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  1. it will mean a whole lot more given all the stuff we have had to endure.
  2. thanks for your support. I think we are all just plain frustrated. its been a saga decades long in the making...the rises and falls. i think us here and fans of Atlanta sports in general have been on an emotional roller coaster. can you imagine the party in the streets if *when* the falcons win the big one..
  3. would it tho...really.. haha.
  4. all. please cut the negative banter out or this thread will be locked. thanks
  5. Best explanation for our situation on the field that I have seen so far @vel
  6. If he goes he’ll join a list of guys we shouldn’t have let go on hindsight.
  7. Put him in the Pit of Despair
  8. I do agree that Clayborn has been probably our best pass rusher.
  9. MNF

    I have direct tv now the streaming service. I had then guy come out and determine that a dish would not work due to tree canopy cover.
  10. MNF

    If they had a streaming service for the nfl ticket. I would purchase it.
  11. MNF

    I watched that game and remember him saying that
  12. MNF

  13. MNF

    No flag for the pi
  14. MNF

    And right On queue. Packers saved by another bad call by the refs.
  15. MNF

  16. The odds are ever in his favor. (Brady)
  17. The thing is. Why haven’t we already done that. Or at least try to mix it up. It’s like SHERMAN not following a receiver and steadfastly staying on one side.
  18. Thx. Just seems like he is lost in discussions here and I haven’t seen him or noticed him on field much.
  19. MNF

    Missed horse collar. Script.
  20. MNF

  21. Where has Foye been all season?
  22. MNF

    They did their part in helping gb back on the game. What a sports entertainment product!
  23. MNF

    The refs, I mean Lions, giving them 8 cracks from the 10. No no way we get the benefit of all those calls. Bad holding call set them up on third down