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  1. It's all about the brotherhood until it's contract time. Then you become a step brother or an ex brother-in-law...
  2. Agree. But in the 3rd?...
  3. Who would you have picked?
  4. poundsignLAUGHOUTLOUD
  5. "Get to the **** quarterback!"
  6. Okay, not a BOLD prediction, but first the outlandish suits, now babies, then full-sized framed portraits leading to F-Bombs. How soon before Roger cuts down on players bringing "props" on stage with them? How far could the props go before that happens? Sunglasses, canes, see-through suits, pets, backup dancers? This will continue to grow until it goes the way of the end zone celebration and is banned. ****, even DQ suggested a "cool down" period for draftees!
  7. Would've been nice for him to acknowledge the team that drafted him, but whatever.
  8. 3rd and 7th
  9. Haha, awesome! Looks like we will finally have some passion on defense.
  10. Why would they spend the offseason talking about the QB who lost the SB? MVP was for regular season. Had we not shlt the bed in the SB, then we would be getting the attention you're craving.
  11. Good deal, we could've done much worse.
  12. La Confora is a sister girl who was a swirlee target his whole life. Don't listen to anything that marshmallow cream puff says...
  13. He should've been carrying a picture of Seattle losing the SB by throwing instead of running. Maybe then he would've remembered to tell Kyle to run the f'ing ball...