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  1. 5 minutes ago, Draftnut57 said:

    Thankfully I was in a tree stand  ,, I tell ya.. I was a little nervous getting down that morning and getting back the My Log  House that was only about 300 yards over the ridge I was hunting on..the year before that I was bow hunting back there and a nice 8 point buck came through and stoped behind two trees that was about a foot apart,, I kept on waiting for him to step up ,, but I think he had smelt me.. So I thought if I could just shoot between the two trees,, I could nail him in the vitals.. So I shoot,, but I missed the opening and nailed a tree! Made me sick,, should have waited ,,  I got what they call Buck fever.. Didn't keep my patients ... And missed an oppertunity of a life time.. If you've never dear hunted with a bow.. you wouldn't understand how hard it is the take one with a bow..

    yeah.  at least you made it to tell the tale. 

    Buck fever!  thats a new one.  yeah who knows, if you had waited it still may have run.  There will be another chance for you.


    I once picked up my dads bow and could not pull the string back.  not sure if i could do that now.  

  2. Just now, Draftnut57 said:

    I've never seen a bear scat in the woods...  But I have seen a Mountain lion come through the woods while I was BOW HUNTING,, I didn't have a gun ,, only a bow and arrows.. I have taken a deer with my bow.. But I wouldn't take a chance to kill a mountain lion with a bow.. I'd be afraid I'd wound it and it would be in attack mode... Another time I saw a bob cat...

    What did u do re: mountain ⛰ 🦁 lion?

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