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  1. I thought he was a lot bigger. Like a mini-vince wilfork. Or at least that what i hoped
  2. So what happened to his heart? Anything? Operation? Looks like all is good. A lot of teams passed on him too. I also thought he was awesome. He looked good in the 73 jersey. Michigan is/was loaded w d line prospects. TBf i think snot was on a lot of folks later round wosh lists.
  3. Crumpler oftentimes was that first read. He didnt have gaudy numbers. But His value to the team was enormous.
  4. Im a probowl caliber snacker and chip eater. Im going to take my talents to the nba. if i were in Atlanta id wait to see what kind of reduced ticket package they would offer (if any). And what kind of social distancing policy they would have.
  5. Im gunna opt out of playing NFL football this season guys.
  6. You were bullish on him. I feel like we could probable targets of similar positions we drafted. Mo was one of those dudes whos skills translated well. I think there was a medical red flag tho right?
  7. Its going to be interesting. I bet they are still in relatively good shape. Probably gunna see a longer fight if Tyson doesnt have that stinger knockout punch like he used to. Hey im all for that lind of therapy if it helps him go the distance. Where are they fighting and will there be no crowd?
  8. The hypocrisy abounds. There is supposed to be this strict moral code of ethics at the largest evangelical univ in the us. But its president sounds drunk and is taking and posting really inappropriate stuff. And the senator is not ok with it. But he is ok with a guy who goes from A to B and ‘gets things done’.
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