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  1. Wow, that was ugly. I had to change my screen name because it was “offensive”. Threads get locked up because people express complaints about this team. But this, THIS, is okay???...
  2. Whatever helps you hit that pillow, bud.
  3. He’s def lost a step, that’s for sure.
  4. Dude, they still suck. No way should this game have been this close. Half their players were hurt!
  5. He’s been praising the Falcons all night too.
  6. We’re losing to half a team. Let that sink in...
  7. Time to lock this thread up.
  8. Ryan’s playing for his home team. apologies in advance if that gets your thread locked.
  9. Guess we’re ****’d...
  10. It'll take a lot to resign Beasley too...
  11. Just in case we did include Beasley in a swap for Clowney, here's a side by side comparison of their production to date for a little context.
  12. Clownie to Atlantie. It was always meant to be.
  13. Everyone talking about Luck being a HOFer. There is NO WAY he is worthy and MR2 isn’t.
  14. Lookin’ like Chris Houston out there. Hopefully he’s just having a rough game...
  15. What a crock of shlt..,