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  1. it may be that we are playing a bad team; but it seems like this team is starting to gel late in the season..
  2. where did this defense come from these last 2 weeks?
  3. agree.. and defense looks FAST!. daddy like... yep i just third personed myself AND used daddy... it was weird.
  4. BUT.. the beauty of this team is I bet you wont see that happen twice.
  5. just got in and caught the last 2 plays.... how has the rest of the drive looked?
  6. interesting concept.. since i am generally the one breaking into the house and fapping as I watch them sleep... BUT if the roles were reversed I suppose i was just continue on.. not many people mess with a naked man crying and fapping at the same time..
  7. i understand why we were working the run.. but its not really working.. hopefully we mix it up now
  8. if we could get the offense and defense to show up for the same game, it would be a massacre
  9. i was dozing off earlier... it was nice... now i gotta stay awake and for that I am angry.......
  10. need some kind of inspiration for tackling... a taklin' fuel.
  11. substance abuse counselor. working on requirements to be a critical incident/disaster response mental health counselor
  12. "everyone do your job" changed to "someone do your job"
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