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  1. Cant wait for the roast tomorrow morning
  2. Having an off night shooting. But racking up the assists
  3. Just play off a lil bit on embiid. He’s way too strong with his shots
  4. Huerter nailing contested shot after contested shot. My mvp so far
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. Don’t even try..just distribute
  6. Wayminnit. Am I seeing things? Or did we just fouled AF and no call?
  7. Cap can handle GA better than JE. G doesn’t have the offensive arsenal of Je.
  8. I like our chances. I know harden had a bad game seven. But if THatris can go off on us, who would stop harden. or Jrue for that matter
  9. So glad the Bucks won and not the nets. That being said the we stand a better chance vs the bucs when we advance.
  10. I went to a game vs the bulls at the Omni in 88. Jordan vs Nique. Guess who won that one..
  11. We are absolutely crushing it tonight!
  12. We need another big body, no?
  13. And if he can get the finals this year, I’m not sure he would want to part ways with the bucks. And I’m not so sure I’d like to gut out team to get him. We are performing without reddish and deandre. So we may be good. Do we need another star to take us all the way?
  14. Giannis finally playing dominantly
  15. He’s good over there. We’re good over here. lets enjoy this upcoming hawks game
  16. Especially for you bringing Julio into this thread…
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