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  1. Thyme for a new workplace on Sunday afternoons. Heheh. It can either calm or amplify in my case.
  2. Oh the pregame anticipation is the best part! If you knew or were totally confident then how much fun would that be? To your point I know it would be easier to watch without living the rollercoaster on every play.
  3. I’ve watched bowl games at the Brookhaven one. Also a good food spot in general.
  4. You taking about the one downtown? There’s another Hudson near the Brookhaven Marta.
  5. Catch while falling back in the end one. Smh
  6. Sounds like the OP and others are secretly rooting for us to go 0-2
  7. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/nfl/bal-keion-carpenter-death-funeral-celebration-life-service-20170109-story.html he did good humanitarian work with the Carpenter House he was also a major part of the VT defense in the mid 90s.
  8. Commentators were saying the raiders were doing something to neutralize their rush. Forgot what they said Ive been eyeing Trent Brown. He’s head and shoulders bigger than the other linemen.
  9. Carr looking sharp without AB.
  10. Houston had a long bomb for a TD with less than 30 seconds left.....but missed the pat