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  1. In the modern era? Got some good contenders here: Peerless for his play and antics. Ja98 for his play relative to his draft position. And Ray Edwards? I could never figure out why he wasn’t motivated to play here.
  2. No way we sniff #1. Too many really bad teams. Easier to make playoffs- considering that 3rd spot opened up.
  3. True. But he got the most out of that talent... I thought I heard Tices name this year. ..probably a consultant somewhere.
  4. Now, if we had DS...we would have won a Ton more.
  5. I would have started a separate thread for you, but 1970 caught my eye. He is all consuming. Have a happy one!
  6. Patriots had the best o line coach in the game, Dante Scharneccia.
  7. @FalconFanSince1970 The state line is beckoning you!
  8. I hope the shake up effect isn’t temporary
  9. The most questionable decisions were the healthy scratches of some players.....
  10. Lets just get out of this inning at least
  11. Acuna getting a lot of action... Time for a pitching change?
  12. Ha. It’s actually pretty good. I preferred it over S-bux for a while.
  13. Ha! I actually prefer McDonald cofee 1$ and it’s 100 💯 percent aribica
  14. Nobody cares if someone on an Internet forum respects them. If that is what makes you tick then you have a sad life Let us go easy on one another. Ease off that Java. Or is it java.
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