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  1. someone with more knowledge help me out here.... how does our defense look this bad? it showed promise early in the year but its looking like 2009 all over again lately
  2. i dont like that pick.. for some reason his tend to come in pairs..
  3. the guy on the sideline did push him.. i like roddy's intensity but lets just get out of here with a w.
  4. our defense has gotten soft as the season goes on..
  5. man this is going to be a physical game on our receivers
  6. i think roddy had it anyway.. he had the ball out over the line.. but i think i need to move on now
  7. lot of celebration by those guys for us to be at the 30
  8. alright.. i want to see domination today.. give them no hope
  9. i usually go with jersey mikes.... i dont get jimmy johns.. the food is not very good, and its pricy... but man its fast for a sub. i try to bring my lunch to work, and the days I do I feel so much better. however fridays are tough... i am a fiveguysaholic. I dont understand how a burger can taste that good. i think they may put crack in the burgers.. taht would explain a lot. and now i am hungry
  10. so basically i heard from that, that if the packers had scored more and we had scored less then the packers would have won....... i need that job.
  11. i grew ghost peppers this year.... i had to try them.... and its not so much the blazing scortching hellfire heat.... because its a heat that is ridiculous... its more the duration.. the ghost pepper is a bad afternoon... i cant imagine this thing... (of course i am a bit curious)
  12. what do we do with the other 40 seconds after this td?
  13. the defense needs to really pull a rabbit out of a hat... and then murder and eat the rabbit
  14. its happened in every win almost.. we give the other team another chance... i hope GB does not take advanatage of it
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