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  1. In that case, fair enough. I'd never heard that. Thanks 1989fan.
  2. I don't recall Parcells being blamed for Dolphins not drafting Ryan. Maybe it helps that Long wasn't a bust, but they needed a franchise QB and he waited until Chad Henne.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked 'if' Tavecchio struggles and then Atlanta calls Bryant.
  4. At least most of those teams would see themselves as playoff worthy, the poor old Bucs have no cap room and no talent. How did that happen?
  5. Vic Carucci reporting that it's just a rumour and nothing more. Bills and Steelers spoke but that was it.
  6. What I would say is, the times I saw Michigan last year, Gary didn't stand out at all, but in the Houston games, Oliver certainly did. Small sample size of course, but I'll go by what I've seen. Ferrell looked good but is it because his dline was loaded?
  7. I can see the logic of thinking that Price was an ascending player, and COULD go from no.2 to no.1 guy. His first year wasn't bad as he had a backup QB to catch from, but things really dropped then. Expectations always hurt a player, it may be he wasn't committed to working hard. You see it a lot in the NFL. I liked Jenkins but he was only ever a supplementary receiver, it took White a few years to become Roddy we all know.
  8. They say the playbook isn't on there, I wonder what is.
  9. Not sure I'd go that far. His play is vital to us and he seems like a good guy who wouldn't get lazy. But there's always a limit to what you should pay. TD needs to have done his maths and stick to it. FYI- glad you mentioned Babineaux. Always like his game.
  10. The fact is, if the Falcons go 6-10 or worse next season then big decisions would have to be made. What I will say is, AB has become a good owner. Read Seth Wicksersham's article on espn, at least we don't have Haslam as Atlanta's owner. What a mess.
  11. I'd somehow forgotten about this. One of the worst calls I've ever seen. Ryan clearly threw the ball away. I could see it in real time so was confident it would be overturned on replay.
  12. Also, don't have any particular issue with the Panthers, just that Newton is a tool. Only disliked the Bucs when Gruden was his loudmouth self,
  13. It was Brees who irritated me. Always the narrative that he was a team guy who didn't want to leave NO, but he squeezed every penny out of all his deals (which he had the right to) Also he would always keep throwing to inflate his numbers in games that were already decided. I loved it when his TD streak ended against us. With the halftime clock approaching he could have spiked it to get a fg, but he couldn't resists throwing it and time ran out.
  14. My mistake. Just goes to show how memories get twisted.
  15. Except the play before he got stuffed for no gain.