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  1. Just remember what our TE situation was like between the time Gonzo retired and us drafting Hooper. Pretty rough...
  2. I would react well because I’d then trade JJ11 for 10 first rd picks and draft WR in the first for 10 enthralling years to come!...
  3. This is trash. Once again this organization has been fooled by garbage time end of season meaningless wins. We have to win games that MATTER. Poundsignnevergonnachange
  4. Per nfl.com One year ago, there were eight NFL head-coaching vacancies, and a whopping 34 coaches that we know of interviewed (or declined an interview) for those jobs. Each team has its own criteria, so the candidate list for one team may be totally different from that of another. Keeping in mind the possibility that there could be fewer openings this year, here's the (relatively) short list of names most likely to come up as interview targets this time around, listed alphabetically within each category, based on dozens of recent conversations with NFL executives and other peop
  5. Well done today, young man. Way to start showing some great progress.
  6. I don’t care what his final suspension ends up being. A 2nd and more if needed. Bring ‘em home, T... whoever ends up being in charge! Young and Garrett, FTW!!!
  7. Coulda been in a great spot to battle for 1st place...
  8. I thought it was obvi in the preseason that it should have been him instead of Ito, but what do I know?
  9. I’m not sure why he stepped down or if he’s interested in GM’ing, but dude knows how to build a team. Anyone know what his deal or stated desire is?
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