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  1. As a UGA student I can assure you all not many of us care at all about the redcoat band. not even a little bit. no offense.
  2. You don't know Boley and you don't know his wife. Maybe you shouldn't give either the benefit of the doubt or pass judgment on either. Wait until the truth comes.
  3. Aaron Kelly in the sig? Dude is a beast. I saw him play in high school and now he is realllly breaking out. I'd like to see him in a falcons uniform one day.
  4. What?? Either way, I love Boley as a player and I hope this turns out okay, but a man doesn't act that way. Not toward his wife, not towards any woman, not towards any person. I don't care how much money he makes. He ought to grow up and learn to control himself.
  5. If you had ten million dollars and you owned a football team...would you give it to a Quarter back who will be in prison for at least one more season? Would you also give up players/draft picks to do it?
  6. I think Babs should move to DE personally, I think he'd be better than Anderson and he gets pressure consistently when he plays by using quickness...
  7. How do we let Frank Okam slip by while we draft a projected UDFA tweener...
  8. They must of forgotten that they DIDNT draft Glenn Dorsey back at 3
  9. Why didn't they just draft Josh Barret if they wanted a SS...
  10. I would take Marcus Howard's 10.5 sacks in the SEC over 15 in D-IAA
  11. If he is going to play SLB than we drafted a player at the position of very least need... He needs to be able to play end and I hope thats where he fits
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