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  1. If that were true then wed have a sb win by now. The camera panned to Jerruh and it was genuine shock and happiness on his face.
  2. Penalty. its super dumb. Ive never seen it before
  3. 1st qtr with 3:51 to go in the qtr. they were up 9-0 and were going for 11. But they ended up kicking xp
  4. Again why is it ok for the Saints to go for 2 early but not us?
  5. There’s a really bad blindside call they made vs Dall. But they ended up overcoming that call. But there was an obvious push off not called on their wr for a big gain late in the 4th. We did not overcome.
  6. He was mediocre for his standards. But i thought he still had some zip. I do notice over the last 3 years they have been a run heavy team to preserve him. id like to see him retire but id also like to see him struggle
  7. All they are saying on the radio is how Breeze is already fading. Which is good because im not gettint any more national news on the radio about our loss. is he fading? Or just lack of thomas? I thought he was fine and their D blew it. Sound familiar?
  8. Lattimore getting burned a lil tonight. Always an added bonus
  9. Raiders defense looking like ours....
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