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  1. VTCrunkler

    Trae Young

    im glad defense actually played a part in this voting. Giannis also has a higher PER than Harden.
  2. JUST a hypothetical. would the ratings of Saints v Patriots be lower than Rams v Patriots? or about the same?
  3. im living my best life now..its taken me a long time , but i finally feel like i can start living like i want to. if im a brain in a vat or whatever iteration there may be, im happy. what is Dr. Tyson, Elon Musk saying?
  4. VTCrunkler

    Trae Young

    I’m afraid I bought into it lock stock and barrel. All the talking heads were against Trae and the Hawks. The coverage shed is in a poor light. They were piling on. Now I realize that ESPN is garbage so not to take their works personally because it’s all about the clicks for them. I never really saw the steph comparisons. I thought that’s maybe she. We were trying to duplicate- but it seems like that’s not it at all. Trae is a part of a young core. Schlenk hitting it out of the park-again.
  5. VTCrunkler

    Trae Young

    The. Yes yes he certainly was the breakout player of the year.
  6. VTCrunkler

    Trae Young

    What’s the breakthrough mean?
  7. VTCrunkler

    Trae Young

    I’m glad Trae has blown up like does. Espn was completely sukin Donic. Makes me feel better about Picking Trae over Doncic.
  8. six picks seem like too much. im glad we were able to package something and move up to get our target.
  9. By the way Maria Maria was smokin last night
  10. I think you had to to be able to get him. I was wrong about reddish. He was available. I did t think so. I’m glad we also got him.
  11. We are slaying it Sac. I’m not going to be surprised if we are a perennial playoff team from here out.
  12. Reddish will likely be gone.
  13. I think he’s the national defensive player of the year. People are rediccc... alas the only number one seed in history to loose to a 16 was going to be a trash talking point. But it’s rendered moot being the natty champ the next year. I tip my cap to them.
  14. I am biased. I am biased against UVA. And I’m saying this guy is worth the #4 slot. He’s a difference maker
  15. I’m saying he does deserve it.
  16. YES. this was exactly what they were doing...it was a desperate measure to make the game more competitive. i mean the Super Dome has seen better days to say the least but man youre telling me that the lights went out magically and then magically came back on. youd think there would be backup generators that could power an entire state in any nfl facility hostin gthe SB
  17. Plays like Lattimore tackling 11 before the ball gets there is just bad. Sometimes there are bad and missed calls. Isolated plays like that will probably not have an impact on the game and are probably just coincidence Ps. The saints sure got their payback for that one tho.
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