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  1. wow

    0-16 is staring us in the face.
  2. Thanks. 85, we are just our own selves. The prior mods did a lot of good work keeping this place afloat. My hats off to them We can only do what we do and be who we are. We may not be as cool/lenient/relaxed or whatever. They were around during a different time. Like stray dawg said it was a wild Wild West in the mid 2000s. It was a lot of action. And require a different set of parameters. We may not be what everyone wants but we are involved because we are one of y’all and want to see these boards keep rocking.
  3. There is a sliver of truth to this: with our draft and fa acquisitions we simply can’t cary 10 DL. So someone has to go, right? So far Zimmer has been stout. I would not like to see Senate go tho. He might not make it. Who do you want more Hage or Senat. Difficult call. So senat might not make it...as for the trade I’m not so sure, but again no one saw the Saubert trade coming.
  4. I love preseason. Make YouTube vid on trading a second year player with promise in an area of need. Check someone runs posts and runs with it on here. Check. Thread derailed. Check Lock This stuff down? Never. Edit: In b4 70 complains about locking other threads.
  5. I don’t know y’all history. I don’t care. I _do _not _want _to _ban _anyone. Please move along. Last friendly message here.
  6. I didn’t see him do anything really.
  7. Thanks man a while back! Good to be of value here: hopefully.
  8. Drop this before it takes off....
  9. Lotta wind in the dome tonight.
  10. He will. Or At least half of them and we should get his confidence back.
  11. nice blitz pickup!
  12. hes getting his swag back
  13. ok penalty on matthews and trufant questionable at best
  14. DJ Shockley is the future! of announcing..
  15. they straight got ran TF over
  16. whata swim move.
  17. Takk missing gap
  18. sheffield....hammy?
  19. yeah, the Jets arent exactly looking vanilla out there
  20. he was moving Q. williams tho
  21. announcers said gono...must have been Brown then
  22. Stocker looking beefy