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  1. He's on tv tonight. He sounds better I guess. Maybe he doesn't have a rooting interest in both teams. But he does love Green Bay.
  2. Aikman is bordeline un watchable (listenable)
  3. I went to charlotte about five years ago. Of course lost. They started the 85 chant. My buddy was wearing something non descript and I was wearing my jersey and got all the ire. The chant was clever actually.
  4. He's got moves. Is that the windshield wiper technique.
  5. Wes looks thicker this year than last. Im not overly impressed with Ortiz.
  6. They were probably not expecting Paulsen which was a good call by Sark. Also good was to call a deep throw to the end zone to "keep the d honest"
  7. Agreed. Seemed to want car to win
  8. Maybe cam will think twice even before sliding
  9. If anybody has a reputation it is Robert Alford for getting flags thrown and it is true or not intercepting balls
  10. I kind of like the way cam got popped
  11. Haha. True.
  12. Just remember that MR2 first NFL pass was for a TD
  13. Did Tom Brady handle that? Har har har.
  14. I think a qb like Russell Wilson would eat that misdirection game up. Good idea. Totally forgot about trapped. Used to hate it when I got trapped by o linemen in HS