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  1. Thank-you all The big 5-0 for me (and yes I do mostly lurk, only posting occasionally)
  2. As I live in the UK, I don't get to see my Falcons in person (only saw them in person when they played the Lions a few years ago when they played in London) as much as someone who is a ticket holder and lives stateside. With that said, I (along with others) are no doubt saddened to not be able to watch them in person, but look forward to seeing them play on tv. Whilst I appreciate, that season ticket holders are robbed of a game (if they play internationally as the home team), it allows fans who might not be able to see them regularly, an opportunity to watch this great sport / team which allows the game to blossom and attract more (potential) fans to the game. Whoever was advising that they don't appreciate the 09:30 start time (to watch the game from London), give a little thought for those of us who watch the games (especially Thursday Night Football) during the early hours of the morning (or whatever time zone you live in) on a regular basis - we are no better (or worse) than you in supporting our team but do not moan about it as much.
  3. Yes, but it is not the best way to tackle - kiwi is correct about the correct form to use
  4. Of the 3 (three) options here, I personally would go with Option 1 , but all of them have serious plus points. I like the idea (think it KoG's) of trading the 1st away + plus others to get Jamal Adams the best though - although this is probably the least likeliest to occur IMO (seeing how the FO have addressed things in the past)
  5. This is my exact feeling of dread - moving up for Henderson
  6. The biggest concern is not you contracting it (and showing symptoms) but rather you contracting it and passing it along to others who might not be able to fight it as well as you - hence why people are isolating themselves for fear of passing it to a loved one (and if they are not they certainly should be)
  7. 7th - I'ma coming for you Skeet lol (not too bad from someone from the UK). Congrats on your victory by the way.
  8. Mine is Tre' Crawford (49). Not too sure who else has worn it, as it's difficult to do research whilst using my phone lol
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