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  1. Yeah everyone outside Grady needs that fire. I’m wondering if we sit a high drafted qb under Matt...does next coach have the patience to wait and not hear the noise. I feel like that’s easier done with a guy picked low in first or high in second. As good as Rodgers is, he sat 4 years.. Ryan isn’t Farve tho
  2. Man. The new normal. The Cardinals situation set a precedent but Darnold is way better or a higher rated prospect than Rosen.
  3. Thx Tandy, good to heave you back here
  4. Yeah. I thought I saw a 44 in there and was wondering. Thanks
  5. Is he still sitting out
  6. Is Vic Beasley playing tonight?
  7. yes. a little black book. We should make a concept map grouping likeminded or associated users.
  8. We got unwritten history here man. We should all write a book to document it.
  9. im actually surprised there isnt more vocal Clemson fans on here. Clemson used to be a middling acc team in the late 90s and early 2000s. Consistent 8-4 or 7-5s is what i recall. But the constant was they always had a great fan base. The fans were fed up and they put their money where its was needed and the rest is history.
  10. used to be that way with Fsu in the 90s. they didnt have the championship game back then, but fsu kept winning the acc for years.
  11. That looked like targeting to me.
  12. i appreciate your words. coming straight from the 💖
  13. Thx BF! If you could message him to let him know he’s back, that would be good.
  14. Yes I got your message. Thanks. Where are some other folks?
  15. Guys make a case for Malachore if you want him back
  16. for sure it would. It was a better series overall than i anticipated
  17. Buckets and company put up a good fight
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