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  1. Didn't see it on the play at the time, but now that it has been pointed out, can't stop watching it lol
  2. thanks for this analysis, it just goes to show there are people who don't just fear the sky is falling when everything doesn't go as they think it should in preseason, it's about getting timing and routes correct before the regular season starts it's just a practice for want of a better description
  3. Always thought 'shede had all the potential in the world, he just flashed it occasionally rather than consistently, still pulling for him but don't think he will put it all together unfortunately (hopefully I am proved wrong and he lights it up)
  4. As I said in another thread, thanks once again for these daily updates, it really helps people like me who cannot make it to camp (living in another country really sucks at times) keep abreast of what is happening and who to look out for
  5. I truly believe that assuming he stays healthy (god willing) he will really come to the fore of the defense and will be mentioned as one of the best this year
  6. Living in the UK, I always looked forward to your photos' and take on the training camp days as I am unable to experience it first-hand, my thanks to everyone (especially Fentaye) who takes the time to post up photo's / tweets about it, it really does help me get a feel for what is happening / likely to happen in the future (who to watch etc)
  7. For my part, it would be Sanu and Shelby
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^This is my take also (for what it is worth) lol
  9. will mesage you, although I dont meet the post count (more of a lurker than a poster tbh) as I have been in this particular league for the last several seasons, and if it is not to be, then I wish everyone good luck and hope we go 1 game further this year. ukd
  10. lol - nothing quite like watching a game or the draft in the wee small hours because yout team is playing or drafting or just for the love of the game itself
  11. Me too!! R u UK based?
  12. Have just PM'd you
  13. Thanks Just registered again this year - lets hope I do better than last year!!!! ukd