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  1. would be better than harrington, give him a shot
  2. Dre Moore has bust written all over him, I like phillip wheeler, hes got great intangibles like tony taylor our back-up MLB. I am intrigued by Cottam, i dont know much about him, but those measurables look impressive
  3. The **** with the Rams.....................HE'S OURS !!!!!!!!! Rams will draft dorsey b4 long
  4. ive been getting banned for talking about weed and hookers on this forum, i'll probably be banned for this post so i'll just come back tonite with a new name
  5. i know what the rams need its slighty more than a miracle the funny thing is though your needs could both be gone by the time you pick not likely, but if you and the dolphins pass on chris long than we will gladly take him, i can only dream right?
  6. for the last time im not new, i just get banned by the ##### admins like everyday, ive got over a hundred posts...i shoot heroin, john wayne gacy, and keith thompson are my former names. babbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyy woooooooooooooooo
  7. The falcons suck, i dont know how long youve been gone but this could be shocking news to you
  8. Jake Long....no matter if dorsey is there, if dorsey and J long gone than chris long, but he won't be there
  9. we need LT (Jake Long), DT (Dorsey), and Qb which we will get in the 2nd or 3rd round. The Rams need...(a miracle)
  10. i would inject of a bunch of drugs and play russian roulette in hopes in would be dead b4 he put on the falcons cap.
  11. the kid allowed TWO sacks and TWO penalties in his entire four year career at Michigan. Thats what some lineman give up in a game, he played over 40. Basically, he shut down grown men, just like the admins of this board get shut down by grown women (and some teenage girls) everyday. In case you dont know i constantly get banned from this board for no reason, so i will take shots at the admins until I die of old age. Jake Long Dong Silver
  12. oh and 680 AM can see into the future I guess, I'm sure they got a psychic medium to read Jerry Jones's mind and reported it to a city 1,000 miles away. lame
  13. you nailed it brookhaven, thank you for someone with football IQ
  14. why does one play characterize his career nickname. Michael "pick six" Jenkins was are second leading reciever last year after roddy, why can't we name him "second leading falcons reciever" jenkins. or "7 tds two years ago" Jenkins, or "amazing red zone threat" Jenkins. Im just asking that you use nicknames based on facts, and the fact is that he made one bad play and gets a bad rap
  15. yes he did, they were playactions from the shotgun. also, im not sure what you mean by timing route, all passes must be delivered accurately and on time to be a good qb
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