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  1. Hage standing straight up on several plays.
  2. Hages playing for a roster spot.
  3. Give it a try!
  4. Sidecar we better amp up our game plan for this gauntlet at the start of the season. I will gladly take a 12th ranked d this year.
  5. Can you give us here an alternative design?
  6. Good point Ergo.
  7. I think that would be akin to DQ admitting a mistake. I’d like to think he has value, at least on ST.
  8. Will we get rid of Riley tho?
  9. Man I’d like to keep all of them. Ive been on the Zimmer train but I also like the Senate and want to see Hage succeed. Choices choices.
  10. All gas. No breaks.
  11. You can’t really compare the two in a vacuum. It’s abundantly clear that the Patriots have the best infrastructure and the best Head coach. This puts all of the team at an advantage over time and on a game to game basis.
  12. Keepin it real PC
  13. Where does their emergence mean for Senat and Zimmer?
  14. a plan from the Gruden Raider playbook
  15. Keep it silly my friends oh oh and stay thirsty
  16. TM. Yes. Draft a center and or Mack’s replacement. I agree! Protect the Franchise.
  17. Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let us not repeat history.
  18. HahahahhaHahahaha