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  1. you know he wants to get out there....
  2. Over say, the X-men? They’re kinda like the expendables
  3. i gotcha. me too..
  4. nice production value from EA. lord knows they have the money....
  5. Q loves the Huskies...yeah, i hope miller and sheff can provide some depth if needed. how is miller doing in camp?
  6. i thought year three stood out. and yes having another TC under his belt will help his cause. so what im getting at is, if he doesnt perform well or up to expectations in year 2, is it acceptable because its expected for corners to develop by year 3?
  7. where is this from again?
  8. he looked fast but might struggle tackling bigger dudes. not a problem if we can stick him the slot and he can have sticky hands..
  9. they had their chance vs patriots...... how is sheffield striking your fancy?
  10. did ramsey take a big step back?
  11. what is the typical trajectory of expectations for a 2nd roud cb to develop. when does he pop>? year three? i know the first year is typically a wash
  12. i really am interested in oliver's development over the season and corner play in general. i feel like we know what were getting from the safeties...but not really from our CBs
  13. ah yeah. burned by Boyd. but that was one game. i feel he can excel if he takes on WR his own size and oliver can shadow bigger WR and handle them better with his arm length.
  14. howd he do in the slot vs outside?
  15. not characteristic of a corner...but i like it. let his play speak volumes. he hasnt been the same guy since the injury. i hope he can bounce back this year.
  16. so theoretically: if he catches 80-90% of his drops, is he a pro bowler during those years?
  17. blatant push off by the 100 million dollar man.. what would tru's int numbers if he held onto 80% of his dropped ints?
  18. we should find a way to retain sanu..so good
  19. actually good stuff from man-genius and company.. did not realize about the o line being potentially all first round piks
  20. WOW kinda blown away by the Grady interview. Great positive attitude and outlook on life, love to hear about the time and money donated to charity. Football stuff aside, he sounds like a good dude. as for football- ive never seen Tom Brady knocked around like he was in LI. Brady looked concussed in the first half I loved Jarrett kept on hitting him and hitting him. too bad he couldn't have hit him earlier on that goal line drive...
  21. We are gluttons for punishment aren’t we?
  22. I never thought he was very good. What did the coaching staff see in him? There were other options like that guy from Nebraska
  23. I hope Zach finds a way on the squad.