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  1. I'm in - thanks
  2. I'm in as well
  3. Mine is Tre' Crawford (49). Not too sure who else has worn it, as it's difficult to do research whilst using my phone lol
  4. I think the sentiment was either way a person doesn't know about it. UKD
  5. AFMB Yahoo League Just a quick thank-you to the league organiser (Adrian) for running it and allowing me to participate in it (9th is not great but everyone has to start somewhere I guess lol). Congratulations also to Lowndesfalcs (Wade) for winning the whole thing (watch your back I will be coming for you next year). ukd
  6. Merry Christmas All (except here in the UK where we're supposed to say Happy Holidays for fear of upsetting / offending someone!!! (bloomin' snowflakes))
  7. Hi EBR I don't believe that any chinese website does legit jerseys but could be wrong on that point. If legit isn't an issue you could look at Aliexpress (similar to ebay), they ship worldwide so that isn't a concern, however, they (from memory) seemed to focus on bigger names so wouldn't expect them to cater for smaller (named) players, although you could always contact the seller and see if they could do different players from the ones they are advertising? HTH ukd
  8. Realised it was NFL survivor and NOT Yahoo lol - too many leagues going across multiple platforms lol Thanks anyway ukd
  9. All Has anything happened to survivor at all? I was in it week 1 (picked the Bucs to lose, who'd of thought that they would spank the Stains eh!!!), then couldn't access it week 2 or just now for week 3? Any ideas?
  10. I'm another!! Thought the Bucs had no chance on the road Now I remember why I dislike the stains!!! Hopefully I can pull it back as losing the first isn't a great start (although on the plus side, I did win my matchup in the AMFB league, so one positive to take away I suppose). ukd
  11. Thanks for this. Have joined again after taking part last year. Also had no joy with Firefox, had to login with Chrome ukd