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  1. I think some teams fans need to look at things realistically. Yes, we all wonder if our team will go on a run and win the SB, but realistically, whats progress? Jacksonville should be looking at getting a few more wins than last year, for example. A SB is not logical for them. As mentioned above, Atlanta should be thinking of 8-9 wins. If we do better, great. But the sky isn't falling if we don't.
  2. It's interesting watching it back with hindsight. MS was a good coach that lost his way, although the Falcons roster wasn't at it's best either.
  3. If he wins games, people will praise AS for those qualities mentioned. If he loses, he'll be criticized for the very same thing. I'm supporting him but ultimately he will be judged on his win/loss record.
  4. One of those coaches that, wherever they go, improve their new team. Always respect those people.
  5. This season feels, to me, like entering the 2008 season. Coming off a bad year, my hopes are not that high, but thinking we will be better. Making the playoffs would be a nice bonus.
  6. If I get tickets, then I aim to be there since I live in England.
  7. We can't be happy with Beasley, as he was a first rounder. But he played 78 games for Atlanta for 36.5 sacks, so I don't think he's a true bust. If he was a 5th rounder, we'd be delighted with that production. With a first rounder, we expect great things- quite often it doesn't happen.
  8. The issue now becomes, as the first few picks will all be QB's, the ones who might have been 2nd or 3rd rounders, will get moved up as teams overvalue the remaining QB's. So as said above, the secondary level QB will now go late first or early 2nd. That's how I see it.
  9. I suspect he would have retired already if he had a SB ring, but he's hanging on in the hope Arizona are close. I'm not sure they are any more than a playoff contender. Massive respect for Larry though. True pro in every way. And he never had a good QB throwing him the ball apart from Warner for a couple of years.
  10. Credit to him for not being a 'rich kid' If I had a million dollars, I'd do nothing. Or two chicks at the same time.
  11. Contributed well enough for a fifth round pick. Onwards we go.
  12. I knew someone would make that analogy Leaving your NFL team and supporting another is not like a GF, it's like leaving her and dating her sister.
  13. Why would anyone change their team? If I reached a point of enough with Falcons, I would just drift away from NFL, not find someone else.
  14. I can't remember (probably a combination of factors) but I'm sure someone will be along in a minute to say it was all Matt Ryan's fault.
  15. Some of this ties in to recognizing value as well. For example, don't overpay or overdraft a running back, don't feel you can't afford to let a player walk away, either. That's where Belichick is so good, as soon as the cost gets too high, he walks away. TD drafted well, but he wasn't great at seeing value.
  16. Someone who has consistently had good defenses wherever they have been, not someone who is flavor of the month because they have a defense filled with great players.
  17. The only criticism I have of AB is he sometimes 'falls in love' with players. Like saying he wanted Julio to be a Falcon for life, his bowing down to Vick early on, he's certainly not as interfering as Jerry Jones etc, but he needs to accept the hard decisions sometimes. If a player costs too much, let them go.
  18. Much as I like Neal, he needs to be considered as injury prone, so should have a contract to match that. For those that say trade Julio and/or Ryan, then that means a massive cap hit and a season (or more) to bottom out. If that's your plan, ok but it wouldn't be mine. I feel better coaching puts this team in the playoffs and while there are cap issues to navigate, it won't be as doom laden as some are saying. There are teams way worse than us in cap but it works out with careful planning.
  19. Ranks us as the worst job opening. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/07/ranking-the-available-coaching-jobs/
  20. Exactly. If a team is set on promoting a coordinator, then pick one who has had success continually with different teams in different systems.
  21. I've been grateful for MR his whole time here because he has proven himself continually. The worst thing is to have no franchise QB because you'll never have a shot at a SB, unless you manage to build an all time unit on other parts of your team. Getting a franchise QB is the hardest part. We have one, and it's a shame he wasn't given enough of a defense at any point. But there's some with an agenda on these boards.
  22. I was gonna post this but instead I'll just quote you. Harbaugh annoys people after a while so a team only has that window which fits with Atlanta if AB wants Ryan to stay around. If we go all in, then Harbaugh now and a total rebuild in 2023.
  23. He recruits well, so I'm wary of college coaches having success in the NFL since that doesn't translate.
  24. How many wins would it take to change your mind?
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