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  1. I'd hate to see him released. He's dependable, and those guys are vital.
  2. My mistake, sorry. People on this board have been complaining of why he doesn't play. I should have checked.
  3. Picking a QB may have been a no brainer, but Ryan had high ints in college so there were questions over whether he was a safe pick. Lots of us wanted Dorsey at DT and a QB later like Flacco or Henne. Dolphins messed up big style, at least the Rams had a QB at the time. Anyway, I digress. I said in an earlier post that pressure will be on Quinn if its another losing season, so much so that he probably would be fired. I could see Dimi getting canned too, as that will have been 2 coaches he's had.
  4. You're right, but the best teams do both jumbo runs and spread out passing. We don't seem to be great at either, although too many people criticize based on the outcome.
  5. Mostly agree. I do wonder if they're hanging on to Tavecchio in order to have him for next year. Perhaps Bryant has privately said he'll finish? Although it could be that he still isn't 100% healthy. I know this board loves Senat, and I thought he flashed potential, but to be a healthy inactive the last 2 games suggests the coaching staff are not happy with him. Still, he's a rookie so the arrow should point up.
  6. In s better year, this would be remembered as a highlight, now its just a footnote. Was great watching it happen though.
  7. I agree, mostly. But it does concern me that other teams get injuries and find a way. Washington, for example. Tampa Bay have had a disastrous season and right now have a better record than us. This team might have the best collection of offensive skill players in the NFL, an expensive O line that doesn't play like it, and in Quinn's 4th year here, still a weak defense. Injuries are certainly part of it, but the pressure is on him next year.
  8. I always wonder if the stupid threads are started by the same few using different names, or if its just a new troll who decided to log on and bait for a laugh?
  9. He's great off the snap but has no counter moves. Noting much against the run. To me, this makes him a situational pass rusher who can give you 5-6 sacks a year. Nice to have on your team, but you shouldn't be relying on him. I wonder if Quinn and/or Dimitroff see the same, but there's no one else to plug in.
  10. I'm ok with Quinn getting another season. It's too easy to fire the coach and think you will immediately be better. It can happen as Fisher to McVay, but more often than not, it's Giants, Cardinals, Browns where little difference comes. That being said, I would be expecting playoffs at a minimum next year.
  11. I believe we started 1-6 with Petrino, then stories started coming out of how he insisted on silence for team meals and stuff like that. When top people like Warrick Dunn dislike him, that says it all. And this was before he quit and lied to everyone about leaving. In no way is Quinn even near Petrino's level.
  12. The real good players stand out and he did. We've missed him.
  13. Reminds of Panthers running it almost every play against Mora Falcons. If you cant stop it when everyone knows its a run, you have problems.
  14. And when Atlanta ran on short yardage earlier it got stuffed. Defense was up at the line for the same again. Play-call was ok, pass just went too far.