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  1. That strip was a thing of beauty! Total game changer. And the irony of this name. RIPkowski
  2. Yes. He needs to stay. Might be a cap casualty. But he can cover TEs with the best of them.
  3. There is a running joke in parallel with this concept: any VT recruit will automatically get a full star raise if said recruit goes somewhere else. Like a 3* at VT will be a 4* elsewhere. It’s automatic.
  4. We need to keep this cat on board for as long as possible.
  5. Now the whole snapping the ball early vs offensive flow and game plan was a point of discussion here.
  6. We also have to give more props to Arthur for assuring this type of deal would get done. He must be doing work behind the scenes building relationships with his players and I’m wondering now if that didn’t just pay off.
  7. I think a lot of it is natural growing pains from a coordinator to HC. I know personally that my own head would be spinning trying to manage a game and what you have to be aware of. But these are professionals. There were a couple games that we distinctly bumbled time outs and it contributed to: cost us either the game or field position or what have you. I’m glad he is going to get some help managing the clock. And why not? Let DW do focus on what he does best.
  8. Situational football. The moment was too big for DQ in a lot of games that he mismanaged toward the end. I hope the coaching staff as a united front can handle it from now on.
  9. My vote is yes. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/7/11/20687385/falcons-training-camp-battles-will-foye-oluokon-permanently-replace-duke-riley-as-a-starter-yes-duh?fbclid=IwAR3b_xwiJVkDuBHr6V5ofsaj-QUQA3vMdsUyuV67Er3nnHP3uWIbCX9FXWk The Challengers Duke Riley, 24 entering his 3rd season with Atlanta Riley has become a bit of a punching bag for Falcons fans. The 3rd round pick out of LSU in 2017 was expected to have an immediate impact for the team by many fans, despite the fact that he was clearly a developmental prospect when he was drafted. Certainly, the immediate impact of Deion Jones didn’t help matters. That said, it’s easy to forget why we were all excited about Rileywhen he was drafted. His athleticism is top-notch, with a combine 40 yard dash of 4.58 and a vertical jump of nearly 35 inches. On tape, he looked like a player who could explode to the ball in a fashion very reminiscent of Debo. Yet, that potential has not been realized with the Falcons. For whatever reason, Duke has looked timid and/or lost on the field at times, missing many tackles along the way. He has flashed moments of that potential, which has only made the letdown even more significant. That said, he is still just 24 years old and on a relatively cheap rookie contract. He still has the potential, even if he’s shown little to no progress the past two years. All it takes is for the light bulb to come on and Duke can be a quality starter in this league. The physical ability is there and there’s little doubt the team wants him to live up to it. Foye Oluokon, 23 entering his 2nd season with Atlanta The 2018 sixth round pick out of Yale was yet another late-round “find” by the Falcons. Oluokon has said he wasn’t even sure he’d be drafted and now he’s in the conversation to be a permanent starter in 2019. While Foye is somewhat undersized for the position, he more than makes up for it in athleticism. At his pro day, he posted an impressive 4.56 40 time and an impressive 37 inch vertical. His 20-yard shuttle time of 4.12 seconds would have been second for all linebackers at the NFL combine. In his first year with the Falcons, Foye ended up third in tackle rate (per Next Gen Stats) behind only Leighton Vander Esch (2018 rookie Pro Bowler) and Darius Leonard (2018 defensive rookie of the year, 2018 first team All-Pro, NFL tackles leader). That is some impressive company to keep, especially for a sixth rounder out of a school known far more for its academics than its athletes. If there’s one thing Dan Quinn truly believes in, it’s putting the best guys on the field. In 2018, Foye saw increased snaps as the season progressed, a clear sign the coaching staff liked what they saw out of the rookie. And the winner is... While I’m still holding out hope for Duke, this battle likely goes to Foye for now. I do believe the Falcons will give Riley every opportunity in camp to steal this spot back, but Oluokon was very impressive in his first year. More importantly, while Foye showed continual improvement during the 2018 season, Riley seemed to stagnate or even regress. That directional difference in their play is why I expect to see Oluokon as a starter when the first regular season game comes around
  10. So where are all the TD detractors? How could you not say he delivers time and time again?
  11. I know where to go if I need a lawyer...this thread.
  12. Hey he held his own against future first rounders @ Clemson d line. But I get your point.
  13. We have to have pro bowl production to n ever unit to win we do have that potential individually Qb. MR Rb. Devonta Ol Mack TE hoop DL Grady LB DJ DB keke now do this units have “pro bowl” production collectively? Not all for sure but I’m hyped to see how the LB unit gel Pretty scary that our defensive success might hinge on part on Vic but you have to imagine that with DW calling the d, he will be productive
  14. And I agreed with you
  15. I meant in SB51
  16. Unfortunately after watching replay, Collins got burned. Repeatedly, especially in the second half.
  17. Trial by fire. All we can do is trust the coaches reports for now. Until camp comes. Shortly thank goodness.
  18. I’d like to see Oliver develop that “dawg” mentality. He has a lot of desirable physical traits. But can he put it al together. Has to be tough because he’s under pressure to deliver now. I’m going to be watching his development with great interest.
  19. So Lindstrom was 90 does that make his conversion a 70 at the next level i think a good grade is a high seventy?
  20. Alright yall chill on the offensive religious stuff...doesnt belong on these boards and this thread originally was about Grady Jarret's deal...
  21. Where would the Sea-Adderall Seahawks been without PEDs?
  22. We all cared. the fact that MR put up those numbers (so close to 2016) despite the injuries and sark displays his greatness
  23. https://watchstadium.com/news/analyzing-college-footballs-relationship-between-recruiting-class-rankings-and-wins-07-01-2019/ Only seven Power Five schools have averaged at least 10 wins per season over the last four seasons: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Wisconsin and Stanford.
  24. Here 01/02