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  1. Yeah he’s been terrible but is he continuing to be?
  2. Sanu with the 22 yard reception...... negated by penalty
  3. Could not have euclidiated your entire post better. This is the most irritating day thing. We are in the drivers seat 💺 to victory and we can’t close out due to aforementioned 3 and outs. points are great, but context is everything. And in the fourth, when you need it -like the Dallas game- and can’t run or get first downs. Well we know how it went...
  4. He’s had talent to work with. Everyone piling on Dk...but where is the outrage for lack of line development.
  5. Looks like the max protected on every deep route. Brady under pressure was like 1-9 w 2 ints
  6. Why is no one talking about Chris Morgan?
  7. so much to unpack. their 17 slung debo by the jersey five yards behind him.
  8. screens could help, but im not sure we can set them up the way they have been flying around
  9. im not calling anyone out, its just a discussion. just asking because d56 has made valid points in DKs favor before.
  10. we should definitely be attacking on the outside..and winning. @falconsd56 what say ye about Dirks playcalling thus far
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