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  1. The point is just for a quick comparison to gauge the value of focusing on JJ. And your screen name sux because we don’t have a super bowl, but guess what we do have?
  2. It seems that every couple of years, Brees is killing it with a new #1 receiver. I did a quick and dirty comparison to gauge Julio’s value. Results are below (I know it’s far from perfect and flawed, but I just wanted a quick comparison): 2011 Colston 1,143 Jones 959 2012 Colston 1,154 Jones 1,198 2013 Colston 943 Jones 41 (hurt) 2014 Stills 931 Jones 1,593 2015 Cooks 1,138 Jones 1,871 2016 Thomas 1,137 Jones 1,409 2017 Thomas 1,245 Jones 1,444 Totals (excluding 2013) NO 6,748 Jones 8,474 The difference is equal to an entire extra year of balling out hard ala 2015 in Julio’s favor. You determine the worth...
  3. Per Jerry Jones: “First of all, a true No. 1 you saw one the other night,” Jones said. “You see [Atlanta’s] Julio Jones, you see players like that. In my mind, every team doesn’t have a true No. 1 receiver. When you put it in that class, those guys that just absolutely change the ball game with where they are. And that hasn’t been our case for several years here that we’ve had a true No. 1, not a true No. 1.” What in Jerry’s world would he give up to get his mits on Julio “Jerry” Jones?...
  4. Quinn wins us a super bowl, he wins.
  5. What if that flash in a pan brought a Lombardi?
  6. The lack of “gates” at MBS is flat out pisspoor construction/planning.
  7. Don’t worry, we’ll get em next year...
  8. Could’ve packaged Vic for Mack for a start...
  9. It’s amazing to me how so many “fans” are okay with losing and “waiting til next year.” That’s just loving watching football. I want a f’ing championship!
  10. I love the little body falling from his hand.
  11. Dude, your sn is “Da Truth”. If you’re scared, then say you’re scared. But NEVER be scared of da truth. Embrace the suck!
  12. Anyone who defends what is going on is on the sauce !