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  1. Exactly. If a team is set on promoting a coordinator, then pick one who has had success continually with different teams in different systems.
  2. I've been grateful for MR his whole time here because he has proven himself continually. The worst thing is to have no franchise QB because you'll never have a shot at a SB, unless you manage to build an all time unit on other parts of your team. Getting a franchise QB is the hardest part. We have one, and it's a shame he wasn't given enough of a defense at any point. But there's some with an agenda on these boards.
  3. I was gonna post this but instead I'll just quote you. Harbaugh annoys people after a while so a team only has that window which fits with Atlanta if AB wants Ryan to stay around. If we go all in, then Harbaugh now and a total rebuild in 2023.
  4. He recruits well, so I'm wary of college coaches having success in the NFL since that doesn't translate.
  5. How many wins would it take to change your mind?
  6. It would have made some sense if they were trying to run out the clock but then used their own TO to stop it. Crazy.
  7. Interestingly, I felt Beasley was a similar athlete- Great speed off the snap but little other moves. I wonder if DQ felt he could coach anyone up, certainly gave VB and Taak plenty of opportunities.
  8. Being as the Falcons don't have a GM officially, I would be surprised if they made any moves. Plus AB said he wanted the next GM to have full choices so all decisions will be held until then. It doesn't matter this season- we're going nowhere anyway.
  9. I think Belichick saw this as a reset year. If Newton or Stidham does well, then great. But if not he will get higher draft picks and reload for next year. He turns any situation to his advantage.
  10. I agree with everything except the last bit, because the Not For Long league means things can change quick. One impact player can pull the defense up a level. As you say 2012 was decent but relied on Abraham. Another player like him and the current defense is middle of the pack. SB windows close quick but they can open quick too.
  11. I always think a team like the Patriots 'find a way to win' but with Atlanta, it's find a way to lose. Look at the last two mins of that game- a catalog of errors. Both strategic and on field.
  12. I agree. Kick the FG because then you go up 4 and force Detroit to get a TD next time. Normally I'm a supported of going for it on 4th down, but in that case, it should have been a kick.
  13. Wasn't McKay's drafting pretty poor overall? Thats how I remember him giving up GM duties. In the long run, he was better off. GM's eventually get fired, in his current role he's as safe as an NFL job can be.
  14. Was it due to Kerney? I heard Atl were set on drafting Laron Landry but were stunned when Washington took him two spots before. So they panicked and drafted JA98, despite not meeting him beforehand.
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