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  1. While we're at it. How about the offensive line who blocked for DVD.
  2. Wow. Never fully realized how tough and strong he was. Reminds me of steve smith a little bit.
  3. Good post. The aquarium pricing is outrageous. 130$ for a family of four. Plus parking. Plus food. Five dollars per for an out of towner? That's two cups of coffee nowadays. The MBZ guided tours are what 28$ per? and do t get me started on the owners. AB is quantum leap in spending vs his predecessor.
  4. I'm wondering if it is just the times and trends of the league but that is a lot more pass attempts for Matt
  5. I agree the force feeding to jj doesnt do anybody good sometimes.
  6. Thank you for looking into that. I didn't think that Matt really was on par with the great Peyton Manning. That doesn't diminish Matts numbers. But it's not quite a fair comparison. The sacks are the most interesting. It's no surprise matt is leading in sacks. I'm sure that differential has equal parts of Peyton being smart with the ball and not taking sacks and the lack of protection our schemes and line have give. Matt had the equivalent of one season more pass attempts so that could also play a role. But I think it highlights the protection differences. Peyton was known for checking and changing plays at the line which also may have reduced his pass attempts?
  7. Wow. A shoutout to Keion! Nice reference.
  8. In that game or in general? No doubt Matt has to up his game. And hopefully spread to either teco out of the backfield or saubert in the end zone.
  9. I think you may have proven the point that he is one of the most overlooked.
  10. I'd venture to say that he is the most under appreciated. As a matter of course anyone on the 1998 team is under appreciated.
  11. Hahah. Excellent choice.
  12. O. I thought he meant Our first round wrs who is will fuller again? Lol