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  1. only in my own mind. i think that Herbert is a Virginia Tech prospect would be worth taking a look at in rounds 4-5. he will prob drop because of those measurables.
  2. Yeah for real. We had the best o line in years. And will have a mid first rounder in Darrishaw
  3. I tell ya what: If I went out like he did vs Tampa, I would want to come back too. Thing is, he probably can't even attempt to be a productive starter. He probably wouldn't want to come off the bench.
  4. Espn radio just came out with a state: no QB a drafted from 2009-2016 are on their original team. qbs drafted since 09 include Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman
  5. look it up. it may be a legacy you started! greatest achievement in hs..haha. i remember first seeing samus at the end of metroid...minds were blown!
  6. A video game club! nice. the best we had in that dept. was an A/V club. I remember going up to the AV room and blasting Bass 305. blast from past. But we did have a Fooseball table too at school. that was a good time. interactive entertainment. nice way of making it sound like something else to fly with the teachers..shows creativity. my son says it smash is epic and hes beaten it on story mode...his favorite character is dr. mario! of all the choices. i like Snake, trevor, or Ridley On another note I beat FFVII remake disc 1 on ps4....got to sephiroth o
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