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  1. Thats a lot of time for her to be constantly switching cells.
  2. But i used to live in Richmond, have several friends from Newport News, dated a girl from NN, and i used to cover that area.
  3. I was born in Portsmouth. Then our family moved to ATL when i was 1.
  4. Trial in 2021! Dang thats a lot of time to be hanging around.
  5. Have u seen it? Man that season started slow. I loved how the characters turned things on its head. And to think its supposed to be a true story.
  6. I just finished watching Fargo season 1. And guess who was in it? Key n Peele!
  7. that would be a sad state of affairs if you did! but i think most people would know just to come in here for fun......................................
  8. yeah i used to have cable(ps vue/youtube tv/directvnow) for espn...and my wife likes what i call garbage shows (kardashians)...so that was enough to keep it for a while, but when she stopped watching we cancelled.
  9. speaking of the weather, i was really getting stressed out watching the weather channel. They really made 2" of snow sound terrifying. And guess what? Everything was a-ok.
  10. youre not kidding...a lot is tied into HS football in a lot of areas. 757 is one of them. and even rural areas, hs football is all that there is....
  11. yeah, especially those outside agitators. im all for turning said media off...in fact its been refreshing not to watch
  12. Yeah. It really would not surprise me either.
  13. Thats my understanding now. Feel free to dispute. Its what i heard on mike n mike. Take that with a grain of pepper.
  14. VA cancelled HS football. So did CA. Tx is waiting to see. Of course AL is having hs football. I understand that there will be no fan restrictions.
  15. oh man..oh man... speaking of..i do like Wild Turkey honey on the rocks. its like candy
  16. So, i also like Bullet...Woodford Reserve, and 4 Roses. those are some scrumptious options..
  17. i feel bold every time i walk into an abc store. still lots of peeps and they are all masked up. they wont let covid stop them. i like the abc stores...easier to get in and out, not so big...like the package stores we had in atl. but thanks for the recommendation. ill have to try it out next time.
  18. another underrated or under remembered lineman. he was great. almost as great as Kaleb's mullet! this is good news, thanks
  19. its worth it for the good time in an outdoor venue. its the third closest at the atl behind nashville and charlotte. Jax sports the landing, a huge docking place for boats and shops, bars, etc..Its essentially a riverfront mall. but---i hear its coming down https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2020/01/03/final-section-of-the-jacksonville-landing-to-soon-be-demolished/
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