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  1. It's DQ thinking he can motivate the team to play bullyball and be physical. He is leading the ship and Sark is just carrying out DQs philosophy. Not having JJ on the field for the first drive in the rrszone is inexcusable by itself. But running it so many times? Remeber when the Patriots were playing the Vikings five or so years ago and the Vikings had the best running defense in the NFL guess what? The Patriots threw it all game and didn't even attempt to run And Matt locking into his first read only ? H knows better than that.
  2. Last year Matts pocket movement skills reminded me of Aaron's. Numbers notwithstanding I think he may have had a better individual performance in last year than in 2016. He had crucial drops and a new oc but he played very well. On a couple of short runs he was extending drives. I know we are searching for answers but he really didn't have a clean pocket all game. But he has looked much more prepared and better in the past. If we are saying he had all summer to prepare and we have worked on our red zone offense, then why has he regressed. He looked leaner and hungry to get out and compete. cI'm thinking that having twins had to play a role. Maybe not getting sleep? I'm stretching here but he has regressed.
  3. That's gunna get Liberty some negative exposure. But any exposure is good for them.
  4. on another note you have to to check out Colorado @ Nebraska. The Colorado qb Montez has an awesome arm. Good game too.
  5. The iggles Kelce looked like he beefed up tremendously. Maybe it's the new pads. Haha. I forgot how big fletcher cox was. But I didn't hear MBennets name heard too much.
  6. He doesn't trust the line protection. And who could blame him. The eagles were getting a lot of good pass rush all game.
  7. Oh man. Yes. Malarkey luuved screens. You're correct though. We haven't been a god screen team pretty much ever.
  8. I guess they played man and not zone for most of the game.
  9. Mmm. That's right. Sniffed out immediately. We should've taken a page from Sproles film. He was adept at the screen.
  10. By the way. I love how PMF is now a TAFT an acronym.
  11. Yes he was. I noticed that too.
  12. Where is the screen pass tonoffset an aggressive front 7.
  13. We def can't keep them all. At least we are drafting and developing young defensive players well.
  14. Well we need him. Not sure we can keep him. All this talk about salaries and caps seem moot right now.
  15. I'm telling you. Definitive evidence of a catch. Refs doing their home cooking.
  16. im going to have to agree. these flags we are getting gare total BS. you can tell because they are providing make up calls. the hold on Kelce? that wasn't a hold...it was a makeup call for bs call on trufant. KeKe- that was PI. and trufant was again penalized unfairly.
  17. why wasn't that illegal contact on hooper
  18. dope remix. there is also footage of them at practice and behind the scenes. they get the hurt. they feel the pain.
  19. Desi Spice for Indian food on Monroe Dr.
  20. Like Bart Scott said- Cant wait!
  21. Who do y'all have in this one. I think we (vt) are a bit overrated but I will take it. Normally I would go with Fsu with a slight edge but I'm not sure about their offense or coaching.
  22. cant they just get an oc to play call? this wasnt a talent thing as much as bad coaching
  23. They went away from their strength which was the deep routes and the passing attack. Head scratcher.
  24. Hopefully we can put together a complete game for when ND rolls in town.
  25. Terrible o play calling all around.