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  1. He is working as an analyst / commentator (Sunday only) on Sky sports and also does "Inside the Huddle" which is shown on a Thursday (this airs in the UK) atm - not too sure if he does anything else though
  2. He is working as an analyst / commentator (Sunday only) on Sky sports and also does "Inside the Huddle" which is shown on a Thursday (this airs in the UK) atm - not too sure if he does anything else though
  3. He is working as an analyst / commentator (Sunday only) on Sky sports (this airs in the UK) atm - not too sure if he does anything else though
  4. All am based in the UK, would anyone recommend a good streaming site. I have access to SKY however, they tend to show the featured games and I want to be able to choose the game(s) that I want to watch (obviously other than Falcon games) TIA Dave
  5. Thank-you all The big 5-0 for me (and yes I do mostly lurk, only posting occasionally)
  6. As I live in the UK, I don't get to see my Falcons in person (only saw them in person when they played the Lions a few years ago when they played in London) as much as someone who is a ticket holder and lives stateside. With that said, I (along with others) are no doubt saddened to not be able to watch them in person, but look forward to seeing them play on tv. Whilst I appreciate, that season ticket holders are robbed of a game (if they play internationally as the home team), it allows fans who might not be able to see them regularly, an opportunity to watch this great sport / team
  7. Yes, but it is not the best way to tackle - kiwi is correct about the correct form to use
  8. Of the 3 (three) options here, I personally would go with Option 1 , but all of them have serious plus points. I like the idea (think it KoG's) of trading the 1st away + plus others to get Jamal Adams the best though - although this is probably the least likeliest to occur IMO (seeing how the FO have addressed things in the past)
  9. This is my exact feeling of dread - moving up for Henderson
  10. The biggest concern is not you contracting it (and showing symptoms) but rather you contracting it and passing it along to others who might not be able to fight it as well as you - hence why people are isolating themselves for fear of passing it to a loved one (and if they are not they certainly should be)
  11. 7th - I'ma coming for you Skeet lol (not too bad from someone from the UK). Congrats on your victory by the way.
  12. If you watch the gut behind the counter (at the beginning of the clip) he is looking off-camera in the direction of where the child enters the picture - possibly, the child is making some noise (can't really figure why the guy would be looking otherwise) or something similar. The guy on the phone probably can't hear whats being said and decides to deal with the situation in the wrong way!! LOL Also, the woman at the counter (presumably with the guy on the phone) knows that he has done wrong and she actually hits the guy on the shoulder as if telling him off just before he gets hit and ends up
  13. Hi All since the move over to this new board, I seem to have lost certain threads, one of which is / was a question and responses as to suggestions for purchasing NFL jerseys (pro's and con's of buying authentics). I followed one suggestion (a seller recommended on Ebay) and have just found out that she is no longer trading apparently following trademark issues with the jerseys. Therefore, can anyone suggest alternative sellers of (sewn-on not screen-printed) jerseys? Thanks in advance
  14. Not a problem!!! The correct pronounication of Caramel (as far as I am concerned anyway is): 'Carr' (as in carrot) 'ra' as in ra-ra skirt 'mel' (as in Melanie). Any other queries / corrections you wish pointing out please feel free to direct to someone else (sorry, don't have enough time to sort out the American language completely!!!!!)
  15. tire - as in exhaustion or, tyre - as in vehicle and defence is a 'c' not an 's' over here (have you ever noticed that the American's shorten (and therefore mis-spell) the majority of words - a bastardisation of the Queens english ( guess it must be nice to know that you fought a war (of independence) to change the spelling of words).
  16. Am from the UK, and we spell colour correctly. Always knew there was a reason I liked the Canadians lol
  17. I will take my life in my hands and say: released: Daren Stone signed: Tony Gilbert But what do I know?
  18. It's only a game!!!!! FF is just something that keeps me going on a yearly basis (don't see to many Falcons games over here). I have Bush as a Keeper in one league (managed to get to the play-offs with him last year) - as long as he doesn't score against the Falcons, then listen out for me shouting Feel free to try and punch me - live in the UK, so you 'd better have long old arms
  19. Just checked (out of curiousity) and to ship a Ryan replica jersey to the UK is $94.46!!!! Based on the fact that to ship to other parts of the world is $107ish -I guess their getting a good price!!!! (halfway round the world from me here in the UK and only $12 difference) No wonder I put a post on here a while back and got a couple of great 'heads-ups' on Ebay sellers (it doesn't particulary bother me whether the jerseys I buy are genuine or not as long as they are well made (and stitched not screen-printed) - who is likely to know the difference over here?). Would be interested to hear the
  20. Hi All was wondering where you get your Jerseys (sewn not printed) - ie from NFL or elsewhere as I'm having a nightmare trying to find cheap(ish) sewn on Jerseys - being based in the UK probably isn't helping either!!!! Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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