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  1. Which is why I loved seeing him battered in the first half of LI.
  2. The 17 was good. But we got at least two special team breaks in the LA game.
  3. Making our first round looking more not like a luxury but of a dire need.
  4. I’m hearing that it’s not wasting time but seeing if he pans out giving him a last shot before cutting
  5. Seems logical to ya e a backup plan. And to repurpose Harlow.
  6. Mack was such a tremendous get for us. Wonder why we are trying out others. Is it a backup plan or is it as some have alluded to : that Mack is slipping. He hasn’t been slipping at all on fact he’s looked like our best OLman so far.
  7. He does. So did mike glennon a bit. i also saw Ryan first hand in college. He had ultimate command of the offense. Not many weapons but he had a beefy o line as typical for b c
  8. I shook his hand in the tunnel after the state/bc game. He took a beating that game but still performed admirably. Sound familiar? He and those lineman were yuuge!
  9. Hey. I resemble that remark. We aren’t over zealous. Just zealous. Enthused by our falcons Tony G on Fox halftime talking the falcons up. Good to finally have a little positive media bias!
  10. It’s all good. Jd probably removed it but I would have too. We got to look out for each other here. No need to resort to the mid 2000s yet.
  11. @TheFatboi A more appropriate comparison might be they switch switch teams. Obviously it’s more complicated than just offensive lines. The coaching staff is a difference: I recall the pats begging Dante Scharneccia to come back when their lines struggle. However I have hate-watched pats games where he had al day lines and he was a statue- this allowed for those short and intermediate routes to open up seemingly with ease. Situationally they are more competent. And no matter the personnel the m o seems the same/ to dink and dunk down the field. Ball control which makes me hate them all the more. I mean hats off to Brady for operating within his confines and Belli for putting game plans together.
  12. Oh the discussion is just beginning!
  13. That’s a net way positive for TD
  14. It’s like a choose your own adventure time-space continuum, man. Miami? What we’re they thinking. They needed a QB. But at the time I was really afraid that IF we drafted Dorsey that MR would slip to the Charlotte panthers. The draft Dorsey crowd was titanic here at the time. I saw first hand what a leader MR was and wanted him him him. No one else. None of the best decisions this franchise ever made was drafting him. But to speak to your alternative futures if he got drafted elsewhere...to think MR would turn out like Carr,,brutal. I think his greatness would elevate others Same With JJ, I would think his greatness shines but he probably would ceiling out like AJ green maybe? Depends on who was throwing to him.
  15. Put Brady in Matts situation since 08. He wins 0 rings. Put Matt with the Pats, who know how many rings they get...
  16. You put Brady Breeze or Rodgers behind the falcons line from 08 till now. Then we’ll see how good they are.
  17. wow

    0-16 is staring us in the face.
  18. Thanks. 85, we are just our own selves. The prior mods did a lot of good work keeping this place afloat. My hats off to them We can only do what we do and be who we are. We may not be as cool/lenient/relaxed or whatever. They were around during a different time. Like stray dawg said it was a wild Wild West in the mid 2000s. It was a lot of action. And require a different set of parameters. We may not be what everyone wants but we are involved because we are one of y’all and want to see these boards keep rocking.
  19. There is a sliver of truth to this: with our draft and fa acquisitions we simply can’t cary 10 DL. So someone has to go, right? So far Zimmer has been stout. I would not like to see Senate go tho. He might not make it. Who do you want more Hage or Senat. Difficult call. So senat might not make it...as for the trade I’m not so sure, but again no one saw the Saubert trade coming.