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  1. If this happens, Dirk could be available as OC. We should def consider him... they also said Harbaugh may come back to the NFL.
  2. Are you a Falcons fan? If so, you suck too...
  3. I bet Cleveland makes that deal in a heartbeat too. They'll probably even throw in Kizer. We'll have 14 picks in the draft. Draft a QB with the 1st pick and we've got young QB competition. Matt is regressing and Julio's always got some kind of injury. I mean, if these coaches aren't going to squeeze any production out of them, then it's like we don't have them anyways. Now, since that'll never happen, here's the two changes that have to be made NOW: 1. Matt needs to take control of the offensive playcalling ala P. Manning. 2. Quinn needs to take 100% control of defensive playcalling. Let's see what these guys are really capable of, once and for all.
  4. That's about all we've got left. Last night was the first time in years I actually bailed on a Falcons game. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I kept waking up throughout the night, couldn't sleep, and finally woke up with a nauseous/anxious feeling that I had a hard time shaking today. We suck. Embrace it.
  5. To the OP, I guess I feel a little differently. If we're starting off like we did last year, then we aren't having much progress. We're supposed to get better, but we're still not a second half team whatsoever...
  6. Donny's actually right this time.
  7. It's all about the brotherhood until it's contract time. Then you become a step brother or an ex brother-in-law...
  8. Agree. But in the 3rd?...
  9. Who would you have picked?
  10. poundsignLAUGHOUTLOUD
  11. "Get to the **** quarterback!"
  12. Okay, not a BOLD prediction, but first the outlandish suits, now babies, then full-sized framed portraits leading to F-Bombs. How soon before Roger cuts down on players bringing "props" on stage with them? How far could the props go before that happens? Sunglasses, canes, see-through suits, pets, backup dancers? This will continue to grow until it goes the way of the end zone celebration and is banned. ****, even DQ suggested a "cool down" period for draftees!
  13. Would've been nice for him to acknowledge the team that drafted him, but whatever.
  14. 3rd and 7th
  15. Haha, awesome! Looks like we will finally have some passion on defense.