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  1. Exactly. At the time it was too sanitary for my liking. I used to work for Harris Teeter and Kroger. So it’s mainly because I was partial to them. Plus Publix did NOT offer free samples. if I had the money and time I’d probably check out the markets in Thailand.
  2. Those were bigger stages and more important for sure. I think those were more ‘on’ he offensive coordinator. You could argue that ultimately it’s the HCs fault. The difference in those plays is we actually were trying and competing in a more pressure packed situation. But as for plays as I see DQ have direct and immediate input- especially directly after a timeout.
  3. Haven’t thought of that combo. Hot sauce or bbq or what?
  4. It goes down so Easy. An added bonus of eating out- out of town- no cooking!
  5. 🙌. The chicken tenders are mandatory. Put it with some honey mustard
  6. Yes yes blueberry 🫐 is tops. They take a long long time to dry out and they are notoriously hard to make.
  7. Do you ever home make scones? The drive. That is a big convenience. I miss Krogers.
  8. When I lived in atl I didn’t like Publix. I thought it was too sanitary. Now I do go and like the service and the bogos they have. Plus it’s 5 mins up the street.
  9. You were clearly wrong on that ryanchilled 3,823 Posted 44 minutes ago · IP Man how could we ever replace the 3 TD's Julio Jones gave us??? Just pay Julio 15 million for those 3 TD's, no one else can do that!!!!!
  10. Easily the worst play during his tenure. A new low at the time.
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