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  1. He's pretty high up the sack totals list, 12th all time, so he is in with a shout. I suspect he may have to wait but I loved his time here. I remember late in a game against New Orleans, they were driving to tie the game, and on third down he smashed Brees into the dirt to finish it.
  2. You think it's not? A rookie who gets injured in week one, will be in boot for eight weeks, and then needs to practice after that. So at best, he'll be able to contribute around Thanksgiving. I hope he comes back strong but it's made things difficult.
  3. It's essentially a lost season for him now. Brown and Carpenter the rest of the way, I suppose.
  4. As the Pats are SB champions, no one is better than them right now. We don't know about the Saints yet, while yesterday threw up some results that may or may not signify a trend. Are Ravens good, or Dolphins bad? Are Titans good, or Browns bad? Are Vikings good, or... You see my point. Well, you won't because some on here will bash the Falcons no matter what.
  5. Mad... clearly is a troll. I might be stating the obvious there. On another post, he feels Falcons should move to St Louis. I haven't got a single person on block because I like to hear both sides, but there's a few on here who are just beyond any sort of rational thought.
  6. My apologies for posting already known info. @ya_boi_j Living in Britain means I get my news at different times.
  7. Jay Glazer is reporting that the fear is a broken bone in foot. Pending further tests on Monday. Can really do without him missing most of the season.
  8. At no point should you feel I'm over-reacting. Turnovers killed us and it concerns me that for week one, we looked the opposite of ready. But it is one game of sixteen. Don't throw me in with the people on this board who say we're terrible and should fire everyone now.
  9. Also, Vikings had a lot of penalties. Shame we couldn't have capitalised on that. But 2 fumbles, an int and a blocked punt does that.
  10. McGary did do alright. On one sack, the tight end let him down. For his first start, he showed some promise. Bit surprised at Matthews, but he'll bounce back.
  11. Yes, there were individual playcalling issues but generally, the offense moved the ball ok. Turnovers killed it. Time of possession was equal to Minnesota. I'm not saying we dont have a problem but the way this board will go in the next few days...
  12. Not many positives, I grant you. Ito Smith showed some good elusiveness and a key pass block .Already better than Freeman at that. Barner returned well I thought. Gage with a great catch, unfortunately out of bounds. Ridley continuing on from last season. Jarrett being his usual dominant self. Otherwise, a poor performance in all three phases.
  13. One of the most comprehensively poor performances across all three phases I've seen from Atlanta. The only way is up but Philly often does well against us so 0-2 could easily happen. I wouldn't blame Bosher as much for the blocked punt as it seemed like the defender was closing in as soon as he caught it. But poor team play overall.
  14. On paper, the Pats have a strong WR group. But Thomas is coming off a serious injury, Josh Gordon could do well or get suspended again, while AB could go either way at this point. Their strength could become a weakness very quickly. Have to wait and see. Surprised that AB got 9m signing bonus. Surely no one else was bidding that?
  15. I wonder who the panicking people on here will move onto next now Bryant has been taken back? Beasley? Trufant? Ryan?