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  1. Thanks. Getting the Ryan Jersey framed is definitely something I want to do. Waiting for the right deal on a frame. Every one I find is waaaaay too expensive! ...thus the super cool hanger setup! I'd love to have some Superfan artwork autographed.
  2. Thanks. I just got the tv in the middle of December. I wasn't looking for a tv that big (65") but thanks to the Best Buy Black Friday sale online, I couldn't resist it for only $999.00 + free delivery.
  3. Thanks! ...and on the Falcons logos... one day... one day! ...got a baby on the way so may be one day a long way!
  4. My Man Cave. Took about 5 years to collect all the stuff. Just finished it in early December. Notice the custom Falcons poster purchased off eBay to benefit the Mike Smith Charity Fund Raiser. More Falcons gear to be added. Images are attached. Click to enlarge.
  5. You could be right... This sounds about like a voodoo chant at about 13sec... :unsure:
  6. 10-6 seems to be a very realistic expectation. Matt Ryan is too smart to continue making mistakes and the defense has played well enough to keep us in every game. The Birds can pull this off!
  7. I hope you are able to proceed. I really liked the sketch and would love to have it hanging on my "Falcons Wall." I really appreciate the effort for all the custom work all of you do... and I can never have enough custom Falcons artwork.
  8. Very tough loss... However, many of us supported this team through the worst of the worst, so, even though this is very disappointing, it is nice to able to compete. This team is still going to have a winning season.
  9. BUMP! I bought my copy this morning! This is something very unique that few fans will have the chance to get... and it's all for charity! It would be great if these were numbered or signed by Gritzblitz, but I don't know if that is possible.
  10. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -- Edmund Burke

  11. Hi, I rarely post, but read the boards almost every day. I must say this is a great idea! I'm definitely in!
  12. They did not have them at all at the QT on Hwy 78 in Snellville, but that was a few weeks back. I have bought 10 of them and won nothing.
  13. If Mike Smith = Bobby Cox, I'll take take him any day... and so would many other teams.
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