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  1. time to see how this team closest this out... its the area we need to improve on most IMO.
  2. that was indeed a penalty.... we need to calm it down a bit
  3. i dont mind the rogers scrambling so much.... i think well start getting to him eventualy.. we look pretty good against the pass
  4. we dont look too bad on D IMO. we are against a good offense.. I think we'll adjust
  5. possibly the greatest movie intro of all time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz0HFr3VgNw&feature=related
  6. i dont like the feel of this whole game..... no good...
  7. ... maybe he brings the smaller one to save on baggage fees
  8. someone needs to make a big play to get the ball rolling.. we look flat.
  9. i wanna see the run get cranked up like that... very nice
  10. i hate when the team looks like this... i dont mind the score as much as how bad the team looked
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