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  1. I think @R_The_Great should put up a bit of his portfolio.
  2. Ah yes. Doing your dad duties. Getting baby out of the house. Good man
  3. Can teens babysit? Or be coerced? Aka bribed?
  4. back when music, movies, and culture was good!
  5. Aren’t they just the worst. I tell ya JD has that special magic sauce keeping this forum alive and kicking.
  6. JD fought for this forum in fact if it were t for him the entire forum could have been axed. He knows that the regulars love to come in here and banter. We get that.
  7. Just saw this. My condolences to you are your family, Gritz
  8. But a falcons game should be on the TV! ha. Jk. very nice setup and great jersey selection (best is crumpler of course)
  9. Kerrigan is still in the league? See I didn’t know that cause I never hear about them anymore. Must be a Panthers vs Redskins top rivalry thing.
  10. What a pimp! Is he on cromartie level?
  11. Exactly. Butter Heads. Butter heads. spellcheck! Butted heads
  12. And we would watch
  13. Safer than the Bosa Boys? That’s saying something. Wirfs over the bama Ot?