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  1. We’re not here by chance. We’re here by choices. Great lines by prime.
  2. haha. actually not a bad comparison, V
  3. hes a little more athletic than ole Joey..
  4. hes better than Nathan Peterman, right? right?
  5. really wonder how the Ravens O will look like this year...
  6. Kk coffee is good. They need a combo deal tho
  7. The bus looking like the fridge
  8. McMahon looks like he could suit up
  9. Just like that. GB up. A rod is “waking up”.
  10. King looking like trufant out there. Green Bay will get it together in the second half. Why is Saban pitching Aflac?
  11. I like his new running mate he made a big deal about him having hair. He does look weird
  12. Jimmy Graham’s forte clearly isn’t blocking.
  13. Trubisky took an unnecessary hit running.
  14. I can’t wait to hear collinsworth again I’ve been waiting a year for this. Trainor concert...one fan twirling around....sad
  15. I didn’t watch last weeks episode. But I fell asleep watching the others. This is s reason to go back and watch.
  16. It’s a 65 maroon Ford Falcon. It’s not mine but it would be cool if it were...
  17. Wisdom is on short supply and of great need here. Keep on spreading it.
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