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  1. It's way too soon to expect fan-less games and so on. Track what happens in China and after 3 months, they are lifting lockdowns but it remains to be seen. There's little chance the NFL plays games with no fans because they would be paying all the game-day expenses including player salaries but have no income from tickets, concessions etc.
  2. I thought Barner was excellent- just very reliable. Clayborn does his job- not many sacks but he's ok to have as part of the rotation- as long as the deal isn't too high.
  3. I used to agree with that, but when I look at the Saints, they continually push money forward and never seem to hit the wall. Maybe they will when Brees leaves but if the cap rises, maybe not.
  4. If the rule does change, we get to use the red helmets on black uniform that looks so good. That's assuming we keep the black helmet in the update coming in April.
  5. I love the fact that a logo was leaked a few weeks ago and the Rams said that wasn't it and it looked terrible. Today, the new logo gets released and it's basically the same one
  6. Dad?
  7. I'd love if they go real old school and just have Goodell beside a blackboard writing the picks up in chalk as they get phoned in.
  8. Clearly LB and DT. The rest depends on whether staff feel confident in CB and DE. I wonder if Dimi will go best available or target a need?
  9. Lindstrom fitted right in which, considering he missed most of the season, was very impressive. I'm more worried about McGary but time will tell.
  10. Considering they called Ryan's incomplete a fumble against Bills last year, this will be called a fumble. Brady would be given a new rule.
  11. For what it's worth, PFT have compiled a top 10 all decade list for special teams and Matt Bryant is at number 8. '8. Matt Bryant: While a rough 2019 revival with Atlanta put a damper on the end of the decade, Bryant has nevertheless been terrific for the Falcons. His 88.1 percent field goal conversion rate is third behind Tucker and Gostkowski and he ranks fourth in total points.' It may have ended rocky but he did a tremendous job overall for Atlanta. As a side not, I might have to think about who is on our all decade team.
  12. I respect you for having some thought into this rather than just screaming for TD to be fired. Hill does have the experience I admit, but I keep coming back to the fact that almost everyone says the Falcons have a talented roster, so surely that means TD has done well? Again, he does have some flaws but overall I think he does alright.
  13. No to all of them. There's good reasons why they are not currently GM's and they are all guys who have good connections around the league, which is probably why they ended up on an list. I'm not 100% in support of TD but I also think we could do a **** of a lot worse.
  14. He's at a 77 level, 6 points behind Ryan. Also interesting is Aikman at a 63, so either the tool is inaccurate or Aikman was overrated and shouldn't be in the HOF.
  15. Interesting that quite a few people have picked fullbacks. Maybe it speaks to the position being unsung.