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  1. Quinns going to be gone by all accounts Good guy but his specialty was defense and look where that got us. We need a HC who can manage all three phases, be a leader of men, plus manage the clock.
  2. Yeah overall I agree but to answer draft nuts specific question I guess it’s in the hands of Dirk really to make that decision to stop going with hill I’m not exactly sure what happened maybe you can explain it better to him I am hearing that Matt Ryan was concussed in the Bears game do you think there’s any validity to that Also like you say receivers dropping balls they were in their hands
  3. Well first off we have dirt cutter as our offense of coordinators when things or working we kind of try to do other things to balance the run pass ratio out I’m kind of grasping for straws at what he is thinking of But on defense when you see that no one can bring a single man down or it takes 10 people to bring one guy down that’s a lack of effort in like the announcer said we just didn’t pop people we did not want to contact people that smells of quitting on your head coach
  4. Me either. He was in there though for at least a few plays.
  5. it was short becasue he "was under a lot of pressure" ghee whiz
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