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  1. 8 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

    Actually, ignoring whether the officials influenced the game, I am surprised no one has questioned with how stupid the Falcons played the on-side kick, was this game simply predetermined to be a Cowboys win by the NFL?  Were our players simply told to let them recover the kick and win the game?

    Could the NFL let the Cowboys start 0-2 since it is the most valuable team financially?  Are the Falcons going to receive some kind of "reward" for enduring this loss?  Would the fact that Blank is not being very critical of Quinn after it a sign of this?  

    If that were true then wed have a sb win by now.  The camera panned to Jerruh and it was genuine shock and happiness on his face. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

    If they were going for 2 how did they end up kicking the extra point instead? Was there a timeout or penalty that changed their decision.


    BTW, I don't support going for 2 in that situation. That's pretty stupid in my opinion.


    its super dumb. Ive never seen it before 

  3. 41 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:


    He looked weak.

    He had very little zip on the ball and  his placement was off.

    From what I saw vs the Bucs....it was the same thing.

    He was mediocre for his standards. But i thought he still had some zip. I do notice over the last 3 years they have been a run heavy team to preserve him. 

    id like to see him retire but id also like to see him struggle 

  4. All they are saying on the radio is how Breeze is already fading. Which is good because im not gettint any more national news on the radio about our loss. 

    is he fading? Or just lack of thomas?  I thought he was fine and their D blew it. Sound familiar?

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