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  1. He's been inactive due to injury I though. Seem to remember him being on the injury report the last few weeks. Hope he can contribute soon.
  2. He does a great job, especially considering his draft position. He also blitzes well. Think he's a free agent at end of season too.
  3. Loved it but I half expected a flag for unnecessary roughness with the way the league is going. Wish I was joking...
  4. Not sure we should be listening to quotes from Dr Chao. There's been a lot of issues in his medical career.
  5. Saying the Falcons don't know how to draft a QB is baseless. They won't spend a third round or higher pick on a QB as we are not a rebuilding team. Ideally, they would get a late round QB that improves but that is rare.
  6. The Eagles usually wear white for their first few home games, I seem to recall.
  7. My first was vs Detroit at Wembley. Was sitting there trying to figure out why Lions were awarded an extra time out to kick their fg, because obviously Mike Smith wouldn't be stupid enough to call time out for them.
  8. It's even worse than I remember then. White, Jones and Gonzalez to throw to, Turner at RB, Ryan at QB. How do you get shut out with those guys?
  9. This reminded me of two things: 1- how Vick let us down even before the dog issues. 2- how crap that playoff loss to the Giants was, only two **** points off a safety. This prompted TD to trade up for Julio, didn't it?
  10. Daniel has approx $24m career earnings, Whitehurst has $17.5m. Either way, great work if you can get it. Back QB might be the best job in the NFL- little criticism and high salary.
  11. The one closest to Chase Daniel might be Charlie Whitehurst. 10 years in the league and started less than ten times. So made a lot of money and taken very little punishment.
  12. You have to pay for the best QB's. I get the argument but Rodgers, Brees and the rest command big money too. Brady is the only one who takes less and as his company has a contract with the Patriots, there's clearly extra being added in.
  13. That's the one thing that bothers me. As amazing as the stadium is, at the very beginning of the planning, Arthur Blank said he wanted an open air stadium with the ability to close the roof, not the opposite.
  14. I'll pray for you, and really hope that you see Atlanta lift the Super Bowl in their own stadium.
  15. Good news. I'd love it to be open most of the season unless it was raining heavily.