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  1. It does seem like he comes out of the game more than he should, but the snap counts suggest he's within a normal range.
  2. It took 10 mins of real time for the last 40 secs of the half. Ridiculous.
  3. That should do it. Happy New Year if you're in England like me.
  4. Thanks for posting. Just as Schweitzer seems to mess up every week, Sanu makes a lot of positive plays. He's almost underrated in how valuable he's been for Atlanta.
  5. From looking at the helmet design online, it does seem impressive. It appears crazy that teams wouldn't have the best equipment provided for their players.
  6. I seem to remember Arthur Blank saying he wanted it to be an outdoor stadium with the ability to cover up, not an indoor stadium with an open roof. The bit I dont get is if it takes longer than expected to open the roof, so what? Plenty of retractable roof stadiums take 30 mins or so to open. They just open them on the morning of the game. Still a cool stadium though.
  7. Can someone send this to Jason Licht since he thinks a kicker is top 2?
  8. Great job on the spreadsheet. Makes for interesting reading as so few of the roster are over 30.
  9. Thanks for posting the pics. It looks amazing. Wish they would have the roof open for some games this season.
  10. Thats brilliant. It gives me high hopes for the season when I hear things like this.
  11. Great if he turns it around, but I'm skeptical. The knock on him from the beginning was that he was lazy and his first three years back that up. Interesting that he mentions the previous coaching staff as a factor in the problems. Isn't he in a contract year too?
  12. Right now, Julio although Matt Ryan close. All time might be John Abraham.