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  1. It's amazing how many players just turn up and play, so to speak, but the real great ones do every little thing. I hope Fowler can be our best pass rusher since Abraham, and maybe he can bring along Takk as well.
  2. It's strange he didn't take the opt out. If he was having doubts about playing for Tennessee, then at least that would have bought him time. Now, he either turns up late or refuses to play- looks bad in both situations.
  3. Crazy that we got him for a 5th round pick. Such good value. Love those players who work hard as well as having talent, separates the NFL player from the best NFL player.
  4. Nice job on the room. Whats the white helmet? Can't quite see who it is.
  5. I didn't realize that. Thanks for the info.
  6. Before the Dome got demolished, the Falcons sold off the seats. Did anyone here buy one/some, and if so, where did you place it?
  7. I hate the kneejerk reaction of media/fans. Someone like Beckham has a good/great season and he is anointed the best WR in the game, while Julio does it year after year.
  8. Being as teams have their defense focused on Julio, quite often doubled, there would be value in motioning more often. Stress the defense at least.
  9. Tavecchio looked good when he filled in for the injured Bryant the previous season, so they figured he would be fine. Turns out he wasn't. As for Bosher- I thought that stat of him being the most blocked punter was concerning and Allen performed way better when he came in.
  10. Kind of surprising that there isn't a college job opportunity for him, unless he wants NFL only.
  11. As a side note- if you make an all decade team, I feel you should be in the HOF at some point. Nobis should be.
  12. I'd say yes, but I thought that the last few years. Bit worried about the D line- feel we're too reliant on Grady still. Time will tell. We're in a better position than many teams.
  13. Unfortunately I agree. He had a good career in Atlanta but finished with a poor performance in the Arizona game and then acted like a jackass with Dallas the following year. (if I remember it right)
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