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  1. I'm a Falcons fan, but I'm happy for Vick as well. I still support him and hopes he does well on the field and off. I'll be at the Eagles game along with two other games and possibly the road game at Tampa this year. I'm going to make my first ever sign to bring to the game that says something like "Thank you Vick from a Falcons fan." I still appreciate what he did for the Falcons on the field and I really hope he gets his career back on track. If any of you have a problem with any of that save your comments until you see me at the Dome. Comments made behind a keyboard and username by wann
  2. This whole thread is ridiculous. I appreciate all the contributions Reeves, Bennett, Mora and Smith made for the Falcons. You can like one coach over the other, but it's unnecessary to rip all the others in doing so. Each one of those four coaches (along with many other coaches we've been fortunate to have) gave us some great wins and was responsible of laying down some sort of foundation while they were here. Kudos go out to every coach that ever worked for the Falcons.
  3. Optimistic Matt Ryan looks like he'll be a good QB for years to come For that matter, Smith seems like he'll be a good coach and Dimitroff looks like he'll be a good GM for years to come too Addition of Gonzales Good offensive line Koenen is one of NFL's best punters No one else in the division really improved that much or actually regressed Rest of division has to play the NFC East and AFC East like we do Good chance to finally get back-to-back winning seasons Pessimistic: Only one guy was able to get to the QB last year Turner might run out of steam if we use him too much Secondary has a way
  4. We'll all just have to agree to disagree on this one. I never said he was a good sportsman, but that doesn't much matter. In America, winners are winners and losers are losers no matter how you act. Things like good sportsmanship, graciousness and humbleness will be forgotten, but success won't. No matter what he did, he would still be a loser. It's not like he would have meant it had he shaken their hands, so why lie? In fact, why do athletes shake hands after a loss period? I just don't see a problem in people being upset when they lose. I think what LeBron did was good in that it sho
  5. Here are a few bad ones: -Your friend is cute, but you're cuter. -Are you a cop? You can frisk me and chain me up any time. -If you came home with me I'd finally have lights and heat. -Do you have a car? You can give me a ride any day. -I was watching you from the other side of the room and couldn't help but to notice you have a really big butt. -You're from where? I think I have a house over there too. -I want to go south of your border! Call me an illegal alien after I shoot you into space. -Nice hair. The horse it came from must have been beautiful. -If you own your own business I hope
  6. I don't see anything that was so bad about what he did. The guy was upset he lost. Why should he go and shake the opponents' hand? You can claim LeBron isn't being a good role model but I think he actually taught kids a lesson: you're not supposed to be happy about losing or failure. If you think otherwise you'd better watch how you act and what you post on these boards after the Falcons lose, or when you fail at anything in life in general because kids will be looking at your example like they did LeBron's. In all actuality I would have been more disappointed in LeBron had he been gracio
  7. Are we talking about former Falcons? If so I guess Petrino would be it. I would imagine there are players and coaches from other teams Falcons fans hate more though. That former QB of ours still has fans and others who empathized with him, so he's not the most hated.
  8. It doesn't matter. Don't forget our division mates share 14 of our 16 opponents with us. The AFC East and NFC East both have to play us and our division mates. So in the end it's going to all even itself out. It won't be the schedule that determine our success because Tampa, Carolina and New Orleans have mostly the same opponents. We just need to take care of our divisional games.
  9. It's a bit much for us to expect the Falcons to average a 12-4 record. It'll take something like the 49ers had in the 80s and 90s for us to pull that off. The NFL isn't set up for teams to go on consistent 10+ win seasons for 20 years straight anymore. For the time being I just want to pass the Saints, who overtook us a few years ago.
  10. Here are my answers: 1. We should not "torture" for any reason. Either America is a nation of standards or it isn't. Let's prove to the rest of the world that we're better than the other countries who try to hurt us. I will say that we're free to do anything that is not torture and not unethical. Let's interrogate the right way. 2. Waterboarding is not torture. When you beat on someone or cause physical harm, then it's torture. Splashing water on someone's face isn't. 3. I doubt we get little information from people when we "torture" them. The terrorists are not like us; they are wil
  11. Glenn Beck is doing the same thing right now. He's wasting his airtime talking about the incident on his radio show. I turned the channel and came back for the beginning of the second hour in hopes of him talking about something else but he was still talking about it. So if you're going to bash The View crew for wasting time over nothing you have to bash Beck as well. In the meantime I'm tuning over to Boortz; Beck has lost a listener for a day.
  12. Sports should not be compulsory in high school. That'd cost a lot of money to pull off. Also, just because you're on a sports team doesn't mean you have to play. The coach may not even put you in because you're simply not as good as some of the other kids. Also, not all sports offer physical activity. The idea of making kids play sports is just full of holes. What does this do to the other non-athletic extracurricular activities such as the band, JROTC or the FBLA? Will kids have time to take after school jobs or internships if they want them? Can all parents afford to get their kids sp
  13. All I expect him to do is not lose the game for us. That not only goes for him, but for anyone else in a Falcons uniform. I don't care about the stats just as long as we win.
  14. 1. I wish I had: total freedom and happiness 2. I wish I never had: declined to go out on a date with a girl in high school. 3. Never been so happy as when: I got a phone call with my boss telling me I had just been hired for my first real job 4. Never been so scared as when: I had to confront one of my college professors about a grade change. I disliked her so much. 5. You find a purse / wallet stuffed with cash on a deserted street - Do you hand it in or keep it?: I've been through this before. If there's anything in there with a name and/or address, I mail it back anonymously. If there i
  15. The only thing I can suggest is that you wait until a bit closer to game day to make the request. It's only May. The Falcons game day managers probably aren't taking any requests now. I'd say wait until August-September to make your request. Have a good time coming here to America, to Atlanta and to the Dome for the game. Good luck with your marriage.
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