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  1. Why hast thou awaken me?!...
  2. Rapoport noted on NFL Network's Good Morning Football that it might only take a second-round pick to pry the 27-year-old linebacker from K.C. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Chiefs are open to dealing Ford to a team with a better scheme fit for the right price. The Chiefsare switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense under new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. The edge rusher's one-year raise is absolutely deserving. After missing most of the 2017 season with a back injury, Ford had a career year in 2018, recording 55 tackles, 13 sacks and a league-high seven forced fumbles. With Kansas City likely to let Justin Houston go via trade or release, Ford is set to take up his mantle as the Chiefs' preeminent pass rusher. Ford is one of many pass rushers and front-seven studs to receive the tag on Monday; DeMarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, Grady Jarrettand Frank Clark were all tagged, as well. With Ford also off the board, Patriots defensive lineman Trey Flowers is the top remaining pass rusher, according to NFL.com's Top 101 Free Agents list. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001021064/article/chiefs-put-franchise-tag-on-pass-rusher-dee-ford
  3. Sacks are overrated...
  4. How could we make the $ work to have both?
  5. Word is Houston might not tag Clowney
  6. Is there any feasible way to make a trade happen given both of their situations?
  7. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGHOUTLOUD at the Saints!!!
  8. Really hating that the team put themselves in this draft position. The seasons failure is complete.
  9. Falcons ‘gon Falcon
  10. You don’t have to buy a PSL for a single game ticket, but you’ll pay an inflated ticket price to make up for the cost from the seller.
  11. Kazee needs to be starting.
  12. We could have easily packaged Vic and picks for Mack. That move alone would have been huge for this year.
  13. The team sure is doing a great job of that. I won’t change my sn until the suck stops being embraced. This is just pathetic. It feels like we built a billion dollar “Mercedes Benz” dome for the Saints to win the SB in. More than anything I’m disturbed by the inaction of making moves to bring in talent to offset the injuries. This was the year to go all in. This was THE year to go all in and win a SB at home. Sure woulda been nice...