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  1. yeah, the Jets arent exactly looking vanilla out there
  2. he was moving Q. williams tho
  3. announcers said gono...must have been Brown then
  4. Stocker looking beefy
  5. get MR out now
  6. Ty getting MR killed out there
  7. he got bullrushed and ran over by Q williams
  8. was Ty Holding on that?
  9. smith with the juke
  10. 10...at least
  11. very generous!
  12. I saw him get blown off the line by double teams and thinking...that doesn’t look right. I’m hoping Zimmer makes the rotation this year.
  13. Case closed
  14. Poker in the front!
  15. He’s gunna have at least seven seconds to get down the field and get open.
  16. Well that makes it a slam dunk.
  17. Certainly
  18. I wonder who made first contact? Was it TD actively looking? Or BB/pats actively scouring for TEs.
  19. Why are you posting here? Next time you pull something like this you’re gone for a long time.
  20. Is this something best addressed in “Pure Football”
  21. It also helped they had two of the best offensive lines in football allowing for plays to develop and clean pockets to throw from.
  22. He’s cocky for sure. He was a big fish in a little pond in college.
  23. that'll do it! also sounds like they were flat our ready to move on
  24. what kind of shows...interesting ones?