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  1. Looked like McGary neutralized Vic in the drills that i saw in the limited clips..
  2. we need a big blaster in there. where did all the Ovies go?
  3. Did Vic beat Ty again?
  4. He was not called for holding was he? Hehe. He had spunk.
  5. Looks good thanks Tim. I’m digging the unis.
  6. Stephen A isnt wrong. He is holding us accountable. There are no more excuses now on O.
  7. i saw it. great speech and is worth a listen.
  8. Great night to see a Falcon inducted to the Hall of Fame. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-hall-of-fame/0ap3000001038774/First-ballot-HOFer-Tony-Gonzalez-celebrates-receiving-his-gold-jacket
  9. what heart and what a loaded defense
  10. Shame shame. The redskins could have used him. They got Portis in return which was not a bad consolation at the time. I remember that at the time: thought it was a pretty even trade. RBs were not devalued then like they are now. Mom just glad we have a stellar ow we instead of a guy like Snyder among others.
  11. i know that but what are specifics surrounding it. champ clearly prioritized Bronco nation in his speech
  12. Ice is a disciple. he gets access to all the secrets..
  13. Besoz my wife recognized him.
  14. He probably should have but hd will understand He almost called Marty schottenheimer “the late” marty
  15. Gonzo just dropped a Sam Baker reference. Also in attendance we’re TD, Smitty, Matt Ryan , Roddy.
  16. Tony is about to come on. Espn
  17. Why did the Skins trade Champ Bailey.
  18. Champ Bailey on now. I think Tony after him
  19. Maybe so. We could use him at dB coach. What a good speech. It’s on espn.
  20. Ed Reed getting emotional. He’s got a good personality. One of the best to do it.
  21. Probably the D Led article with the worst intentions yet.
  22. Deadly screen game. I saw on the ticker NCSU beat unc. Nice
  23. I should be on the hawks forum , right?
  24. Lol