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  1. And the good company of course.
  2. Ok, so they had safety help on jj? Are you saying that perhaps he was a decoy last season? In any case we have other weapons to go to, but I’m watching the jj/xr matchup closely. I’m hoping that jj will win on most of his downs. Usually I watch the lines the most but I’ll be scrutinizing that matchup.
  3. For the food!
  4. Big game tonight for a relatively rare matchup. I got neighbors who are big gator fans. How long on the broadcast j til they show the turnover chain on the sidelines.
  5. I’ll be over in a minute
  6. I was waiting for something like that PC. And you delivered. Big time.
  7. I truly hope so.
  8. The falcoholic had the best article of the ones presented.
  9. And when Xavier Rhoades plays him they call him “covered”
  10. The nfl accelerates your aging. ESP for a Qb. Drew breeze looks 50
  11. His theme song by Right Said Fred
  12. Cams wardrobe alone got them to the playoffs.
  13. The genius of Drew at this point lies within his HC calling more run plays, his interior offensive line, and Alvin Kamara as a receiver out of the backfield.
  14. Hage standing straight up on several plays.
  15. Hages playing for a roster spot.
  16. Give it a try!
  17. Sidecar we better amp up our game plan for this gauntlet at the start of the season. I will gladly take a 12th ranked d this year.
  18. Can you give us here an alternative design?
  19. Good point Ergo.
  20. I think that would be akin to DQ admitting a mistake. I’d like to think he has value, at least on ST.
  21. Will we get rid of Riley tho?
  22. Man I’d like to keep all of them. Ive been on the Zimmer train but I also like the Senate and want to see Hage succeed. Choices choices.