations are way too low if you're expecting Jared Cook to be the floor.
  2. Pitts was my pick at 4. In no way am I setting him up for failure, but I also didn't give him the "unicorn" nickname either. When I hear "unicorn", I'm thinking the guy will eventually become better than Kelce. That's why Kelce type production is the floor for me. I don't think Kelce is a unicorn, I just think he's awesome and the best doing it today. The original post was about value. Would you pick Kelce #4 overall knowing how we would turn out. You turned it into something else entirely.
  3. By no means am I implying that he will be like Kelce year 1. Of course not, he's a rookie and will need to develop. I'm talking about his long term production (i.e. floor). If he doesn't at least produce like Kelce, then he definitely won't be any type of "unicorn"...
  4. I think we can all agree that from an expectation standpoint, Travis Kelce type production is the floor for Kyle Pitts. With that being said, would you spend the 4th overall pick on Travis in the draft (knowing what you know now about the type of production we would have)? I'm stoked about the Pitts pick, BTW. Just curious on TATF thoughts on this.
  5. Reports of him wanting out of Seattle are continuing to heat up. We’ll see how real the talk is. Would you make a deal like this considering the cap ramifications (before you say it’s impossible, if they really wanted to, TF could find a way to make the numbers work - but it would still hurt us greatly)?
  6. What about the tale of two Arthur’s?...
  7. Really curious to see how Smith approaches the RB position. Who will he pound the table for? How much will he emphasize the need to bring in a stalwart asap? How much will he be in Fontenot’s ear? I’m excited to getting back to a dominant running game ala Turner to compliment our pass game. Imagine if we had that with our current WR lineup. Can’t wait to see what happens!
  8. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nor/draft.htm Outside of 2017, I’m not impressed at all with how the Saints have drafted. I know Fontenot wasn’t the main man there and if I understand correctly he was involved with pro personnel, but I’m a little worried. I know it’s late to be bringing this up, but I haven’t had much time to research until now. I’m kinda concerned. Def don’t want any Davenport type moves in the draft...
  9. Interesting to see TATF so welcoming of a swamp rat. Hopefully he’ll take a few showers to wash off the stench before his plane touches down...
  10. 1. Saints - Brees probably going to retire 2. Bucs - Brady for at least 1 more year 3. Panthers - Kinda stuck with Bridgewater 4. Falcons - Ryan’s still got a few years left NFL draft - There’s been a lot of spirited debate on the forum about taking a QB at #4. Hopefully we won’t be drafting this high again anytime soon, but if one of the top 3 QBs is there at 4 and we pull the trigger and groom him under Ryan, we could seriously have a chance at dominating our division for quite a while. Obviously, the other NFC South teams could try to move up in the draft or trade for a QB like Watson, but if not, we’d be in great shape if we hit on the QB we draft. I think we should do it at #4 UNLESS someone offers us something ridiculous to trade into our spot.
  11. Serious question: What is Arthur Smith without D. Henry?
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