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  1. I didn’t see him do anything really.
  2. Thanks man a while back! Good to be of value here: hopefully.
  3. Drop this before it takes off....
  4. Lotta wind in the dome tonight.
  5. He will. Or At least half of them and we should get his confidence back.
  6. nice blitz pickup!
  7. hes getting his swag back
  8. ok penalty on matthews and trufant questionable at best
  9. DJ Shockley is the future! of announcing..
  10. they straight got ran TF over
  11. whata swim move.
  12. Takk missing gap
  13. sheffield....hammy?
  14. yeah, the Jets arent exactly looking vanilla out there
  15. he was moving Q. williams tho
  16. announcers said gono...must have been Brown then
  17. Stocker looking beefy
  18. Ty getting MR killed out there
  19. he got bullrushed and ran over by Q williams
  20. was Ty Holding on that?
  21. smith with the juke
  22. 10...at least