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  1. bwhahah. thats a lot of intertia to stop. panther fans dont come in here as often as they used to
  2. was he? or are you being facetious? man, either way, we could use that size on the d line. i remeber him being pretty good for charlotte. old article on him speaking of the aftermath on his body https://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/20/sports/football/kris-jenkinss-view-of-life-in-the-nfl-trenches.html
  3. Unbelievable acceleration by JJn. Someone has to compare that with a cheetah. Or usain bolt
  4. Oh. Honored then. My buddy made that in a meme generator
  5. The Jordan one was from my friend. Dont know if he stole that or not.
  6. yeah. at least you made it to tell the tale. Buck fever! thats a new one. yeah who knows, if you had waited it still may have run. There will be another chance for you. I once picked up my dads bow and could not pull the string back. not sure if i could do that now.
  7. What did you do when you encountered the mountain lion
  8. What did u do re: mountain ⛰ 🦁 lion?
  9. Does a bear scat in the woods?
  10. I hate to say but there are a lot of dum dums out there...
  11. it is genius level. its more like a jewel. Biff and the Buckwads. Some of my ATL friends sent this today. My mom used to talk about the Limelight...
  12. actually, i cant wait for him to come out with a book about 2020. lots of inspiration material there.
  13. I was unawares https://ew.com/tv/king-of-the-hill-characters-voices/?slide=5548499#5548499 Brittany Murphy earned one of her final credits for King of the Hill. The late actress, who died in December 2009 within months of the show's final episode, played Luanne Platter
  14. Uh yeah thats a rodger dodger. Punt, kick, and pass on this one
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